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Chello. What’s up?

[Zones out just far enough to nod.]


I’m your average teenage girl: multitasking, procrastinating machine.

I’ll be writing up a research paper, eating leftover Chinese, and dialing a phone with my toes all at the same time. No brainer.

I’ve got the multiple personalities of a fighter, a philosopher, an artist, and hopless romanticist all ingeniously combined into one hot-headed dreamer.
Who would’ve guessed I was an aspiring neuroscientist?

Writing is my ranting, so most of what I do is in a fit of rage. Or atleast mild disappointment.

Music is my inspiration, my guide, and my alternative to punching a hole in the wall.

Currently Addicted to: Alive With the Glory of Love by Say Anything

Oh yah, and the one word to describe me would be: turquoise. But of course, you already knew that.


  1. I'm Waiting For A Letdown

    How long ‘till you fall? Not long at all, I’m telling you. I’m counting down the days so I know when not to be there for you. Just trust me, but don’t expect me to keep tying your shoes. I’m always one step behind you, wat...

  2. The Key To Locks That Don't Exist

    She was walking through a shallow stream, one foot infront of the other. Arms out, trying to balance on make believe stepping stones. Her eyes closed to the shadows from the eastern canopy, her breathing steady with the low hum from deep within the for...

  3. No One Can Touch Us

    We’re getting higher everytime that we love. Glasses up, a toast! To us, and everyone who’s ever felt like this. To suspense, surprises, secrets, and knowing you’re the girl of someone’s dreams. To basking in glory, sharing your...

  4. Girl Take My Hand

    “Look how far we’ve come, Tess.” he said with a smile. Without looking up from her paper, she gave a confused, “What are you talking about?” “Things are different, from the beginning I mean. I think we’re doing...

  5. Natural Selection: Redifined

    Natural Selection: Redifined (nat-u-ral se-lec-tion) -noun 1. Making an automatic decision. 2. The subconcious choice of one over another. More specifically, choosing your lying, cheating ex-boyfriend over your best friend. Antonyms: 1. Loyalty Eg. Her...

  6. My Beautiful Rescue

    I’ve been dancing on the tops of buildings… Every day I wake up to you, and I smile. That smile’s just for you, you know. And when you smile back, it’s flawless. Everywhere I go, I wear your smile, the essence of you, around my ...

  7. Did It Hurt?

    I’ve been waiting my whole life for a someone like you to go and steal my heart. You remember how we met? It was the definition of love at first sight. We walked past each other without even a nod, but we both knew. From that moment, we were flyi...

  8. An Enchanting Waltz

    Beneath this sky I dance, across this floor we dance together. Against the tide I sway, Next to you is where I’m headed. Inside of me the music plays, Down below the music moves. All around you those skirts are swishing. Back behind you they all ...

  9. The Hustler Dream

    I say let’s race, for glory, for life. You laugh in my face, and get ready, to deal. I’m over three, down two, up one. You’re steady on wings, but guess what, I win. You say it’s unfair, Irrational, Preposterous, But this ...

  10. You And Me

    What day is it? And in what month? This clock never seemed so alive. Hand in hand, ear to chest, we’re synchronized. We’re two heartbeats in one song, keeping the tempo steady. We’re keeping our world spinning. Cause’ it’s...

  11. Smother Me

    Let me be the one who calls you baby all the time… We’re wrapped in each others’ arms, holding on to the moment that will never last long enough. We’re breathing in the sweet scent of forever, closing our eyes to enormity of the...

  12. Kiss Me

    So kiss me… We talked for hours and hours about absolutely nothing. All that nonsense drove everyone away, but we continued, paying no attention to their jealous scoffing. We were lost in each other, and this time everything was going to go my way. N...

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