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  1. On gluttony

    She climbed up to a laden bough And plucked another peach Her sticky fingers grabbed them all As much as she could reach Then as she stretched for just one more Or maybe two or three A volley of white hail came down Quite unexpectedly She screamed and ...

  2. Above the Spam (Mature)

  3. No Home For a God

    After a final check of my suit, I stepped out the airlock into the Yard. Silence, and then, clanking and grinding. I winced. Someone needs repairs. I hit the button for Tia. Life on Mars was quiet, tenuous, and lonely. I was stationed with two other s...

  4. Going Too Far

    “This is crap,” I mutter. “And I think one of the pigs is sick.” The smell still makes me gag. I’ve been feeding the pigs, sleeping with the pigs, and recycling their manure for nearly a month and I’m still not used ...

  5. Hungry

    “Anything you’re just…BURNING TO KNOW?” the lean face leered at her. This was already the best blind date Anna had ever had. She smiled back. Well, half-smiled. But it was the left side of her face. That’s the good half. ...

  6. Hard Work (Mature)

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