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I’m not much of a writer, or a creative type in general really. Gave that up a while ago, and now mostly just end up telling other people’s stories. Every once in a while though, I’ll come up with something good on my own. Don’t hold your breath looking for it here though.


  1. A Berserker's Weapon

    He said she was fueled by rage. A common enough figure of speech, and that’s all I took it for, but he was right. For all the power she could muster up, there needed to be some anger behind it. Not just my anger, it could be anyone’s. I tri...

  2. Blood Tempered Teeth

    She spit into the sink, a swirl of brown disappearing down the drain. Her gums must be bleeding, crimson with off-green toothpaste. Her gums never used to bleed, not that she could remember. The dentist had always said that she was healthy when she was...

  3. Gambling Problem

    Six players. One bullet. Sirens wail. (And here is my space filling little endnote. Tragic)

  4. Retractable Revolt

    The blood was warm. Not hot, just warm. Warm and sticky. Still fresh, but not recent. She lapped it up. It wasn’t milk, water, or anything she’d ever drank before. It was history, not hers and not her mother’s, but further back than t...

  5. Three Drops

    Three drops or else it was too painful, too drawn out, and too violent. But he was a large man, so she put in four. And she wanted to be sure, so what could one more drop hurt. Five drops swirled in her ring as they twirled across the dance floor. It w...

  6. Wizard Money

    Uncle Joe was a wizard. Or at least, everyone always called him a wizard, people whispered about his sorcerous ways at family functions, and his coat was covered in stars and moons. He was our black sheep I guess, but he liked me, because that’s ...

  7. The Dan-Say Maw-Ca-Bray

    The sheriff and his men, they called it a dance. Jokingly of course, for this weren’t gonna be some fancy waltz, or any other dance, for that matter. Just a bit of twitching, unpleasant spasms and the eventual stillness. But unpleasant spasms wer...

  8. The Trickster's Well

    When the world was young, there was nothing but desert, spanning all of the land. It was surrounded by the sea, but the water never touched the land, rain never falling on the desert The men now living in this world were suffering, dying of thirst or p...

  9. Skid Marks and Holy Water

    The almanac from two years ago said there would be three minutes of sun to spare, and my found watch might not even have the correct time anymore, so fuel efficiency would have to wait for another day. My shitty rear wheel drive flung sand into the sun...

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