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I was a Ficleteer and am now a Ficlyteer. Single mom, gamer computer hacker, software moder and all around geek. I write about stuff. What kind of stuff? I dunno what ever I feel like. I may post some of my original stuff if allowed.
Grew up in Chicago so, GO CUBBIES!!!!! and Da Bears!
Mom, mmorpg game player, D&D player, the bloodier the game the better it is!
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  1. Cold world 3 (Mature)

  2. Cold world 2 (Mature)

  3. We're Back, And Everything Will Come Up Roses This Time Around

    “What’s that?” he asked in response to our gestures. “Oh, alright, we can close the blinds. There. That better?” Oh, much, much better. The panic is going away. The fear replaced by the old self-confidence. Watch it! Don’t want to fall into...

  4. Cubbies (repost)

    I will always remember the first time I walked through the gates at Wrigley Field. I was 8 and a girl going with my boy cousin Kenny. He was attending college and had season tickets and invited me and my younger sister to go. He introduced us to his bu...

  5. {Post-it Challenge} The game (repost)

    I sat waiting to take a call and notice my stack of purple post-it notes. Blank. Waiting. I shrug and pick up the first one. What to do? BLEEP ! Damn a call. I finish with the customer and pick up the post-it. I play with the glue on the bottom. I use...

  6. The Arm From Nowhere (repost) (Mature)

  7. Untraditional Traditions (repost)

    I am an outcast, labled a dreamer by the Family. I walk along the Nine Dragons Screen dragging my left hand across the forms of the dragons. I know the story of why they were carved and set here. I just don’t care. When I was younger, my grandmother...

  8. We're Back, And Everything Will Come Up Roses This Time Around 3 (Mature)

  9. We're Back, And Everything Will Come Up Roses This Time Around 2

    I close my eyes again, speculating on what move to make next. The man assumes I fell asleep. “Poor little dear thing.” I hear him tell the young nurse who walked back in. I almost wanted to wring his neck. But no, I have to wait until this place qu...

  10. It's a BIG stick (repost) (Mature)

  11. A daughter's task - Episode 3 (repost)

    Wednesday we were back up to the hospital. The doctors finally told Lesvya what I knew. Dad wasn’t going to make it. At 6:25 pm I had convinced her that the best thing for dad was to pull the vetalator and just let him go. He didn’t want to live th...

  12. A daughter's task - Episode 2 (repost)

    I talked to dad telling him I was there. Lesvya, my stepmother left for a few moments. I told dad how all my sisters were thinking about him and that mom wished him better soon. I gave him all the messages and I know he heard, he was settled while I sp...

  13. A daughter's task - Episode 1 (repost)

    It was a hard thing I was facing, though I didn’t know it at the time. I was just concered with flying for the first time in 12 years. There was alot different about this flight. For one I wasn’t pregnant and two, I ddin’t have a toddler with me....

  14. My Dad (repost)

    My dad wasn’t a particularly warm man. Though he did have many friends and my stepmother’s family loved him, he wasn’t a good father. He didn’t keep in touch, that was left for me to do. I will miss him dearly though. I was at his bedside as he...

  15. Cold World 2 (repost) (Mature)

  16. Attack of the redheaded weirdos (repost)

    Swipe! “Ehhhh! Will you stop that!” Said Goose. I giggled, “Nope, you started it a year ago.” Goose wiped off the wetness i swiped across his neck, and returned a quick one on my left cheek. “Gah! See I’m minding my own business, trying to...

  17. Cold World (repost from original site) (Mature)

  18. I have a dream, still.

    There is a misconception that the issue of race and the separation of the haves and have nots is not there. That is wrong. Daily my children are called spics, and lazy and told to go back to their country. This was their country long before my ancestor...

  19. In it again. (Mature)

  20. Dear Gene,

    You hurt me. Not physically, but emotionally. As hard as I try not to let it get to me, it still does. I fell in love with you and you turned around saying that you weren’t sure about us. You didn’t know about how I felt about you. I guess telling...

  21. Irish Bonnets

    I am huge and heavy with the new baby growing inside. My first child, a boy by the ultrasound! I have everything ready and just getting the new baby layette. I reach for a really dear looking bonnet and it is snatched from my hands before I really get ...

  22. Thanksgiving Thoughts

    The best thing I like about being a mom and Thanksgiving is the fact that I can change the “tradition” from year to year. One year we had duck and were with my dad and his new family. Another year, after me and my children moved to Utah, we had NO ...

  23. So hungry

    So, after a long hard day I finally get back to my, well for lack of a better word, home. I have to take the fire escape and climb in through a bedroom window. I slink over to the closed door and slowly open it. The door creaks and complains, of course...

  24. Paper cut

    It still hurts. The pain still sits in the back part of my heart, my soul. I keep wondering why THIS one hurts so badly. Why the memories of him hurt like rose thorns. We met at work, things were going great. A nice, sweet romance, a smart man, a swe...

  25. Sorry about Da Bears

    So, I’m sittin’ here lookin’ at da tv and seein’ da Bears lose again. Again I tell ya! I wasn’t happy so I called me pops and complain. Not much he can do about da score he says to me. I know pops, I say to him, I just nee...

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