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  1. Choice.

    Ariel’s parents had stepped into the hall to speak with the man in the suit but she could still snatch bits of speech through the door. Words like ‘special’ and ‘utilize’ and ‘facility’, spoken in the reassurin...

  2. Hunt.

    I have watched my friends and loved ones die over the course of the last three days. Before now, I might have been tempted to call their killer a madman. He’d killed sixteen people to get at me! How could he be anything but a psychopath? I know, ...

  3. Now you're just making it up.

    I know I said I’d be here, but an Augur is on my tail If this is being read in the correct timeline, you have no idea what an Augur is. If you’re further ahead than you should be, you’ll probably remember that you’ve read this n...

  4. Really helpful.

    I’m writing this in what looks (and smells) like a swamp. I’ve got no idea where I am. It’s likely that you have no idea where you are, either. That’s something you’re going to have to get used to over the coming years. Oh...

  5. The [REC]koning. (Mature)

  6. Moral of the story.

    When my tour ended I went into private security. Same job, I figured, with less killin’ and more pay. Big fancy corporation hired us on to protect their factory makin’ gadgets an’ whatnot. Stuff worth more money than you and I will ev...

  7. Wat.

    We are souls trapped in flesh, made to experience the universe of matter. I think. My eyes are open— of that, I am quite sure. They ache and string tremendously but I cannot bring myself to close them, lest the world of touch and sight and densit...

  8. Falling Day

    The best part of Autumn, he’d decided, was the leaves. Any child who’s ever had any fun has jumped in a big pile of fallen leaves. There was something simple and satisfying about the experience. It never failed to enrage the elderly, someth...

  9. Because.

    It had been the greatest day of my entire life. My novel had been accepted for publication. My debts were paid off. The coffee I drank in the morning was perfect. I had a bear claw for the first time and it was amazing. All the lights on the way to wor...

  10. Tomb.Seed

    Fate has laid a terrible burden upon me. I watched the oceans shrink and the trees wither in my youth, and now even the sun begins to fade. The last child of man died in my arms, starved and raving. I made a tomb for him, beneath this place, in hopes t...

  11. Blue.

    Brutal, right? I know. I’m actually not proud of that one. It was messy and badly thought out. Thank god for inept small town detectives and botched forensic science. I was fifteen the next time I met someone who needed to die. My father was an E...

  12. Red (Mature)

  13. Star Child (Mature)

  14. redbluegreen it's time to be mean

    I almost killed a man today. I don’t remember why the knife was in my hand. It would have been easy.

  15. Mottwoo: Magic, Explained; High Magic (Mature)

  16. Mottwoo: An introduction to Magic.

    “Because you’d kill yourself and turn poor Wilfred there into a duck. Wands are for Faefolk and Tesla. And I’ll take that glare to mean ‘I understand, but I’d like to know more’.” The student tried to glared ha...

  17. The mysteries of the world and the universe.

    “Welcome, students, to Mysteries of the World and Universe! From here on we’ll be calling it Mottwoo because I say so. In this class I will explain all the ‘important’ questions people have been asking for longer than you curren...

  18. Cleaning Up

    Revenge is the best reason to kill. I’m not quite sure why no one really understands that. Have you ever gotten revenge on someone? Slashed their tires or released those dirty photos you found just because they stopped in and ruined your day? If ...

  19. The Spoiledest.

    I don’t know why Daddy brings me to these parties. All the people are old and they won’t let me drink and I hate shrimp and for some reason shrimp is in all of the little snacks and Daddy won’t stop dragging me from person to person a...

  20. The Killin'est

    As jobs go, assassin is probably one of the shittiest. They’re always expecting you and the pay is never as good as it should be. Plus, you spend way too much time thinking about how shitty your job is and not enough time making sure the perfectl...

  21. The shrimpiest.

    ‘And so the hero becomes villain; the hunter hunted,’ he thought, spearing another shrimp with his toothpick. Who knew if that shrimp was ever a hero? No one could know that. Cocktail parties are boring.

  22. Bluff

    He had warned them that this would happen. The message had filtered through a million systems and a million minds. Do not try to toy with my life, he had told them. Do not think you can manipulate or coerce me. In the end, they had failed to listen. It...

  23. The Apocalypse you never saw coming. (Mature)

  24. Isn't and shouldn't.

    It’s impossible. It can’t possibly exist. It can’t. And when you finally accept that it does exist, a second impossibility becomes apparent; you can’t possibly know about it.

  25. On a 1-10 scale, jumping would be stupid as shit. (Mature)

  26. Old Yeller.

    I am standing on the Golden Gate Bridge. This morning I watched a line of ships form on the horizon. I watched troops in U.S. uniforms set up base camps on the shore. I watched a scouting party capture a girl who was looking for food in a trashed Starb...

  27. Chain of Events.

    In the temple district of Dar Vassir, a priest of Merciful Grevari was busy looking for the mysteriously missing robes he’d left in his locker. In the next district over, a shivering medicker awoke naked and lying on a table next to the body he’d c...

  28. Fucking tired. (Mature)

  29. Beast in the garden. (Mature)

  30. Without Nightmares... (Mature)

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