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Dare to try. l like diversity and imagination. What Happens next. With a B.V.A. Degree I do not seem to get away from paper work . Also I am also a Registered Nurse in General Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing,Mental Retardation Nursing and also have Post certificates in Management, Immunization . I like to interact with people . Art. Reading and Writing.
My favourite places are America and Paris.Please be kind and do leave constructive criticism as I’m from the land down under and my way of describing things may be a wee bit different to your verbalisation (or should I say oration) U R good so help …….


  1. Seek the history Me Dear

    Remember the penny dreadful me dear? Remember Sweeney Todd ? The infamous demon barber( alias Barker) and wot he may ’av in common with your poor trials of today.People used to beat a path to the door of the “Famous” meat pies of Swee...

  2. And now you are real

    “And now you are real.” Pushing back the tendril of hair from my forehead I surveyed my handiwork. I had never taken this inordinate amount of time on a project before.Now it was finished I could hardly contain myself. My buyer who had com...

  3. Fly With Me

    He had spent all morning watching his prey. “Soon” he thought. With the guile of a true predator he silently swooped. ’Come to daddy you precious little one". No feather was disturbed on the chicken as the Kookaburra flew swift...

  4. The Score

    Lara’s Theme was playing. I saw aunty Lisa in the crowd and I waved just as she did. There were a few people I really didn’t know . They were all chatting quietly. Well it was a funeral after all. I sat in the pew next to one of the mourner...

  5. Vampires on the Attack.

    “Sir”! The auditorium fell quiet. ‘We have a solution to our problem with the zombies." "’They have the ‘HUMbug" bacterium". (hydrocarbon utilizing microorganism)." If we use the latest Antibiotic ...

  6. Insane

    The Patient builds castles in the air.The Psycologist rents them out and The Psychiatrist collects the rent. Welcome to the world of the Insane. I have been through fires,Floods and now(with my foot placed firmly on the rats tail) Pestilence! The rat (...

  7. Zombies invade

    “Zombies” I yelled(along with a few more expletives) as I literally flew through my front door and headed for the Cellar. The safest haven was a long wooden crate hidden in an enclave. As I scrambled into my hiding place I closed the coffi...

  8. Two Wongs don't make me write

    She finished reading the letterand turned to see the hideously contorted features of the old man. And…he was dead….so very dead. Applying for her first adult passport Julia discovered the’father’ section was blank. Her mother re...

  9. The Hamburg Man

    Schander, sat in the disused old German bunker in the city of Hamburg pondering the results of his most recent adventure. Adventure, he called it, as if the latest murder of a 17 year old christian girl from the Hamburg Academy for Young Ladies was a t...

  10. Seasons

    How horrid to be “Winter” without a coat or wood,or old without choices . Better ’Spring" to feel the joy and laughter of youth,taste the effervescence bubbles,exuberance and omnipotence. Or “Summer” with its warmth ...

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