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It’s amazing where life can take you. I always find myself coming back here though. My writing if you look at it chronologically has been steadily maturing, hopefully it turns into something inspiring. I call myself “The Silence” nowaday’s because the absence of sound is a name all in itself. You might have formerly known me as “The Silent Storm”.

Urban Legend

Zombie Secret Agents, Explosions and Sexy Vampires

Give Me Five Days

Wildcard: The randomest hero of them all

The Legacy of the Silent Storm

Facing the Evil


Mr. Gabriel & I – The Boy Who Could See His Emotions (COMPLETED)

TextMason & I – My Echoes
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  1. One Small Voice

    “All these people need us.. Require us..” I whisper to crowd at my doorstep Rain covers everything, coating us in it’s hushed conversation, it’s assumed ownership matches my attitude as my words penetrate the ears of the proleta...

  2. Introduction to "Stolen"

    Growing up in a bad neighborhood does things to a man. It makes him or breaks him. It made me. And my friends. But every man has a breaking point. This story is about mine.

  3. For The Sake Of The Children.

    “It’s funny.” He whispers, the sound of his voice reverbrating throughout the room. Each decibel of his words smoothly coat our few possessions, alluding to a subtle sense of ownership. “We always find ourselves at this place. T...

  4. Mind Tricks

    Life is a game Girls are the same That’s why she screams As I dissect her dreams She calls me a knight But I’m really a hunter She’s lost her sight Truly asunder Girl’s feel too much Yet I feel too little Playing with hearts Gos...

  5. Journey to Hell

    One-way ticket Straight to Hell His goal to save those that fell He’ll fight the demons He’ll kill the creatures If it’s only to see her facial features She means so much Yet is so little She truly is such a riddle Her spar...

  6. My Assassination

    Life is a knife Stuck in us all The more we remove it The farther we fall Keep my hand on the handle Just twist it a bit Feel my lungs just tremble Coughing Fit My breath is a whisper The pain is a scream No one is listening Don’t get what I mean...

  7. You Are Running Through My Veins

    Can’t help think of you We were always meant to be Just can’t fight destiny You and Me I and You Look at all that symmetry We fit together perfectly Rhyme without reason Reason without rhyme I want you for all of time You’re the girl ...

  8. My Smokey Tomb

    Sitting in an empty room Choking on the fumes My loves been gone I’ve carried on But why am I still choking Its like my first time smoking I need a drink Sometime to think But my mind always comes up empty… It’s like there’s so...

  9. Love Hurts.

    Lighting Strikes Raindrops are hitting me like bullets to the brain I loved this weather, when we were together But today it brings nothing but pain Her arms are around me… Around my neck. Her hugs are affectionate Yet dripping with poison I fall...

  10. Love Is A Rope

    Love is jumping off a boat And Hoping for whomever to throw the rope They can let you live or let you die You pray to stay alive If they throw the rope It can snap Because love is such gentle crap Even if you make it back on the ship You can easily sl...

  11. Love Is A Poison

    Love is a poison It kills you inside You need that special person To keep you alive It starts as a want But ends as a need You’re my oxygen The air that I breathe Forgive me for not seeing That you love me with all your being I never doubted yo...

  12. ...Before The Dawn

    I was in such a slump. What a dump it was. A girl had left me broken. Lost like a Brazilian in Hoboken. But I don’t care; nor despair. Because now I’m walking on air She was the rope while I was drowning, But I’ve learned how to swim ...

  13. It's Always Darkest...

    You ripped my heart out Cut it in two But still I thirst for you I wonder how, your not as broken as I As you smile and laugh, I just want to cry I’m not the same person A part of me died I feel like our whole relationship was a lie How can you j...

  14. The devil's Day

    Dear Diary, It’s that time of year again. I look as all the poor fools walk around in the night. Dressed as demons and other evil figments of the imagination. Or is it imagination? They decorate their houses with such evil things, smiling and tak...

  15. Life Is Like A Canvas ~ Another Poem For Her

    Life is like a canvas Paint it your way Make the most wonderful picture you can Even if your unsure of the plan But when you’re in love There’s not one painter; but two Just try to remember the canvas is for you As painters we’ll pain...

  16. Lucky Lunches

    I sit at the table in the corner of Don’s Diner. I have no money and no intention to pay for my food. We have a very special tradition at Don’s. And no It’s not the five finger discount. We call it “Lucky Lunches”. This tr...

  17. A Different Kind Of Story #3

    Pulling my self up the greasy elevator shaft cable is not an easy feat but I quickly make it to the top floor. Or.. What’s left of it anyway. Or.. What’s left of it anyway.The entire top floor is destroyed leaving an open-air penthouse kind...

  18. A Different Kind Of Story #2

    As I limp on through the halls pissed off and sad I almost trip over Candy. No not the food.. Candy Kane; The girl I was supposed to marry. I wanted to marry her too.. But we’re too young for that right now. We were too young for other things but...

  19. A Different Kind Of Story

    I stand up from the ashes. Pissed off beyond belief. “Those jack-ass’ really thought they could kill me!” I laugh psychotically as I crack my neck Blood is all over my leather jacket; rubble and ash surrounding me. I limp over from th...

  20. Love the Way you Lie - Eminem

    When I first heard this song I thought: “What a beautiful song!” But upon listening to it several times your realize how dark and evil it is. It’s about an awful couple in an abusive relationship.. The boyfriend beats her, has mean se...

  21. Half-Year Anniversary Poem

    1 day 2 people came together; not knowing they would say 3 words to each other 4 one reason; and spend more than 5 months together; and on their 6th month, read these 7 lines Her Soldier I’m your soldier; I’m your fighter Always there for...

  22. My Current Feeling is...

    Misery. (That’s a whole story right there. The truth too…)

  23. So Damn Useless........A True Story pt. 2

    And then she did the most heart breaking thing. She told me she would sing a song to cheer me up. (She likes to sing and does it all the time.) Now it takes a really special person to turn stop worrying about themselves when they have more to worry abo...

  24. So Damn Useless........A True Story

    Last night I found out a close family friend of my girlfriend had gotten ovarian cancer. And it had gotten worse. My girlfriend told me this. She didn’t know her well but it made her extremely sad. And I didn’t have any words of comfort. Sh...

  25. Are Books More Dangerous Than Movies?

    Ok I just noticed something… Correct me if I’m wrong. If a movie is determined innapropiate for a certain audience; they give it a rating so that audience can’t see it without parental consent, right? But a book; of the same caliber I...

  26. 6 word love poem

    Ok so this is what I got. This stuff I’m saying right here is so I can meet the limit. I love you. Your my everything.

  27. Today 5 Is Our Number - pt2

    Though I must have hurt it some because those words were tearing me apart And the day that I first said them; no other words had tasted as sweet Because you Dear, are my first love; a newly burning heat The fire inside me that no other girl can provide...

  28. Today 5 Is Our Number

    Today five is our number Its the amount of months we’ve been together And I know it feels like longer But thats because we are so good for each other Your the Up when I’m Down Then In when I’m Out Rope when I’m falling And the H...

  29. An Anniversary Poem For Her (Continued)

    If I could change anything about you I’d only change where you live. So you could receive all the love I have to give. Your perfect Cat in every way, and that’s exactly why I’m proud to say… I love you. Cheers to four months tog...

  30. An Anniversary Poem For Her

    My girl is an angel, sent from above. How do I know this? Because this is a perfect love. She knows when I’m upset; and exactly how to fix things, In every picture she sends me I swear she has angel wings. Because out of every girl I’ve met...

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