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I just joined on 30th November, so I’m just getting rolling here.
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  1. . . . Ficlatte

    Better latte than never, but I am just eager. My first attempt could not be confirmed. My second attempt worked at first, but now I can’t log back in. I WANNA WRITE! I am patient.

  2. A sad farewell

    Take care, everyone. I know I have been pretty inactive for quite a while, but I am still invested in ficly. I’m moving all the stuff I wrote at my three accounts at Ficly to my current creative writing blog, http://slapdashmonuments.wordpress.co...

  3. Five Senses Demo Response by Stephen, Group Member #2

    I’m looking up at the starry sky, exhausted after a long day of hiking. My sister is roasting marshmallows at the campfire. The wood burns with thick, black smoke. It was a great adventure.

  4. Five Senses Demo Response

    I’m at Acadia National Park in Maine. I’m seven years old, and this is Christopher Beach. It’s covered with little pebbles, all white, black, or grey, and my feet are bare as I walk along the shore, holding my father’s hand. In ...

  5. Three Word Prompt INTERWRIT1 Jessie Tang: Time, memory, sand

    I write my memories in the sand By the seashore where I’m spending my last days The stories live forever in my mind Until the waves wash me away Memory stays with me Love stays with me Time stays with me All will wash away. That sand is falling, ...

  6. Three Word Prompt ADREAD Ann Hung: rapt, rapped, wrapped

    I stare in rapt attention As the rapper raps out loud And I don’t yet have to mention That the rapper’s well endowed For he’s rapped for kings and princes And he’s warbled for the queen Though he never quite convinces me He̵...

  7. Three Word Prompt Interwrit1 Wendy: graceful, secret and melody

    My daughter, three, dances for me, to a secret, graceful melody. And she hums so sweetly, And moves her feet, To a secret, graceful melody. Oh, what tune can she hear With her mind’s inner ear? Does she waltz to a magical band? Oh, the sounds ...

  8. 3 Word Challenge: Surprised, Evil, Happiness Interwrit1 Jasmine (Mature)

  9. 3 Word Challenge: Surprised, Evil, Happiness Interwrit1 Jasmine

    Tanka was surprised. His child had been visited by an angry fairy, just as in the old story, and had been given the gift of evil. Evil? Would this be helpful to the baby? Little Ak hardly seemed the evil type; he didn’t even have teeth yet. And w...

  10. Entry 25: Three Word Prompt Chain-Punctual, Retired, Trudging (Mature)

  11. Emergence

    You take my hand. You pull. I emerge. In time we see little reason not to hold one another. We look at the wall and we can see my former chamber. We cannot see the wall. We are content. We are not alone any more. Things get better for us. One day we wi...

  12. Rat in the Wall

    You hear a scratching behind your wall. A quick succession of images come to mind: what can it be? Nobody ever has broken through the ramparts you’ve built to protect yourself, and you have never opened the door. How could anyone gain access, any...

  13. Right of Way

    I’m elbow deep into the wall. I wish I hadn’t even started. I can hardly imagine getting all the way through. I’m exhausted. I’m scared. I might get stuck partway between. I might get there and you will tell me to get out. This...

  14. Drill

    I examine this drill. I know how it works, in theory. I have never tried to use it, though. It is time to try. But what does it look like? My life, my mind, are both too dark to see it. My life is a fog and the drill is real but occult; it seems distan...

  15. Our Caves

    We live in caves, you and I, dark and cramped and damp. They are where we live, but we never call them home. Drilled into the face of the cliff and opening unto the vacant oceanic air, we cannot see each other, we cannot visit. Sometimes we can hear on...

  16. 3 Word Challenge (Tobey): Tim's Final Effort (Marble Hornets)

    I lie with lazy weariness and track the beetle’s course along the ceiling. It’s a winding path that to me makes but little sense. I can well understand its avoiding the hole before it, but what made it suddenly veer left just there? It did ...

  17. 3 Word Prompt: 9 Words from f12 AUROR Sally.

