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I wish I had saved my bio from Ficlets. I’ll ever be able to remember what I had said about myself on there, but that bio seemed to get me friends. I don’t believe I’m a very good writer, but friends say my stories [yes, I did save my three favorite stories from Ficlets] are very well written.
But I’m rambling.
I’m fifteen years old, attending a Catholic High School in which I shall not name, I live for friends, I’m here to grow as a writer, & I’d wish to live Somewhere Over The Rainbow.
I’ll write stories with you, just give me a shout, and an idea.
I’d love to hear what you think of my stories, so leave comments, etc.
Some of my stories are based on true events that have happened to me, with a bit of twist, naturally.
Enough of this. I’m off to write.


  1. To My Aunt.

    I never thought I’d see the day when you left us. I never thought I’d wake up that day and hear my mother say “Honey, she’s dead.” I never thought I’d see my grandmother so heartbroken over the lost of her sister. I ...

  2. The Question.

    They hadn’t seen each other in over a year. Since last summer, to be exact, when she had a boyfriend, when he was a friend. Today they would see each other again; she cut free from her boyfriend, and himself recently on the end of a breakup. Tod...

  3. Freedom is Scarce with You. (Mature)

  4. This is Just To Say. . .

    I can no longer handle the pain. I haven’t written a single thing in ages , but I can no longer handle the pain. The one boy I swore I would marry left me. He dumped me , flat out , because my mother didn’t like him any more. I don’t ...

  5. Goodbye, Forever.

    I could handle looking at him, though I swore not to touch him. I could handle the tears all around me, as we watched the priest bless him. I could handle watching the others take off the cloth that covered him. But I could not handle the coffin rollin...

  6. I'd Like to Welcome You.

    The tube sticking out of my left arm made it impossible to sleep. The feeling of thirst always stuck in my throat. The low grumble of doctors & nurses set my stomach churning. Welcome to the children’s ward. I’d been here but one day, &...

  7. The Storm's Kiss.

    I never noticed the darkening sky above, or the faint roll of thunder in the distance. All I could see was his face, his eyes, his smile. All I could hear was his voice, & the sound of my heart pounding in my chest. I’m at that point in my li...

  8. Come Sail Away With Me.

    They walked together, hand in hand, down the beach. Neither said a word, simply taking in the surroundings, the sounds, the smells, everything they could possibly remember. They didn’t look at one another, they had plenty of time for that. He was...

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