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  1. Looking and Cussing (Mature)

  2. Oh, no!

    Joyce took a moment to ponder Mr. Carps’s warning about the dreaded Equatorial Banana Peel, which lay on the floor between them. “Thank you for the warning!” she cried, speaking aloud since she was as yet unfamiliar with the details o...

  3. Mildred

    Across town, at her round kitchen table, Mildred sat up, taking about “Oh?”

  4. It's Chester Time!

    It was at this point that Joyce’s cousin Chester Bufford opened the door to the room, and stuck his head in. Was he wearing a tuxedo, a ball gown, or nothing at all? No one could tell, as all they could see of him was his head. “Has this oc...

  5. Equatorial Banana Peel

    “Joyce! Look out for that banana peel on the floor in front of you!”: that’s what Mr. Carps said, both aloud and via his telepathic capability. It was so important, he couldn’t take any chances; it was the time to be redundant. ...

  6. Joyce: Overwhelemed

    Overwhelmed by the cosmic implications of what had appeared to occur, Joyce turned toward Mr. Carps and began to walk slowly in his direction, her face reflecting the confused inner situation of her thoughts and also of her feelings. She didn’t n...

  7. I'm Still Here

    Well, after that, the once-disinterested crowd was interested again. You can believe that! Jolted out of a stupefied state by the sound of her sister Shirley’s banana bustle knocking off one of the few remaining shards of glass in the now-less-th...

  8. Skidding Shirley on the Ceiling

    But perturbedness soon gave way to astonished gasps and the sound of newspaper photographers’ old-timey camera flashes going off. Though wobbling unsteadilly and hooting all the while, Shirley did not fall; rather, she remained atop that most res...

  9. What Happened Next

    “Oh, no!” shrieked Joyce. Shirley was skidding across the floor atop the banana peel, vocalizing a panicked series of hoots not unlike those typically associated with the bird known as the whippoorwill. What a remarkable coincidence, though...

  10. Sudden Change for Shirl

    “I’m having so much fun!” screamed Shirley in those final seconds of antic motions before she stepped on that fateful banana peel. Who could have known what would happen next?