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I’m 20. I live in Hastings, UK.
Uhhh I’m going to school for illustration, but sometimes I just, like, love writing.

Back when I was 15, I was a member of this site in it’s earliest days and I stopped using it after a while for reasons unknown. Well I’m back for now!


  1. contemplation.

    What a strange planet this is. Billions of creatures after millions of years of growth. Is this what we could have been? I try to think back to my creation; to our creation, I should say, but it dances just outside of my grasp. I know it’s there,...

  2. i pooped and this came out

    unlike a comatose vegetarian, you’re not what you eat you’re not what you drink, you’re what you dream you’re what the world seems at 3 am after 4 tabs from a girl named lucy you’re lucidity you’re a newborn baby wit...

  3. Dear Diary

    Dear Diary, She spoke to me today. As you know, we sit next to each other in Chem. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. For the first time, though, she was looking back at me. The bell rings, I get up to leave and I’m stopped by a hand. The ...

  4. The Whole World, In Just One Room

    “Mom! Mom, we’re going to be late!” Beautiful, long, black hair chases Maria down the hallway, her ballet slippers barely on as she flies straight into the kitchen. Her mother wipes her eyes, apologizes and stands to put on her coat. ...

  5. Age

    Eyes lock. Fingers intertwine. She pulls away, only to be seized by her partner. He lets her go, she stumbles onto the floor as he starts to undress her. Tears roll down her eyes, she tries to scream but she can’t. Not with her mouth bounded. He ...

  6. Man-Lift (pt. 6)

    I laugh. I laugh as hard as I can, until I cry. I laugh until there are tears pouring down my face, and there is a puddle underneath me. And then my shoulder flies out of control, and the knife goes with it. I twitch to the side, and the knife goes fly...

  7. Man-Lift (pt. 5)

    “Sir, I can’t kill you. My…my mind isn’t working.” “Your mind isn’t working?” he laughs, and turns. His face is different. His face is my face. “Now, whose fault is that?” he asks. And then he is gone. In his place, my pills. I wa...

  8. Man-Lift (pt. 4)

    “Do it,” he taunts. He isn’t looking at me, his head is turned with his body. “Do..what?” is my reply. “Do it,” is what he says. This time, he motions toward the knife with the back of his head. He wants me to stab him. This man wants...

  9. Man-Lift (pt. 3)

    When I sleep, I dream. Colourful, lucid dreams filled with splendor and excitement. In my dreams I can move mountains with nothing more than a thought, and I am revered around the world for doing so. But tonight is different. Tonight is a nightmare. In...

  10. Man-Lift (pt. 2)

    My twitch isn’t happy. I pluck individual hairs from his head. There is a ping as each root breaks the skin. I am getting to him. I can tell. He is slowing, groping his head, tears in his eyes. “Alright, man,” he says, handing me his wrists, whic...

  11. Man-Lift (pt. 1)

    The Chase. I live for this. Footsteps following footsteps. The smell of excitement. The look in your prey’s eyes when he realizes what’s going to happen to him. “The Prey” this time is one Kelly Robinson. Male. That’s right, a boy named Kelly...

  12. The Power of Flight

    He sprints towards the edge. The tests seem to support the theory The wings of wax and feathers are strapped onto a leather harness around his chest. Fluttering in the wind. Test A, the very first test, had failed. The thump of the dummy hitting the gr...

  13. Is that the best you've got?

    Really? ******************************************************

  14. The General (Part 2)

    I stripped from my pajamas and grabbed my uniform. I opened the drawer to pull out my weapon, but my gun was nowhere to be seen. I looked on the floor to see if I had dropped it last night, but I found nothing except for dirty underwear. Just as I fini...

  15. The General (Part 1.)

    I remember it was October 6th, 2015 when they revolted. My days as “Colonel Sanders” over, I had been promoted to General. I reclined and stared at the medallion in my hand. It was meant to be worn on my chest, but I felt as though I should...

  16. Please. Don't do this to me. To Us.

    “Why?” -—————————————-

  17. Reverse. (2/2)

    “You killed him, you heartless bastard!” she lets out. More of a cry, less of a yell. She stops running and sees him over the body, crowbar in hand. She sprints backwards out of the building as he pulls back swings of the crowbar. The dents...

  18. Reverse. (1/2)

    Her last breath. Her eyes open as a stream of red flows into a her in her heart. “Why?” she asks to a man not listening before her limp body rises to a standing position. A gasp escapes her lips as a bullet flies from her heart in a brillia...

  19. The Watch

    8:01 She was one minute late. The crick in his neck was acting up again. He strained it, rolling his head around his shoulders. He heard the door open, his head shot to the right to see who had entered. Not her. 8:15 The first half of his first cup of ...

  20. Insufficiencies

    “I Love You” does not suffice.

  21. Words

    What is this? I can see your words, but I can not hear your mouth moving.

  22. A Bridge

    Hold. Stare. Think. Sob. Repeat. Step. Hesitate. Step. Drop. Fall. Smile. Drown.

  23. As She Falls

    Tears form as I watch her fall. Smoke pours from the barrel.

  24. Seven Minutes. (Mature)

  25. Hey

    Tad Winslow, must I repeat? You don’t AWAIT defeat? You’re already obsolete. And while you walk the street, no shoes on your feet, think about why you shouldn’t compete. You’re just a major tooler. You need to go to class, Buell...

  26. GAD

    Tad Winslow, my friend, I would like to make amends, but first let me end, you’re terrible trend of messing up the flow. I mean, er, surrend as there’s no point in continuing these lyrics that you send. I don’t want your class, you po...

  27. Birds? LEGIT?!

    Hey man, yeah you, talkin’ bout all the birds. Your insults are nothing but a waste of words. And while I appreciate your average nerd, the things you say are just ABSURD. Elshahawk, pleae girl, just step back. I’m glad that you tried to ta...

  28. A Valiant Effort

    (Muffin, undazed, returns) I’m opposed to disclosing these back-rubbin’ hos for the phonies they are, at least, so I’d suppose. Instead, not resortin’ to low blows, I’ll make sure my foes are closed for the night, so: Mc ...

  29. Mad. (pt 4) (Mature)

  30. Mad. (pt 3)

    “Perfect. It’s…It’s all so perfect, so clean. So fancy. You did this. You knew it would get under my skin. You know it would.” Ray was talking at an abnormal speed, glancing at the lone stain on the wall to keep his sanity...

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