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    Joined May 2009 and calls ernmander home.

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    I suffer from The Pon-Farr

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    John Perkins

    Joined May 2009 and calls John Perkins - Blog home.

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    Hello. I’m John. Please don’t make fun of me.

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    AM FM

    Joined June 2009 and calls Facebook home.

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    I’m a screenwriter by nature, so stick with me if I slip up and start writing third person, present tense. I use this site mainly as a bounce board for ideas and an inspection into characters. Kick it.

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    White Marvin

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    Sam Ervin

    Joined June 2009.

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    The pen is mightier than the sword. How outdated. In the 1900’s, it would have been, “The typewriter is mightier than the machine gun.” But in modern times? “The word processor is mightier than the particle-beam weapon.”

    I play video games, build things with Legos, and try to kid myself into thinking that I’m mature. I love dorking around with computers and I have a strange obsession with hats – nice ones, that is, no baseball caps. My dream is to either become a Masterbuilder or a drummer, and neither seem very close. Such is life.

    Since joining Ficly, I’ve come to realize that I love playing off of other people’s work, reshaping their ideas to form some coherent things. Half my stories come either from challenges or from hitting the “Random Story” button and writing a sequel (I highly recommend this, the things that you’ll find are amazing!).

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    Brebelles {LoA}

    Joined May 2009 and calls The Book That Has My Face :O home.

    88 stories, 5 challenges, 342 comments, and 47 friends

    AIM: brebelles

    Other Website I’m on:
    (Please look there for my previous stories. :) )

    Announcement: _If you read my entries, please put a comment. I cannot say how many times I have been disappointed by not having comments.. I see the times it’s been read, yet there are not as many comments to show for it. Very sad. :’( _

    I am one of the Original Ficletters whose beloved website got ripped from their hands. :‘( But it’s better now since we have the offspring website, which is this… FICLY!!! Since we had to wait so long for this glorious website, I also have my writings on So check me out there. :)
    Yay! I was just approved for entry into the LoA aka League of Awesomeness! :) Saint Smiley. <3

    I like feed-back, so PLEASE tell me honestly what you think. Because, how can I improve, if you don’t help me??
    I love to write. I write songs and poems.
    I’ve been meaning to post stories, but that is not my love. I try and try, but I seem not to succeed. My friends are all creative. I love them and my family.

    One of my close friends passed away in a terrible car crash. It saddened my family. My best friend Blossom, who is on here as Blossom Ruoqen, was her sister. I LOVE YOU BLAH!! ♥

    I’ve been trying to write how I feel.. but I just don’t know how to put it into words. I don’t know the right words to put down. I wish I did, because as much as I know a certain person knows how I feel about them, I’d love to be able to put into words for them.

    An Additional Note: Ficly is a second home to those who’s multiple personalities require more room to cultivate their quirkiness. A family of strangers with so much in common, where we hide behind fake names and stories but reveal more of ourselves that way than we ever could.

    Favorite author Patrick Carmen Favorite book uh, thats hard….I like Narnia, The Land of Elyon, His Dark Materials

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    Katie Kim

    Joined July 2009.

    16 stories, 6 challenges, 64 comments, and 19 friends

    I enjoy romantic candlelit dinners, long walks on the beach, and…wait, this isn’t eHarmony! never mind then…

    Well, howdy. I’m Katie, a high school student who loves to write. So…yeah. Feel free to critique and correct and give suggestions, it’ll help me improve! Alright, ya’ll. :)

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    Joined May 2009.

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    I have been writing for about … ohh, a year and a half or so? I started mostly on ficlets, but since I guess no one remembers me from that site, I’ll just start kind of anew here on ficly. :)

    Besides writing, acting is one of my passions that I hope I never ever recover from. Also, drawing is something I am deeply in love with. I’m an artsy person (at least I consider myself to be one).

    And PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE comment on my stories. If no one comments, then I think no one reads them, and if that’s the case, I will be severely depressed. Feel free to sequel/prequel, too!! If you have an idea, let it fly!! I’d love to see where the stories go.

    Thanks for letting me waste your time. :)

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    Kendall Lynne

    Joined July 2009 and calls Un-Co-Inc. (The Uncoordinated Incorporated) home.

    31 stories, 31 challenges, 177 comments, and 9 friends

    I’m a high school student who is a wannabe author. I publish the prompts that I have written at SWW. I will also put up things I have written in school. I mostly like making challenges, but thats ok. I love writing prose but i’m starting to LOVE poetry if you can’t tell… I think I might be alittle better at it too. I love suggestions so if you could help me out with that I would be greatful. I can’t edit at all. I avoid it all cost. So you have been warned.
    Comment on it, rate it, sequel it, prequel it, Please read it. :D

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    Mighty-Joe Young (A.K.A Strong Coffee)(LoA)

    Joined June 2009 and calls cowboy or ninja home.

