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its about you not them. its about me not you. its about him not me. i write therefore i am. i am all about him. his smile, his laugh, his penchant for trying to pinch my tattoo’s. i look into his sparkly eyes and i know the world is bigger then both of us. there is a divine plan outside my own. i cant fix what is or isnt broken that does or does not want to be fixed unless i was meant to. but he i can make giggle, giggle at the concept of his little toes touching his nose, giggle at the idea my hand is coming to tickle him, giggle as the cat stalks passed him chasing his toys. it isnt about you or me or really him. its about seeing the world from all the points of view that make everything 3 dimensional and real or fictional to anyone.


  1. Every Breath

    “Relax, tell me the first thing that comes to mind when i say cloud.” “Light” “Very good, how about pillow?” “Nest” “Sunshine?” “Smile” “Touch?” “Amelia” &#...

  2. lightening begets fire

    my lips tingle as i come up for air & a deep sigh is released as if the pressure is off. after all those weeks of barely flirting & subtle moments the confirmation is there. he was interested, he does think the same things about me. “Lydi...

  3. Butterflies like lightening

    “Marc, don’t leave!” he slows enough I’m able to get in front of him. “Marcus, look at me, please” I whisper barely audible within the 12 inch distance between us. Our electricity is palpable without touching we are ...

  4. Crystal Light

    she sips allowing the tart lemon to cover her tongue. pomegranate asserts itself as she breaths in making its presence known. she blinks & she is back to June 1985. She can smell the crisp grass, she can feel the morning dew that hasn’t quite dri...

  5. She Must Know

    She easies herself quietly onto the buttery yellow leather one armed chair. She takes out her ear buds, glasses and linen backed super novel before settling back onto the chair and pulling her knees to her chest. Finding where she left off last in her ...

  6. So called love

    The week before he had held my hand and told me that he could change in an effort to improve our relationship. All I needed to do was give him a chance. Fast forward 6 days. “It doesnt matter that you called, I have given up on you.” How...

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