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I’ve been a programmer for over 28 years and have somewhat geeky tendencies.

I have a love of anything Sci-Fi: movies, books, TV, etc. I really enjoy Japanese manga and animé, Ghost in the Shell series being my all-time favorite.

I love music and have a large collection of songs from a wide variety of styles, everything from Classical to Heavy Metal. I enjoy karaoke and sing every weekend at a favorite club.

During the summer, you’ll find me either in the pool or doing something on or around the lake. I’ve loved water my entire life.


  1. Time Wounds All Heals (Mature)

  2. Stands the Test of Time?

    Finding your car in a parking lot after leaving it there for a few days could be challenging… remembering where you parked the car 25 years ago, now that’s interesting! Locating the car was just the start. Alex hoped it would be like riding...

  3. Time's Fun When You're Having Flies (Mature)

  4. A Stitch in Nine Saves Time

    Lights strobed red and klaxons wailed as Jeff ran down the corridor to the Directors office. HALO had sensed the first waves of an incoming temporal storm. A paradox was forming, and from the looks of it, this one was going to be major. “Report,&...

  5. Beside You in Time

    Disorientation, blinding pain, confusion and finally clarity. The feel of cold glass against his head and warm tears on cheeks. Alex slowly opened his eyes, blinking to gain focus. It worked, good. Deep breath, his younger body felt good… at leas...

  6. Past Imperfect

    “Right there,” he said and with a quick gesture Alex summoned the system controls in mid air beneath his open hand. The HALO playback paused, a shimmering holographic projection of a man, eyes closed, head against a mirror froze before him....

  7. Tempus Fugit

    “A new decade, 2010… my fresh, clean start”, Alex said aloud while staring at his roughened image in the mirror. The effects of a late night, too much booze, broken dreams and yet another lousy New Years Eve party had obviously taken ...

  8. NOIR - Gates of Hell

    It was largest port in the US, or at least it had been. Now yellow beams of light bathed faded warning signs as the wind sang through the shell of broken buildings. The land of mist and ghosts. Nick chafed against the Hazmat suit. His thoughts drifting...

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