    145 stories, 3 challenges, 2580 comments, and 433 friends

    We were two against the world. Now the odds are slightly against me.

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    Joined July 2009.

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    okay. im back, but im not gonna write something new at the moment cause my schedule won’t allow me.

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    Elisabeth L. Davis(LoA)

    Joined May 2009.

    82 stories, 5 challenges, 233 comments, and 35 friends

    Beneath the regular writers sits a young girl, pen trembling in her hand. She tries to put words on paper, but nothing comes out but painfully choppy verse. She drops the pen, looking up at the regulars in their creative glory. She sees many people she’d take a bullet for, but cannot stifle the envy toward. She remembers when she was a shining example of what a writer should be, but that time is long since gone. She lays her notebook down and draws her legs under her, praying for inspiration.

    Feedback makes my heart race.

    If you don’t like the limit, go to Protagonize.

    Elisabeth, Situation Escape Artist and Keeper of Fireworks

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    Eloquent Mess {(LoA)}

    Joined July 2009 and calls An Eloquent Mess (My Blog) home.

    157 stories, 11 challenges, 1072 comments, and 98 friends

    I’m an English Major at ODU in Virginia, working to become a professional author.

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    Not You (LoA)

    Joined July 2009.

    7 stories, 2 challenges, 125 comments, and 65 friends

    I am a Manga artist, although i do not have things up on deviant art cause i dont have a scanner…. wife of a cowboy who is currently living a dream. My hopes are that i will hone my drawing skills enough to finally draw my Husbands stories (Mighty Joe Young) i ficly to spend time with him. He is sooooo awesome.

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    Joined July 2009 and calls My old Ficlets home.

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    Hi, I’m Dina and I’m 20 years old. I used to write on Ficlets and used to be really active on this website about two years ago, I guess. I stopped writing publicly but I continued writing on my own. I have some new work to share with you guys, if you’ll have me. I would love criticism because I feel I’m really rusty.

    Previously known as Howhardlifeis (on Ficlets).
    Just Finished: The Outsiders. (Loved it)
    Currently reading: 50 Shades of Grey

    Having you in my life was like having my favorite playlist on repeat forever. Eventually, even your favorite playlist gets overplayed.

    Pat is awesome!

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    Joined May 2009 and calls Protagonize: OneMoreDay Profile home.

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    In plain terms I am Sarah. I am a junior, 16, and the now resurrected Zombie Princess of Awesomness! Read, Reply, Ficly, or Die!

    My muse has been vacationing for the past year…in China. She’s learned how to speak Chinese and I don’t think she wants to switch back to English any time soon. This makes communication with her very hard as I don’t speak Chinese…but I’m trying to reconnect with her!

    I’m a drama geek, nerd, dork, anything along those lines. I love writing fantasy and have trouble with limits. I have a nasty habit of writing little beginnings of things and then abandoning them. In my opinion, my beginnings are good and then everything else I write sort of diminishes the story. I’m a big fan of music also and most of my good pieces were written while listening to my favorite bands:
    Tokio Hotel
    Panic! at the Disco
    The Holliboyz
    Fall Out Boy
    Adam Lambert

    Comments, Sequels, and Prequels appreciated. I’d also love some good constructive criticism from everyone and anyone.

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    Raegan Dauterive

    Joined August 2009.

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    My mind is a mystery nobody can solve.

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    Alexa Reed (LoA)

    Joined May 2009 and calls Crazy Vegan Hippie home.

    24 stories, 13 challenges, 289 comments, and 29 friends

    Read & Reply
    Ficly or Die

    - League of Awesomeness Oath.

    (June 2014) Currently out of work and I should be using my computer to look for a job but Ficly is more enticing.

    I love comments – leaving them and giving them.

    If a piece or a challenge is good, I would like to know that you appreciated it.
    If it is less than stellar, I appreciate that your comments will help me to improve.

    This is my page on the Ficlets memorial:

    This is my Blog, where I’m trying to pull in all of my old Ficlets and re-write and re-post them:

    And this is the Facebook page for my blog:

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    Joined July 2009 and calls home.

    48 stories, 0 challenges, 16 comments, and 28 friends

    I write mostly sci-fi and mostly flash fiction, but I dabble in other lengths and genres. You can find me at as well as

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    Joined August 2009.

    20 stories, 0 challenges, 140 comments, and 12 friends

    Love to read, never written much. Thought I’d give it a try.

    Please, rate me harshly! I know we all like to be nice here, but please don’t give me a 5 unless you think a story could not have been any better and it really blows you away.

    Similarly, do leave criticisms, constructive or not. I appreciate tough love, even if it’s something that you aren’t sure I (or anyone else) would agree with – that’s the best way to see how other people are thinking and, I think, to improve.

