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Sometimes I thought Ficlets brought the corny out of me.
Sometimes I think Ficly will bring the corny out of me.


  1. Killing Machines

    “Colonel Withe, sir! The first group is wiping out fast!” Colonel Withe looked straight in his eyes. The man flickered from his gaze. Instantly, Withe knew this man was still a boy. Using his authoritative voice, Colonel Withe spoke. “...

  2. Never A Good Girl

    She was thoroughly pissed off. What did they take her for? An amateur? A weakling? She was not going to back down. If the men would not accept her, then she would just have to make them. There was no way she was going to be the one pushed around. Click...

  3. Laying Low

    2300 Hours Cardboard Box, Alleyway It is currently four degrees under zero. My butt is freezing into an ice cube as it continues to snow furiously. Thanks to Elshahawk, I’ve decided to take her advice and lay low for awhile. A few hours ago, I gr...

  4. Illegal, Crossing

    Her heart was beating thunderously in her throat. She was breathless looking at the screen for she couldn’t believe her eyes. She had found it. Quickly, she clicked on every link, every author, every story to make sure that it was true. Her breat...

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