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  1. Finding sanctuary

    Michi removed her cloak and shook out her blond hair. She was safe, at least for the moment. The hunters wouldn’t give up easily even after their losses this afternoon. Maybe especially after those losses. The house was just a regular house in a ...

  2. Power

    I pulled in the power that surrounded me, power from the men on the beach, from the animals in the forest, from the fish in the ocean. They had me surrounded and were slowly closing in. No, they will not kill me here, not on the sacred shore. I will no...

  3. Please sir...

    Sir Bic ignored the slight tugging on his sleeve. He concentrated instead on the pageantry on display before him, the parade of champions on the verdant field. The tugging became more insistent. Sir Bic sighed and glanced down. “Sir Bic, please s...

  4. The Farmer's Lament

    Raiment of Dreaming walked slowly into the village. His head felt like it was in a vise. He nodded hello to the storekeeper sweeping his porch before he caught himself. Too many ales last night. Rai’s wife would be mad that he had left the farm, ...

  5. Blasted 8

    “You are as useless as…” the Empress started but was cut off when Novax found the hyperdrive panel and slammed his palm down on the green button. The Pulsar Wind jumped like a Branthian Loric cat on a neutron wave emitter. Sa T’...

  6. Changing

    I was a kindergarten teacher. My students were my love but I was always interested in so-called fantasy and magic. I noticed the change early one morning before school as I was sipping my coffee. I set the mug down to reach for my toast and the spoon r...

  7. Blasted 6

    “My sister has always been a thorn in my side. She will tell us what we need to crush the Empire!” “But sir, your ship left 2 kilosecs ago,” interrupted Tarsus. “Blast her! I knew I should have just killed her when I had t...

  8. Here be Dragons!

    Norbert could hear rhythmic breathing coming from the cave. That’s good, right? It means she’s asleep. He crept closer, greed overcoming the fear in his muddy green eyes. The legends of Alistasia’s treasure had been told around hearth...

  9. Blasted 4

    Sa grabbed the blasters off the unconscious men. “Get aboard,” she growled at Novax and DART. “But mistress, this is a H-h-h-hantorian ship,” stuttered the droid. “Exactly. So they won’t be expecting us to be on it a...

  10. Blasted 2

    Empress Sa T’lak took a deep breath. DART’s manipulator found the correct circuit and the door behind Novax opened with a hiss. “About time!” Novax’s voice thundered through her headset. “Meet us in docking bay 4. An...

  11. The Arena

    The combatants circled each other on the field of battle, the grass beneath their feet green from the spring rains. The crowd was deafening, cheering on their chosen hero or heckling the opposition. Swings were abandoned, monkey bars forlorn in the ant...

  12. Slaughterhouse

    The sky was orange above them. Smoke drifted slowly across the green hills. He could see the ruins of the city in the distance, towering buildings pitted with gaping holes like swiss cheese. Fires still raged in a few isolated areas but most were black...

  13. Quest for Identity - Part 2

    “Oh my, we were afraid of that,” Sister Mary Beatrice sighed. “When you didn’t wake up for so long…and with the head trauma…well…we just don’t know. There is a nice police officer who has been coming by e...

  14. Quest for Identity

    She fought against the haze. It was like trying to bat away gossamer threads. They just kept swirling around her, cocooning her. Finally, the room came into focus. A hospital? The sun was shining brightly through the window, giving her a view of…...

  15. The Library

    Anno sat in the library, a book open on the desk in front of him. He scanned the page, looking at the illustrations and text. It was all about a little known world on the edge of the galaxy. He turned to the next section. Urf. That is what it was calle...

  16. May 15, 2010

    Wayne looked at Sara, and the pile of packages at her feet. He had begged and pleaded with her to stop. They had tried therapy, medicati0ns and cutting up her credit cards. She always found a way to shop. “Baby, you are bankrupting us,” he ...

  17. An Interview

    Kylun followed the Messenger through the streets, taking a circuitous route through the back alleys and shadowed minor streets. This was getting stranger by the minute. What could a Messenger want with him? He was just a guard in the service of the Gov...

  18. Air Time

    Kara pulled on Matt’s hand, urging him to go faster. “C’mon, Mattie, I wanna go thwing!”, she lisped as her blond pigtails bounced in the spring sunshine. “Hold your horses,” he laughed. It was a perfect day to go to...

  19. Love Beyond Price

    “Here, take this,” he encouraged. One blue pill. The pain finally ended.

  20. Apprentice

    He came from the north, from the land of unchanging blue ice that never melts nor moves. The sledge was pulled by four white behemoths, their muscles straining to carry his mass. The small village on the edge of the ice was called Haven by its inhabita...

  21. Survival

    The wind howled across the frozen tundra. David turned over in his sleeping bag. He was a fool and he might just die for it. He glanced over at the fire. It was getting low but he didn’t dare add more wood, not yet. He looked back over the last f...

  22. Seashells

    She walked along the beach, stooping occasionally to pick up a shell and turn it over in her fingers. Her life had become as empty and void of meaning as the shells she examined. How had it happened? When had it happened? She couldn’t even pinpoi...

  23. The Weirdos of the World

    Why did these things always happen to her? Did she attract all the weirdos of the world? Amanda drew in a long breath. She thought back to her previous three employers. They had all seemed normal enough in the beginning. The last time it was the resear...

  24. Rebirth

    I love the crisp cool days of early Spring. The barren trees scratching against the bright blue sky. The snow capped mountains crowning the brown hills. The cold wind chasing last year’s leaves finally released from their graves of snow.

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