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Cowabunga! What a lovely shiny website.

Here’s the old ficlets


And hopefully soon there will be some new ones and we can all shout ‘Hurrah’ together.


  1. Pretty Pleas

    I met my girlfriend at a singles night. Which sounds like a fairly boring relationship origins story but there’s an important fact missing here. At this point I’d been with my girlfriend for several years. “What on earth are you doing...

  2. The Door To The Cupboard We Hadn't Put On Yet

    The Door To The Cupboard We Hadn’t Put On Yet leant against the wall in the living room in it’s original packaging. It could hear people in the living room but long ago gave up hope that they were there to open it’s box. The Door To T...

  3. The Death and Afterlife of Steven Dunn

    A smile played on the man’s face as he walked up to the large gates. It was only as he got nearer he noticed their state of disrepair. He tried to force the gates open but only succeeded in shaking a lot of dust loose and making a lot of noise, h...

  4. Reasoning With The Torturer

    It was several painful days later and my torturer was taking one of his rare breaks. I decided it was time to try and reason with him once more. “Look, even if I am Mr Tull and I did used to know the information you require then the memory alteri...

  5. Delete All Details?

    I deleted the number from my phone and the ‘Are You Sure’ dialogue box came up forcing me to perform the painful button press once more. I knew it was a futile gesture, I’d long ago memorised the number I was now deleting. It’s ...

  6. The Most Advanced Killing Machine In The World

    The most advanced killing machine in the world lives in a pedestrian subway, most people who walk past don’t even notice it, and most of those that do pretend they haven’t, a few drop unwanted and unasked for coins of little value near it. ...

  7. How I Met Your Mother

    “I told you I didn’t want guns in the house.” It was pointless trying to be mad, after all, a semi-automatic shotgun was exactly what was needed right now. “We both know I’m going to win this argument so lets not waste tim...

  8. What I Did In The War

    “What did he mean, about you knowing how dangerous zombies are?” Damn my son had good hearing when he wanted to. “He just meant that I’d lived through the outbreak.” “What about being recalled, why do you have a gun?...

  9. Old Hands and Bad News

    My mobile started ringing so I could avoid the question, I don’t normally answer withheld numbers but I was glad for the distraction. I recognised the voice of my father-in-law. “Hi Jim, how’s it going.” “Not well Tom, I&#...

  10. History Lesson

    The phone being out was potentially bad news but I wasn’t going to let my kids realise anything was amiss, I turned my attention back to my son. “How come you haven’t been taught about the outbreak in your history lessons?” R...

  11. Who's There?

    There was a heavy thudding at the door, I’m not paranoid but there was something about the arrhythmic nature of the knocking that made me wary. “Wait, don’t open it.” I looked through the peephole and had my fears confirmed. ...

  12. The Hard Way

    “Do you want to do this the easy way or the hard way Mr Tull?” he snarled, leaning forward so he was almost pressing his face against mine. “Well obviously I’d rather the easy way, but seeing as that will presumably involve me d...

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