    I try to apply these thoughts to my own comments/ratings and probably come off as somewhat rougher than most, but I definitely will explain what I thought could improve if I give a 3, or what I thought was outstanding for a 5.

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    The Note Writer

    Joined May 2009.

    122 stories, 10 challenges, 298 comments, and 28 friends

    My bio is under construction, so please watch your step and look out for stray characters.

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    Stealing Plums

    Joined August 2009 and calls Stealing Plums home.

    4 stories, 5 challenges, 26 comments, and 9 friends

    I am a writer and artist living in Durango, CO. My work has appeared in The Durango Telegraph, The Four Corners Business Journal, Southwest Colorado Arts Perspective, newWitch, Sage Woman, Images, Voice be Heard, On the Wings of Poetry, Eternal Portraits and other publications. I facilitate a writer’s group, Wild Women Writing, for the women of our community, sponsored by the Durango Women’s Resource Center. I also feature monthly columns and interviews online at Creativity Portal, a Writer’s Digest Best Website. Check out my offerings online at
    I also maintain a second blog at that focuses on resources for writers and features my own work.

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    Joined August 2009 and calls To istorologio enos 17xronou home.

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    Be me is the most painful think in the word.Cause i am a trouble mind,full with questions,searching in the dark paths of mind to find a answer.Why me ?

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    Joined July 2009.

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    we once went to bed like between the bedsheets was a valley where dinosaurs once breathed.
    and oh, how we loved those triceratops and brontosauruses.
    -Anis Mojgani

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    Joined July 2009 and calls [ˌmæ̃ə̯̃ɾ̃ɪ̃nˈtspeɪ̯s] home.

    408 stories, 14 challenges, 612 comments, and 92 friends

    Kicking it at the University of Oklahoma. I like writing, science, almost all forms of music (literally), creating constructed languages, graphic/visual arts, and a good book. I will not hesitate in saying I am a Christian and I am proud to be an American.

    Avatar via the Happy Wheels Wiki.

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    blusparrow (LoA)

    Joined May 2009 and calls My Blog! home.

    186 stories, 2 challenges, 448 comments, and 51 friends

    I am The Blue Sparrow (haha remember that ::takes out sword:: hehe) I am a ficlets survivor and I am very glad to be back.

    I am a helpless romantic that stumbled into Ficlets and fell in love with writing. I also fell in love with the family that I came to know on that site. I seemed to grow as a writer more and more and my grades in my english class shot up.

    Now in college I try to find time to write even though now it seems like my writing time is consumed by technical research papers. I have changed a lot since I stumbled into Ficlets, but cute sweet poetry is a still a part of my life.

    I am in LoA as The Holder of the Blue Crayon of Destiny (see my icon :] )

    Series I’m in:
    Road Trip! with Bandbaby, Lone Writer, and Bartimeaus

    No Name yet with Overlooked Merchandise

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    The Squibz

    Joined August 2009.

    14 stories, 1 challenge, 10 comments, and 2 friends

    To put it simply, I’m the kind of guy that likes to stick a lollipop in my mouth, and singe the tip of it with a Zippo lighter; just to make myself feel cool.

    Some people think of me (openly) as a self-absorbed prick.

    I say…
    I publish what I publish.

    I’m 18.

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    Joined May 2009 and calls My Old Ficlets home.

    71 stories, 2 challenges, 583 comments, and 36 friends

    Great stories happen to those who can tell them. -Ira Glass, although he attributed it to Anonymous.

    If you comment my stuff, please be as nit-picky as necessary. I crave constructive criticism. Also alliteration.

    If you want to start a series with me, drop a note! Remember to comment on everything, rate, and use the Random Story button at the bottom of the page.

    Warning: Shameless Plug Ahead Had around 570 ficlets on the old site—you can read ’em through the link above if you like.

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    April Raines

    Joined May 2009 and calls April Raines' Storybook Corner home.

    46 stories, 3 challenges, 164 comments, and 19 friends

    Strong silent type, except when talkative. Mother, wife, writer, teacher, gamer, geek. Living.

    I am currently writing two online serial novels at April Raines’ Storybook Corner. A dark fantasy called The Shadows of Sicily is the primary one. The secondary story is an exploration of community called GURD 2108. There is also a smattering of poetry.

    Winner NaNoWriMo 2011, CampNaNoWriMo (June) 2012 & NaNoWriMo 2012

    My favourite books include: ’Kusiel’s Avatar’ by Jacqueline Carey, ‘The Stand’ by Stephen King, ‘New Enlarged Pocket Anthology of Robert Frost’s Poems’, and ‘Unconditional Parenting’ by Alfie Kohn.

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    Mostly Harmless

    Joined August 2009.

    88 stories, 18 challenges, 1292 comments, and 52 friends

    I haven’t been here for ages. I remember it fondly.