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  1. Those Beautiful Eyes

    Forehead furrowed and lips screwed downward to form an expression of worry that was rare on her features. She watched him, heart racing so loud that she half hoped he would wake up from the sound of her ribcage breaking. He stirred, muscles moving unti...

  2. And Then the Return.

    She’d had to work the rust out of the lock before her key had finally worked. She stepped in with a sigh and tossed her bag to the side and sneezed as dust rose up and tickled her nose. “Where…?” her voice trailed off as she loo...

  3. Stitches

    God had sewn me perfectly in his image. As I grew the strings that held me together became frayed. Days pass by and I fail to notice my stitches ripping. I don’t notice the cotton falling out. Now I see that my stitches are coming apart. I pick u...

  4. Red

    Colors are what are used to divide. Green separates the grass from the brown of the earth and colors are painted onto countries on spinning globes to show their difference. Black and blue in the sky divorces night from day. White and black skin breaks ...

  5. The Knot

    They were sitting together, as they often were every night, watching the moon drift by. It was past midnight but this wasn’t any different from any other night that they spent together. Time continued to tick by and they continued to sit and star...

  6. Sunlight and Shadows

    He found it curious how she always sat facing the sun. When it set she would stay in the very same spot, waiting for it to rise again so that she could watch its trip across the sky. He would occasionally watch her from the shadows. Finally, after curi...

  7. Broken

    “Hold me?” She asks with a small tilt of the head and a sweet smile so melancholic that it ripped her heart in half. A burning sensation built up in the corners of her eyes as she reached out and pressed her cold, shaking hands against her ...

  8. Finally

    As he entered the room she charged straight at him and tackled him into the door. She burst out into a fit of giggles and he could barely contain his excitement as well. Then, after some excitement and painful squeezing, she let him go so that he could...

  9. Bars

    He sits in the dank, sinking darkness behind the bars of his cell. The mattress beneath him is like a brick and the blanket that’s wrapped around him causes an itching sensation wherever it meets bare skin. If it weren’t for the chill in th...

  10. She Bites.

    She says that she doesn’t bite. The way she sits and the way that that red dress washes over her hips suggests that what she says is true. The way her hair rolls over her cheeks and down her neck and those pale pink lips. Nothing of her appearanc...

  11. Silence's Voice

    Everything felt as if it had been so long ago. Her blood had dried up only minutes after it had dripped to the floor and by now it had since become like ash. Part of her had become one with the earth while the rest of it had drifted into the air. I sto...

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