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avid reader; occasional writer; likes to sit in the dark; lover of fiction, pencil art, and anything that can be simultaneously creepy and cute. a guy who spends most of his life being technical and geeky, and appreciates a creative outlet or two.


  1. Golden Ratio and Innocence

    Three 8.5×11″ sheets perfectly aligned on the desk; precise margins between. Adam has no doubt that it’s 1.24", as she claimed when he asked her a few days ago. Something about a 3rd power golden ratio… no idea what she was ...

  2. Sign on a Drawer

    “There’s no Cassie,” says the woman in the white coat. The faint pink frames of her glasses match the pink of her cheeks perfectly. Adam wonders why she worries about such details, particularly here. “She goes by Cassandra now.&...

  3. He Knows She Knows

    “Is Cassie the girl you had at the lighthouse a few nights ago?” the officer repeats. She already told him about the torn fabric, the extra prints… something else that he forgets now. His mind is a fog… Sentences are a struggle....

  4. Fourteen Days in Europe

    Europe has been everything he dreamed, maybe more. On the first night, stumbling exhausted into his rented bed in Madrid, he already knew it was worth it. The months of double shifts at the Qwik Mart, stacking boxes, smiling as the customers as they be...

  5. Vertigo (Mature)

  6. Falloff

    Miguel verifies his position, pinging the request off several servers. The edge of the world. It’s only taken him eleven years… well over five hundred years subjective, but eleven realtime. The distinction still makes him laugh. Subjective ...

  7. Sometimes Sorry Ain't Enough

    “I’m sorry, momma,” I managed. “You’ve said that.” She lowered herself onto the plastic seat opposite me. It creaked under her girth; but momma’s weight’s got nothin’ over the weight on my shoulders...

  8. "Fire Coming Out Of A Monkey's Head" (Mature)

  9. 'Til the Pain Subsides (Mature)

  10. Reflected

    His hand closes over the key, feeling how warm it is. A smile slowly spreads across his face. “I can’t believe you kept this,” he admits. Standing, he glides the key into the padlock, turning it, almost tenderly. The lock opens with a...

  11. Directionless (Mature)

  12. beautiful naivety

    hand outstretched waiting patiently surrounded by fluttering splendor rainbows condensed she’s confident holding still, waiting certain her fluttering friend will soon arrive beautiful naive girl blue eyes wide watch with wonder which will it be?...

  13. Forever (Mature)

  14. Shoulda Been Beautiful (Mature)

  15. A Fleeting Moment (Mature)

  16. The Lighthouse (Mature)

  17. Disappointed (Mature)

  18. A Second Chance (Mature)

  19. Adam and Cassandra (Mature)

  20. The Accident

    The biting cold is as unbearable as the pain. She tries to peek; tries to lift the snow-encrusted cuff of stiff denim; white searing pain flashes; bile in her throat; she chokes. The sticky blood on her forehead is no longer warm. She can feel it freez...

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