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Hey guys. I’m Hurdler123.
I actually was an old ficleteer, i just wasn’t the most popular.
if you ever read any of my stuff from the old cite, you’d know me as “Flute Loop”. I’m sooooo happy that Ficley is here, as I’m sure you all are too, but enough about me, it’s time to write!


  1. I Don't Know (Mature)

  2. Three Hundred

    “What do you want me to do Kayla? I can’t make it magically disappear.” “I just need some help with getting some, uh, money. About three-hundred dollars to be exact.” Kayla stated. “Wait.. why do you only need three&...

  3. Every Single One

    At that point I was speechless. I mean who wouldn’t be. I definitly never saw this coming. There are so many responsibilities that come with having a kid, not to mention all the work and pain it takes during those first 9 months… “Bee...

  4. Silent Treatment

    Fine, go ahead and think that Kayla. I’m done. click All I could think about after that conversation was how much things can change from one year to the next. Kayla wasn’t the same friend I had back in second grade. No, she was far from it,...

  5. Why Now?

    Honestly, this all started last week, when Kayla first told me about her how her and her boyfriend were spending their time. Let’s just say, I wasn’t impressed. I knew Kayla wasn’t as into being a good kid as I was, but I never imagin...

  6. Beeks and Luke

    So, now that you know a little bit about Kayla. I guess it’s time to talk about me. I’m formally known as Rebecca, but most people call me Beeks. I don’t have the highest GPA in my grade and I’m not the prettiest girl out there....

  7. Choices

    There are so many choices you have to make in life. Some you should only have to make when you’re young, others only when you’re older. My best friend Kayla made a mistake that forced her to make a decision that no one should ever have to m...

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