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  1. Skeletons

    hmm the formatting didn’t work like I wanted it to view the poem how it’s supposed to look at: http://img14.imageshack.us/img14/1756/picture2bna.png

  2. Flourish

    as my former life is torn down around me hope swells flourishing a saga of new beginnings untold adventure engulfed by nature

  3. Open the Window

    If they could do it, why couldn’t he? Seething with jealousy, he would watch them soar through the sky. Every beat of their wings, every groundward swoop, every midair pirouette— they tugged at his soul. How was it fair that the birds, obli...

  4. Polaroid

    He has discovered a treasure, though he does not yet realize it; a box of polaroid pictures wedged between a dusty box of records and Aunt Bertha’s old silverware. His fingers trace the rough outline of the aged cardboard, still unsure of their d...

  5. Fluorescent

    The lights flicker on. A flood of cold fluorescent light fills the room, banishing the darkness. Details previously obscured by the shadows leap into stark view. The broken remains of everything he has ever achieved are strewn across the floor around h...

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