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Well, I also have an account on Protagonize, so I’m not on here all that much. Every now and then, though, I get a chance :)
That said, BLAH.
I don’t really want to write much about myself right now.


  1. I Am Not Inspired.

    I am not inspired. I don’t know what it is. When ficlets existed, I wrote on it all the time. Then there was no ficlets. So I moved to Protagonize, and then ficly existed. So I tried to juggle both. Not working out. As much as I want to write on ...

  2. My Perfect Challenge

    The perfect challenge for me would probably be to write about philosophy, or maybe even controversy. I like writing things that AREN’T stories.. but the challenge could be open to any types of literature.. and when I found this challenge, I’...

  3. Romance

    He walks past me, every day. He knows my name, yes. He knows quite a bit about me. I know he does. I’ve been in love with him since the sixth grade. Sometimes I wish I could say he “doesn’t even know my name.” It’s so clic...

  4. I hate it when the air conditioning is too cold.

    My fingers are cold. I am shivering. It’s SUMMER. It’s supposed to be hot. Not FREEZING!! When I grow up, I’m not even going to own air conditioning. Okay, so I probably am. But I’ll never set it to a temperature that’s be...

  5. Flow

    Some names are more difficult to bring to mind than others. Tiny reminders sent to my train of thought to help me know what’s happening. A person is standing outside, a girl, with light hair and a bright smile. I go straight toward her. She’...

  6. Phantom

    There are no memories. Only the wind. Only myself. Even that is gone. I know what things around me are called. The tree is brown, its leaves are green. The sky is blue, clouds are white. The little dots below me are people, and when I move closer to th...

  7. Ash

    I was a huge fan of pokemon as a kid. I loved the show, and my parents despised having to go to the theater with me. Well, when I was smaller, I had a lisp. A pretty bad lisp. So when I said “Ash Ketchum,” it sounded like I was saying.. wel...

  8. 11:11 AM, 8/18/09

    11:11 AM. Make a wish, it might come true. Silently, all I could think about was the dream. No, not the murderous one, where Sean is the murderer. A different dream, one I’ve had many times. I’m too afraid to write about it because I’...

  9. Giant Pencils? (Mature)

  10. Cause

    Running into the huge wooden playset on the grounds, he made straight for the tube slide. Once inside, he listened carefully to everything around him. It was near the middle of night, so he doubted that any children were left around here. Once he was s...

  11. Flee

    Jon turned right, running parallel to the dilapidated buildings of Park Street. No one really lived here anymore; the buildings were mostly stores and restaurants. Once he was near the old brick building, the pizza shop, he ran inside, his hands leavin...

  12. Tag

    Jon ran through the streets, and turned into the alley, smiling. Only two feet of clearance, only ten feet in length. He emerged in a different part of town, a part of town where the buildings were falling apart and nothing being built was ever fully c...

  13. Breaking Rules

    I’ve been coming here since I was six, and I’ve been riding double blacks since I was ten. I found the trails on accident, and I’ve only run into a couple of people. Of course, ski patrol keeps an eye on it to make sure no one goes back there, bu...

  14. Best Ride In the Park

    “Well..” She warily glances at her ‘beginner’ labeled ticket hanging around her neck. “I mean, you said this hill was easy, and I really don’t want to get lost again on my way back again.” I sigh. “Okay, if you really think you’re rea...

  15. Fight!

    “Oh snap!” someone in the crowd around us yells. The milk drips off of Maria’s chin, forming a puddle on the ground beneath her. I shake the rest out of the bottle, spraying her shirt. She stares at me angrily, building up her anger. ...

  16. Ditching

    I slide to the edge of the hill, letting the majority of my skis hang over. Scanning the mountain, I see only a couple of ramps, and they’re fairly easy to get around. That’s the only reason this is rated a double black; the rest is hardly even con...

  17. Tachophobia

    Besides, I only have a minute or two until I reach the top of the hill. I won’t be late; I never am. I’m just worried about Anna. If I needed to, I could make it down the hill in less than a minute, and make it back to the bus in less than ten. She...

  18. Skis

    It’s snowing today. It hasn’t snowed on a Wednesday for the past two or three weeks. Today, it is snowing, and snowing means powder. Fresh powder. None of that crappy machine-made stuff. No, this is the real thing. I don’t even need to wear my go...

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  • Mighty-Joe Young (A.K.A Strong Coffee)(LoA)
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