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Oh lah..im one of the people of ficlets..and i finally got around to making this here..im horrible at spelling by the way..oh and pleasee comment, id love to hear what you have to say:]
..so some stuff about me.i love to write, i hate liars, i love music, its my life, i love to sing, i cant dance, i have a lot of guy friends because sometimes i cant handle girls pmsing on me, my best friends are himika, leilani, david and taylor, id die without them, i cant live without my phone or ipod, i love to write..obviously, i write when i got something to write about..um..i hate raisins, i like pacsun, drawing, hot topic, the beach, the pool, ilike being spontaneous..:]


  1. goodbyes are meant for lonely people

    She looks at him with new, puzzled eyes. Her eyebrows form a confused expression..Why is he here? He glances at her sleeves, red stains forever to remain… his hand placed on teh phone, carrying her in the other, he gently sets her down on her bed...

  2. Rescued by turquoise eyes

    the door slams open, her eyes bloodshot with crystals that keep making rivers across her face. She cant hear the sounds.. she doesnt want to, maybe feeling pain is better than feeling nothing at all… He barges throught the door, she doesnt even l...

  3. eyes staring through the heart (Mature)

  4. Craving bruises by sadistic companions (Mature)

  5. lovely contradictions

    you’re my sunrise at sunset the rain after the storm has left you’re the answer to my problems you’re the problem i wont regret you’re the key to existance you’re the stranger i’ve never met you’re the clock th...

  6. Scars

    I dont want to be, another corporate causualty and while i suffer in silence you live in denial about everything So if you could please, take your knife out of my back, it’s your favorte angle of attack, it’s where you stabbed me your ignor...