    Dear Lucas: I find with some satisfaction that I have been successful in engineering a minor fiasco for the young man we discussed. Thought it was nothing more than a minor miscommunication, it will prove difficult for him to graduate on time. Unfortun...

  18. 3 Word Prompt: f12 LIT1 Bunny: Lost, Fantasy, Dim

    The world of my true life is not a pleasing habitat. I wish I had never come here. My body may not escape from this prison, but my mind, I declare, is free. I have been lost for years in a maze of fear and confusion. My thoughts have been darkened, di...

  19. 3 Word Challenge AMLIT Michelle: Sun Warm Comfortable

    I’m used to the dark, quiet caves, the silence of the insect teeming forest streams; I cherish the blackness. I cling to the vast mountains of quiet like a chamois of secrets. I shun the warm rays of the sun; I cringe and back away, repelled; it...

  20. s13 INTERWRIT 02: Crush, Mature, and Situation

    I was in a difficult situation. I had to choose between saving my new lottery income, or buying a thousand cars. Well, I knew it would crush my heart to deny myself the fleet of automobiles, but I made the mature decision and saved all that money in a ...

  21. Entry 24: 3 Word Prompt Chain-ATTEMPT, RESOURCE, and EQUIPOTENT

    I’m going to attempt to make this clear and simple for you; I know you’re not a scientist, and we can’t afford to have any confusion with this matter. We have a limited supply of a specific resource on hand, from which we must draw o...


    I’m Natty D. Phobia, glad you could be here. Please curl in your bean bag and listen to me. Here, look at this image—a satellite photo. Now what do you make of this? What could it be? The girl in row 28, ah yes that’s plausible, But ...

  23. 3 Word Prompt: Interwrit1 Student: lively remember weekend

    That was the last weekend of my life. Of course I remember it. Like it was yesterday. I had spent the week cramming; it was finals week. It was hell. I passed three OK, got lousy passing grades on four. But the one that I’d worried about—I ...

  24. 3 Word Prompt: Sue (AMLIT): Lovely, Peace, Snow

    There’s something lovely in the way The snow is coming down today I wish you could be here with me To see, to see. The flakes descend, soundless and slow As if they wanted me to know There’s time for all things yet to do For me and you. The...

  25. 3-Word Challenge: Kettle, Vampire, Ogre: "Midnight Brew"

    Salabis the Ogre stirred his tea distractedly, a look of contemplation on his craggy face. He inhaled its scent before answering. “Well, I’ll tell you, Malarkin dear, it really can’t be solved in just a decade or two. I’ll stay ...

  26. 3-Word Prompt: president, vampire, "black hole" (Jason LIT1) 2/2

    ii “Calm down, Mate,” Orp grated. “Panicking won’t help anything. Science Officer, any suggestions?” Sairus Pilch nodded sagely. “Yes, Captain. By deplicting the tufted flongerino, we—” But there was no ...

  27. 3-Word Prompt: president, vampire, "black hole" (Jason LIT1) 1/2

    Ship Out of Water by The Way i Captain Janet Orp leaned back in the command chair, aghast. On the com, President Kurmaph’s voice droned on, but the crew paid no attention; the horror on the screen held their gaze. It might have been a bathtub ful...

  28. "Full:" 3-Word Prompt--Appetite, Ultimate, Trait (Stanley)

    Here it is: my greatest work. Let this stand as the ultimate expression of my defining trait. Behold the wreckage of a grand feast. Not a banquet, for that implies a large gathering of people; just a rather amazing meal. As you can see, there used to b...

  29. 3 Word Prompt: Hungry, Angry, Happy (Elisa LIT2)

    Sing it out loud, for I’m happy today! I’m cheerful, in love, and I’m hungry for fun! Come run to my arms, and then let’s run away! There’s no destination but “away” to run. You’re my fav’rite fello...

  30. Entry 13B: 3-Word Prompt Chain: Dandelion, Compassion, Epoxy

    I have compassion for the dandelion. I, like it, was vibrant in my youth. I had passion. I was vivid. I was proliferate. But now my vivacity has faded to grey. I have ideas, I have plans. But they have dried up. One blow and they fly away, possibly to...

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