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  1. Into Great Silence

    I knew when I left that I would never return. Perhaps this is why I have sought a resting place in the arms of strangers and the dwellings of temporary friends. Without roots I have looked for meaning in things fated to pass. But now I find myself walk...

  2. Eloise and Juliet

    For they did teach the sun to shine bright, And ev’ry rose to smell sweet, Caused men to lose themselves in violent acts, And the furious world at large to weep. What misery, the weary pilgrim’s lot! The lips consume what her lips have forg...

  3. Without Walls

    It was in the thirteenth year of my travels that I came to Oulipo. From afar, one cannot imagine it is a city for there are no structures to define it. The steppes on which Oulipo is settled are so vast the Earth falls away at the extremes of vision, c...

  4. Telegram


  5. Simple pleasures

    The lamp was dented and dull, but undeniably filled with a genie. “I shall grant you three wishes.” Kenneth died moments later, crashing his space-yacht into his moonbase while being pleasured by the entire contents of the world’s lar...

  6. The Places in Between

    Four witnesses described it; they all used different words. Because they wanted it to be true, no one doubted. He had passed through. The Chronicle covered it the next day: “A Hero In Anarene”. The photograph showed the crossroads at the ce...

  7. Expedition: Science

    Flotsam and Jetsam crawled from the wreckage. A crab trundled toward them, its claws raised high, clicking and clacking like castanets. “We should step away; that thing’s packed full of rocket fuel and may explode.” Jetsam dragged his...

  8. With the Fishes

    You were with them in their last moments, dutifully taking heed of their plight. After months some of them were found, separated both from themselves and from one another. They were unrecognisable; burned, drowned and broken in pieces. Perhaps because ...

  9. The Revenger's Inaction

    I wait and measure while salt water flows, Scouring palatial walls and hallways clean, My phantasmal father, his ear blocked up, Does not hear me as I scream out ‘perhaps’. See the clouds above take on shapes to fear: A young mermaid hoist ...

  10. Never Fall In (Mature)

  11. Dinner and Wine

    Danvers holds the bottle until he sees the woman and then puts it down as she approaches because he wants to free his hand she kisses him aggressively on the lips pressing him back against the rail at the edge of the roof and his elbow nudges the bottl...

  12. Waiting for Grace

    This is my pre-coital cigarette. Breathe in. The filters are the only solid matter to pass my lips; I stub them in place. Breathe in. The smoke puddles, drips past the phlegm of my throat, expands into my lungs. Breathe out. The only taste is my tongue...

  13. Coronation (Mature)

  14. The Top of the World

    The wire that holds the world in place may break. They know this. They have seen it happen. Their globe is the largest in view; just large enough for them to sit side by side. When they were children they could roam its curved surface but now that they...

  15. The Prizefight (Mature)

  16. "We're going to have a baby."

    Harlan smiled beatifically at his family. One inside the other, both alive. Both kicking. I am the shore, he thought, on which this detritus has arrived. His teeth were bared. He displayed as much of his skull as was possible without parting his skin. ...

  17. Another Man's Chin

    Gunther awoke to find that his beard was missing. He checked his chin thoroughly but the beard was not there. He couldn’t think where else to look. Disconsolate, he wandered the house, weeping softly. As he entered the kitchen he thought he saw h...

  18. The Dapper Hand

    “Alarum! Alarum, I say!” The woman was in some distress. “Confound it all, young miss, can you not see that my head has been undone by liberal dosage of Colonel Bumptious’ Own Brandied Waters? Take a seat and Constable Mutton sh...

  19. Au revoir, ma jolie, au revoir

    J’etais en Paris pour etudier la langue française. Je parle seulement un petit peu. Puis, hier soir, j’ai fait la connaissance de Claudia. Bellissima! Non. Je regrette. ‘Bellissima’, ce n’est pas française. … Elle ...

  20. Aflame

    Alarmingly, and despite all my best efforts, I continue to be almost entirely engulfed in flames.

  21. Awake

    “Liz?” She swatted at him, irritated, her hand flopping at the end of the wrist forlornly. He snatched at her fingers and touched them to his lips. “Liz. I’m still here. I’m not going to leave.” Her hand was cold as ...

  22. Danger-Face: Origins (also demise)

    Danger-Face is an ordinary man with an extraordinary face. The face was constructed by WonderMan, who found an asteroid containing a deposit of Dangerium, a mineral impervious to damage, while battling an alien menace in a distant galaxy. WonderMan can...

  23. The Tinkerer

    Jim walked into the lounge and clapped his hands together. His face and overalls both carried the marks of his labour: grease, oil stains and the sweat of his brow. “It’s finished.” There was a certain satisfaction to the announcement...

  24. Engagement

    They had first met in the park and it was there that they returned for the occasion. “So. Here we are.” “Yes.” He coughed, scratched his head, adjusted his tie and took her by the hand. They walked to the bench and sat beneath t...

  25. What I got for Chrismiss

    December 23rd It is nearly here. The orderlies tell us that we are for life, not just for Christmas, but that is the day they will dress us in our finest and put us on display. So many adults cannot have children of their own to lavish gifts upon becau...

  26. Why I Was Arrested

    So, it all started when I was in a club dancing with a girl. Well, more of a woman than a girl, really. A mature lady. And dancing probably isn’t the right term. More like flailing. And when I say ‘with’, I mean in the general proximi...

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