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Once I wrote, and it was a gas; soon found out I had a brain of glass. Plotting is hard- soon did I find that detail’s the devil, striking me blind. Now I try, try to take it easy writing small and fine, build the plots up slowly and we’ll be divine, so one day, I say, that Big Damn Novel will be OK.

Mmm-hmm. Uh-huh.


  1. Complementary

    Though rinky-dink pink shades do lend the world a lovely tint, It’s noticable that their doffing turns the whole place blue- Or rather, to be pedantic, the colour that is int ernationally called “Cyan”, the complementary hue And while...

  2. Dial "M" for Horrible, Soul-Wrenching Mass Murder

    We broke into a flurry of the anodyne-sounding jargon that our peculiar profession uses. “Do you know if Millie’s daschund had her abscess seen to? She was in a bad way.” («Crowley-6 incursion expected mid-north Europe soonest») ...

  3. The Trouble with Gary

    -which is how I knew she was our contact. “I’m terribly sorry,” I said, “My name is Tim Chalmers-Smith.” (it wasn’t; I’d had six active identities that year, including Gary Malice, rhythm guitarist of The Destr...

  4. England's Dreaming

    On the fourth- or was it fifth?- day of the riots that the news was carefully not calling a revolution, she had to leave the flat for food. She cautiously left the apartment building, glancing furtively down each alley and side-street as she walked to ...

  5. From the Congressional Record, 11/30/11

    “Dr. O’Reilly, let me get this clear: you want this committee to give you $10 billion to prove the existence of other universes?” “That’s correct, Senator Lopez. Several of the best theories suggest their existence.”...

  6. worldafter

    …and so they sit and they wait and they watch in the coldgrey concretegray ashgrey wastes of worldafter, the lost leftovers they sit on the things that once had names but are now just thingsthatwereonce like the leftovers themselves and watch before ...

  7. Meh.

    Ralph was 13. Ralph was bored. The two states are not incompatible. He had wandered downslope from school across the fields, the light falling on his head as it always did, teased a few of the farm animals, insulted his little sister and annoyed his pa...

  8. Dead Pixels

    It was a beautiful, clear night as he walked his dog through the dark outskirts of his town. An inveterate stargazer, his attention strayed ever upwards to the sky, appreciating the beauty he found there, the sheer artistry involved. And then, as his l...

  9. Elegy

    I’m gone now- really. Please don’t pray for me; I’m pretty sure there’s no-one there to hear your plea To keep me safe, or let light eternal shine Upon my face. I’m dead, and that’s just fine. I’ll come again, but not on karma’s wheel; ...

  10. The Three of Summers

    Big Sky Guy glanced around the table at the other players, at the pot, at his hand again; five Princes- Winters, Springs, Tweens, Autumns and Highs. If his luck held, it would be his best ever. Two of them left in the game for The Prize, M’Lady F...

  11. The Cloud Factory

    When I was small, my mate Tony and I used to cycle down to the open ground at the edge of town and play next to The Cloud Factory. It was some huge, complex arrangement of ducts and pipes, forklifts and men in boilersuits, but the most arresting thing ...

  12. Hamlet

    To be, or not to be, the prince proposed To no-one, or the universe at large. But still, the cosmos seemed quite ill-disposed To answer that great question and take charge, Lifting the burden from his anguished frame To give this troubled mind some sma...

  13. At The Zoo

    “Look at the birds! Oh, look at the birds!” The old woman, grasping a little boy’s hand tight as death stared, raptured, as the tiny balls of scale and fluff flung themselves into the air of the cage with the abandon of those that can...

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