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  1. The Effortless Nuances of Seeing the World

    It was rumored among the youths that a great civilization had once dwelt outside the walls. A vast collective of peaceful beings. Majestic and glorious, the sound of whose voices could feed an entire nation. It was rumored that the Anadhara had formed ...

  2. The Effortless Nuances of Seeing the World

    That was not enough for this new generation. Every day there was another disappearance. Every day could be heard the wailing of a mother’s loss from some new part of the vast city. Why must there be questioning of the old ways? Why could this new...

  3. The Effortless Nuances of Seeing the World

    “I don’t have an answer. That’s just the way it is. The way it’s always been. Perhaps one day when we understand it fully there will come a change, but until that day there is no other way.” This answer didn’t seem t...

  4. The Witch of Mulberry Corner

    ‘Well this is strange. It would seem that your dear old mum has become a toad. She’s a pretty ugly one at that too, though that’s not much of a surprise’. The sheriff was quite adamant of this fact, if only in the matter-of-fact...

  5. Never call a candle fat

    “…and the duck had a thought of genius and he died in the peaceful valley of wine and marshmallow flowerbeds.” What a strange time we live in thought Karl to himself. This was his son’s favorite bedtime story. Where did all the ...

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