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  1. The Woman With No Choices

    I used to watch her lean out windows While fear bound me in icy chains I watched the woman with no choices Choose to struggle, falter, and struggle again And I knew I was proud Of her strength But sometimes I just waited For her to tempt fate too far F...

  2. I Dream of Monkeys

    Dan woke up to the sound of his daughter’s screams. As he raced across the cold floors, his heart pounding with terror, the bloodcurdling sound faded into quiet sobbing. His young daughter was curled into a tight ball on her pink sheets, a puddle of ...

  3. April Showers

    Dirty fingers dig deep into dark mud To bury seeds in a festering hole Poison holds the young earth in an unnatural winter While the groundhog abandons its duty But within the warmth of Spring’s smile Timid seeds show their petals without fear Bright...

  4. Proof of Trust

    If you trust me to catch you when you fall to guide you downwards without impact And you fly without fear to ground you your only tether a connection that refuses confinement Then you become more then your skin can hold and express more with your body ...

  5. You Were My Sunshine (Mature)

  6. Food for Thought

    I crave the connection That comes from a single source A lonely light in the constant darkness Which (in its solitude) starves me Of all others In my desperation for scraps from a familiar table I miss the feast in which I choose the food And the compa...

  7. Balance

    We are creatures of contradiction Fluidity our greatest strength and source of debilitating fear Even our greed A malignant cancer of deliberate distance Is rooted in our fear That someday our comfort will disappear And we will become the people We’v...

  8. One-fingered salute (Mature)

  9. As the wind shifts

    Slender stems are crushed beneath our exuberant collapse as familiar fingers dare to twine together with a newly woken sun the only witness We have gazed upward together into the twisting sky before and as those floating pillows transform, we follow o...

  10. Love is watching someone die (Version 2)

    The greatest gift I can give In this sterile white room Is the warmth of my presence And the knowledge that I will stay As your fingers lose their strength And your skin its rosy glow For even when your heart has ceased to beat You will live forever Wi...

  11. Love is watching someone die (Version 1)

    Cupid cackles without puckish mischief to lighten the pain of arrows aimed at naïve hearts lured from their cage of bone and blood relatives who would protect their delicate flutter But soon the golden arrows rust in an acid rain of ruthless rejection...

  12. Dangerous Vulnerability (Mature)

  13. Delaying the Dawn

    I shot the moon as she waited for dawn For a fleeting glimpse of a sun now grown And prayed for a piece of a past long gone My eyes followed the path my gun had shown I watched waiting for her to turn my way To acknowledge the heart she turned to stone...

  14. Pick Your Path

    There is a point ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ P into the abyss where the choice ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^It’s time to spread your wings to delay a decision~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ M is too costly to consider^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ and discover whether y...

  15. The S Word (Mature)

  16. Of course she cares

    Do you remember those stories about mothers who lifted entire trucks off of children trapped beneath They performed impossible feats of strength and speed to protect those vulnerable lives and sacrificed themselves their bodies their goals their time t...

  17. Philomena

    They say our fathers tried to save us When they sent us to the nuns As they prayed for our redemption And sold our blameless sons

  18. Frozen by Fear

    The whispers follow us everywhere Dripping sweet poison in our battered ears They promise sunshine In an sky full of thunderclouds And warmth For a ground still laden with snow They promise change To a world of statues Forever poised on the brink Of gr...

  19. I Think Not

    Before she knew Of the escape Presented by a pen Leaving scars on a pure page She lived In the madness that spun Her head like a top Until she was in danger Of falling Is it any wonder That her words Stumble Before they fly Or that peace Still lacks ...

  20. Corrupting History

    The past blurs Beneath present politics And warps the written word By assigning current stigmas To script composed long before Running water or light bulbs When flight was only a dream And personal hygiene even less And yet We continue To pick and choo...

  21. The Coming Cold

    Darkness spreads into the daytime As chill creeps into our bones Torrents of tears are coming closer And when flora sleeps so does the sun So find a shelter Start a fire Something to last you through the months For leaves are falling by the dozens And ...

  22. As the Shadows Spread

    Have you ever wondered where the shadows go When the sun is bright and beautiful Do they sleep Dreaming of darkness in world of garish white Or do they hide In stained hands and souls Counting the hours Until they spread A bone deep bruise Across th...

  23. Le Petite Mort

    If you only live one more moment please love me fast because I die beneath your graceful fingertips harder than I’ve ever lived

  24. Sunburned

    Today is the day I burned Today is the day my skin could no longer squirm away From the touch of his hot fingers Lost to unconsciousness Brought on by one too many martinis I lay beneath his gaze Unaware Of the pain to come The marks of his touch last...

  25. A Hero's Beginning

    Have you heard of the broken boy wonder Who spent his bitter youth torn asunder Knowing he could kill with a single touch And desperate not to use that as a crutch To silence those who couldn’t comprehend Some minds are too broken to simply mend But ...

  26. Confidence Boost (Mature)

  27. A Watery Warning

    Though talk is cheap there’s always hidden clues On how creatures can live beneath the blue Of an ocean teaming with life and blood If you would only listen to the flood Of information about deadly teeth Ripping those who dare venture down beneath Fo...

  28. Blasphemy

    You answer my every prayer with unbearable silence With unending quiet when all I desire are words Have I only dreamed of past answers in thoughts twisted By an overwhelming desire for your acknowledgement Or are you merely so capricious as to ignore...

  29. A Fiddle's Tale

    Hey diddle diddle Have you heard about the fiddle Who dared to dream of a spoon Who wouldn’t think to laugh At his dreams of flying Over a bright and shining full moon He thought he could seduce Though he was too obtuse To romance past a wine and di...

  30. Stepping Stones Part 2

    D on’t leave me alone with the e nd of shadows p ressing light on my r eluctant e yelids for I am s afe in my s tagnant lifestyle and content with making the most minimal i mpact possible o n a world that n ever needed me A llow the c reepin...

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