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nineteen. college sophomore. psych major. was on the original aol version of ficlets. you might remember me as: `crayola or `espressotherapy or i’m not that girl. loves: music, tea, good conversation, friends, nature.

i will dance, i will sing. i will write. i will be free.

for i know the plans i have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


  1. do you eat, do you sleep anymore

    She led him onto the top of a grassy hill, where they had some privacy. Planning this in the morning Lisa blushed. “Sit down, I’ll be right back.” Running down the other side of the hill she grabbed her guitar from behind the rock. Wh...

  2. falling in love

    Lisa arrived a little early at the coffeehouse and ordered her favorite, soy pumpkin latte. Keeping her head down she smiled at the barista, while at the same time not letting him recognize her. How she hated those other celebrities flaunting their fam...

  3. you looked out the window, you looked at the moon

    As the phone started ringing she started thinking about if he even remembered her, if he thought she was horrid for not calling. She was too nervous to speak so she put the phone near her speakers and played her newest song into the phone. “Hello...

  4. do you breathe me anymore

    She thought of him in her apartment, as the vegan boca burger sizzled in the frying pan. His smile was in the sesame seeds on the buns she ran to get as he held her spot in line. She wondered if he was taking the first bite of his burger and she lifted...

  5. i don't understand

    Three weeks before prom. The dress arrived today and I’m ready to try it on. Excitement bubbles up inside me and I feel like I’m about to burst. I stand on top of my bed and reach up for the dress. My heart starts pounding in my chest. I kn...

  6. like a shining star

    I pressed the glowing submit button and tilted back my chair. Swiveling the chair I stared at the space of white wall I’d spent the morning clearing. “A goal, now I have a goal.” An email popped into my inbox confirming the order I...

  7. the road to healing

    “We did.” The male detective walked over to Hannah. “One of the people who found you noticed the broken window and that you dragged glass shards from the alley. The man who did this to you got the shock of his life when we knocked on ...

  8. "you escaped. that's most important"

    She wakes up to bright lights and many sounds. As her senses come back she realizes that she’s in hospital. When she reaches down to pull up the sheet everything comes back. The man. The closet. The… she can’t even think the horrid wo...

  9. escape; strength comes when we most need it

    He leaves for the bathroom, to relieve himself, and she call on all the strength she can gather. She runs, but not to the door, to the window. It’s locked, but she hurtles herself through the glass. You can’t hurt yourself when you’re...

  10. unspeakable, unthinkable (Mature)

  11. praying for rescue (Mature)

  12. untitled (Mature)

  13. i will only talk to you

    “Hi.” My voice is small, quiet. “I need to talk to you. I’ll only talk to you.” I am still hiding in the shadows, I don’t want you to see my face just yet. My over sized hoodie dwarfs my skinny frame and the hood hid...

  14. heroes are made when you make a choice

    He put his finger on the trigger, keeping the weapon in his pocket. They had bullied him for the last time. He wouldn’t take it anymore, it was his turn to show them all. Soon he caught up with Bobby and nudged his shoulder. As expected Bobby gra...

  15. or he comes back to school with a gun at his side

    Bobby, who overhears everything, turns to the new girl. “Because…” He interrupts everyone’s conversation. “Because Michael’s a freak. F-R-E-A-K. He doesn’t care, he’s so busy wrapped up in his notebook.&#...

  16. no one sits with him, he doesn’t fit in

    He sits at the last cafeteria table, the one closest to the last window, quietly eating his homemade tuna sandwich. “What kid eats tuna?” Bobby Bolfisk, the class bully, steals a glance at the kid and sneers back to his table-mates. “...

  17. that's one way to get math help

    “9-1-1, what is your emergency?” The dispatcher clicked his headset. “I need help.” Came the small boy’s voice from the other end. “What’s wrong?” The man’s deep voice was a stark contrast to the bo...

  18. homecoming surprise

    When the homecoming committee voted on an outdoor homecoming everyone was on board. The girls took to decorating the lower field with white awnings and many candles. The boys built a elevated wooden dance floor in shop class. The gym teacher’s br...

  19. miriam and alexander

    As the summer went on Alexander started coming over to help with the peach stand and we’d talk and laugh. He’d show me his school books and photos from Oregon and I’d take him to the fun places around out farms: the creek with the rop...

  20. the seed's been planted

    When the call came for dinner I gathered my peaches and tied my pocket money into the pouch I’d made with scraps from the sewing bin. I ran into the house yelling to Momma, “Momma, Momma! The English moved in today! The Yoder’s cousin...

  21. peach girl and english boy

    I looked from the little boy, who was about my age, to the man in the driver’s seat who I assumed was his dad. The boy was smiling real big and with his bright blue eyes and sandy blonde hair he looked real pretty. “Okay.” The dad smi...

  22. miriam, the peach girl

    The day had cooled since the morning and it turned into a beautiful day. I waved to Jonah and Amos as they came to help Momma with our few animals. They had been coming over since before Papa went to be with God and I guess it was just so routine they ...

  23. summertime

    I remember the day summer came during my eighth year. It was a hot day and the sun was already burning in the sky when I woke up to the rooster’s song. I shrugged into the purple and white flecked dress and quickly combed through the tangle of li...

  24. peach pie

    Selling peaches was my how I made some pocket money. Two summers earlier momma had come up with a plan after she caught me spending day after day lying out in the peach orchard reading that if I kept the trees healthy, pruning them and treating them wi...

  25. peaches

    Momma tied up my hair into a ponytail and I picked out a pretty light blue calico dress. It comes down just below my knees and has short sleeves with lace. I put on a little white apron over it and put my book into my wicker basket. The sun was just co...

  26. apple crisp day

    Mamma’s inside, making dinner and an apple crisp for dessert. Sissy and I love apple crisp days because it means that we can breathe. Papa’s out here rolling with the hay. His hands, his strong callused hands, bending with the shovel and cranking e...

  27. you're like the ocean

    your love is like the ocean, only a fool would try to pin point it’s depths. your love is like the ocean, sometimes rough and wild, but really it’s smooth like glass your love is like the ocean rhythmic and pulsing to the beat of my heart

  28. voice

    i have a no voice the trees breath for me, in and out their deep sighs of life and love i have no voice the sun, it speaks for me telling story after story of what is to come i have no voice the grass makes sounds for me murmuring syllables from dewy ...

  29. soccer with my sister

    My big sister is the soccer star in our family. The only reason I played was because my sister had begged and my parents thought that it was a wonderful idea. After all it made it easier for them: only having to drive back and forth from one place, hav...

  30. an angel girl with an upturned face

    The sirens get louder and louder as the approach the quiet suburban street. Paramedics rush into the house with a stretcher, and police put handcuffs around the little girl’s momma. She sobs and says she didn’t do anything, that she didn...

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