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    I am primarily interested in near future technology. That is the topic I most read and write about. I welcome all prequels, sequels, comments, ideas, and constructive criticisms!

    PS: I find it very difficult to stick to a 1024 character limit. I have started stories that I intended for ficly, but ended up way over my limit. I’ll keep trying. :)

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    Elisabeth L. Davis(LoA)

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    Beneath the regular writers sits a young girl, pen trembling in her hand. She tries to put words on paper, but nothing comes out but painfully choppy verse. She drops the pen, looking up at the regulars in their creative glory. She sees many people she’d take a bullet for, but cannot stifle the envy toward. She remembers when she was a shining example of what a writer should be, but that time is long since gone. She lays her notebook down and draws her legs under her, praying for inspiration.

    Feedback makes my heart race.

    If you don’t like the limit, go to Protagonize.

    Elisabeth, Situation Escape Artist and Keeper of Fireworks

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    StudMuffin (LoA)

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    I’m 20. I live in Hastings, UK.
    Uhhh I’m going to school for illustration, but sometimes I just, like, love writing.

    Back when I was 15, I was a member of this site in it’s earliest days and I stopped using it after a while for reasons unknown. Well I’m back for now!

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    Joined August 2009 and calls To istorologio enos 17xronou home.

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    Be me is the most painful think in the word.Cause i am a trouble mind,full with questions,searching in the dark paths of mind to find a answer.Why me ?