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  1. Beauty Crowds Me Until I Die

    Beauty crowds me until I die, It is what defines and destroys me, Both poise and grace, both fear and sorrow, It is what I see, hear and smell, It is what I taste, breath and love, I am both disgusted by it and intrigued, It is my lover and freind...

  2. Yes, the beginning of the end...

    “It is” the undead being mouthed, he lunged forward sinking his teeth into the soft of her neck. Blood leaked from the wound and he lapped it up, when he had finished her body slumped to the ground lifelessly. He walked away, hunger satisf...

  3. Beast Of Burden

    They say that blood is thicker then water, that family are all that really matters in this world. I agreed, and still do with both of the previous statements but circumstance has lead me to question them and life more then once. I have made it my mis...

  4. The Passing

    To say the universe is full of intrigue is a lie. A mass expansion of nothing where baron planets float, eternally. There is one thing that is of at least some importance, the life. Not many planets are able to sustain life, some are barely worth exi...

  5. Blood, INK

    “You girl” The voice of the Eldest Scribe echoes through the hollow halls. I begin to run only to find the path I take blocked by two more scribes. This is it, I came looking for answers, for a meaning and found nothing but death. Breakin...

  6. Chapterless

    I have never known who I am. Now in my reach is everything about me, everything that has been and will be. I question myself, do I really want to know every detail of my life, to be one step ahead of fate? I shake the doubt from my mind and grab my b...

  7. The Library

    My mother told me stories, stories of a world that does not exist anymore. After the time of the Great Passing all that was left to remember the past were relics and books. These books were kept in the library of life, a place unknown to humanity unt...

  8. Accidental Rescue

    There was one kind that was hated and feared more than robots and humans, unfortunately I was one of these people. A few years back I was in a car accident. My father worked for an organization named Bio-Gen, a leeching empire that thought there could ...

  9. Running

    Life as I knew it had come to an abrubt end, every one I loved forgotten for there own protection. My feet grew soarer by the second eventually I could do little more than drag myself to my destination. Where that was I didn’t know. I kept in tim...

  10. New Order

    Upon a throne of ever mounting corpses the creature molded a new world, the leader of this world, well “she” would be born very soon indeed.

  11. Virus

    One by one people received there messages of death, by word of mouth the disease passed on and a solemn being was responsible.

  12. gIrL

    The creature opened its gaping jaws and a truly disturbing sound rumbled out, a little girls laugh

  13. Faith

    You know the answer, If it is her you want, Then that is enough for you to fight for, Surely.

  14. Cryptic

    Destiny is the hand that guides us, Fate is the door before us, But to open that door, You were given free will. Thats the key.

  15. Answers

    So many questions, So few answers, But there was one, Her.

  16. Reason

    He tried to make sence, Of the conflicting voices, But all that he could depict, Was her tender face.

  17. Perfect Evening

    She lay her weary head upon my chest, just this simple action sent my body into a giddy shock. Everything about her invited me, her full red lips were so kissable, her perfect blue eyes glistened like the autumn dew. I kissed the crown of her a head an...

  18. Battle of the Beasts

    The hellish creature stood before the undead gentleman, primed for a supernatural battle they were too preocupied to notice the third monstrosity.

  19. Game Over

    The heavenly mirage melted away and in its place was something truly horrible, a cruel smile spread across the creatures face “Game Over” it uttered.

  20. The End, or is it?

    The euphoric light draw him in, his bliss was savagely ended as he felt the rusty steel blade driven into his back.

  21. Awe

    A single tear rolled down his cheek, “But what of the girl” he asked staring at the knife.

  22. Halo

    Her face, twisted by the agony she had recntly suffered. It was like her ability to love had been torn away and all she could do was solemly view the world. She looked like she had spent an eternity in her fragmented state, drifitng through each day ho...

  23. The Choice

    He couldn’t decipher gods messages, with guilt for what he had done he lifted the blade into the air ready to strike himself down.

  24. Feather and Talon

    It was about midnight and I couldn’t sleep. My mind was buzzing with excitement, with wonder of what else I could change into. I pulled back my covers and walked to the window, I sat on the sill and breathed in the crisp night air. I couldn’...

  25. Tooth and Claw

    This new form was fantastic, so primal and free, I raised my snout into the air. The scents were amazing, the wet forest pine was the most powerful but I also smelt bacon which must have been coming from the truck stop not far from here. I gave my self...

  26. Small extract from a story im writing, see what you think

    Nothing, an empty void that stretched across seemingly endless amounts of space. No light ,no dark, no signs of any planets or stars and definitely no evidence of life. The space was baron, a wasteland lost among eternity, left to be forgotten. The sil...

  27. Life Bed

    Holding my mothers hand while she slowly lost her grip on life was something I hoped I would never have to do. “You don’t have to stay here now, your a kid go out and let your hair down for a few hours” her voice sounded raw and broke...

  28. Life Bed

    Holding my mothers hand while she slowly lost her grip on life was something I hoped I would never have to do. “You don’t have to stay here now, your a kid go out and let your hair down for a few hours” her voice sounded raw and broke...

  29. Blood Right

    I inhaled the crisp night air, the sweet scent of my next victim carried on the gentle midnight breeze. I salivated as I thought of the ambrosia that coursed through her veins. She wouldn’t be able to escape me for I am more than human, she could...

  30. Girl in the Mirror

    I never believed in love until this very moment. I place my hand upon my chest and my hearts rhythm danced as fast as the wings of a delicate humming bird. My cheeks burnt with a comforting inferno that melted the chains that had imprisoned my lonely h...

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