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Hi! My name’s Susanna Ruth Tait, nicknamed Sana because my parents gave me a name impossible to pronounce at 2 years old. I live in Scotland, I have red hair, green eyes, fair skin, an infestation of freckles and thus a greater chance of skin cancer.

I’m a border-line hypochondriac with a terrible memory and who’s greatest fear is having dementia. I also have a mild phobia of seagulls. I find them ugly and vicious and would much rather be pecked to death by a peacock.

I’m waiting patiently for hover boards, the next installments of each marvel movie and for my one true love. A hover board would do.


  1. The Faerie, the Glashtyn and the Elf - Part 4

    “The only ones we’re waiting for now are the spooks” called the wise women. “You are joking!” the faeries exclaimed, “who invited them?” They take away any fun from these stupid gatherings! “Whit? Like you?” the glashtyn jeered. “He...

  2. The Faerie, the Glashtyn and the Elf - Part 3

    “Would ye all just had yer wheest!” the glashtyn screeched, “I particularly want tae be here the night so if ye dinnae mind, can ye all pipe doon so we might actually get on wi’ it!” The wise women sighed thankfully, they were getting weary. ...

  3. The Faerie, the Glashtyn and the Elf - Part 2

    The faeries came next. They floated by the scowling glashtyn and sat themselves down on a dead branch. “Good evening all!” the head faerie called out in an annoying, twinkly voice. They all turned to see a bunch of elves strode into the garden and ...

  4. The Faerie, the Glashtyn and the Elf

    Twilight had come and so did they. The stars decreed the place of meeting and so, one by one, they all appeared, and the wise women gathered them around themselves as they waited for the last to arrive. “Have ye nae got onything mare comfy for us tae...

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