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i just happened to pass by, and thought i might share with you some stories i call my own. my full identity is not important. you may just refer to me as someone who makes up things for the fun of it.


  1. The Secret Keeper

    “Hey, I know you can keep my secret, so please do.” I really do not know how i got into this, well, “business”. It was like a few years ago I just woke up finding almost everyone asking me to keep their secret, then suddenly sha...

  2. Singayn?

    Except for bickering with flames, the night before was relatively uneventful. When morning came, he continued his journey to Singayn, which seemingly has already taken longer than expected. He has already even forgotten how long he has been in that wil...

  3. tired.

    i’m tired of staring at the night sky, seeing the twinkling stars spell out your name on the velvety blanket of darkness, hoping that in one way or another, you’re doing the same thing, and our eyes will meet . i’m tired of listening ...

  4. Jesi

    A pretty lady, Watching over Ficleteers: Heaven’s new angel.

  5. Homicide

    “Ohmigosh.” Startled, she looked at where the sound came from. She froze. She could only look at Paige, who just caught her red-handed at something she didn’t even mean to do. “What have you done to h—” “Shh. N...

  6. The Villain(?)

    He sits there by the window, inside that dark, messy house of his. But the darkness wasn’t for dramatic purposes. The electrician just cut the electricity off earlier today. He can’t pay for it anymore. But let’s not dwell on that. :D...

  7. heartless (not a poem)

    She died hated. Only the undertaker witnessed her burial. Yet she was the one they called heartless. She lived in a world of hate. She made that world. Nobody has ever seen her smile. But everybody sees her every mistake. That’s why they thought ...

  8. Rosebud

    A blooming rosebud In a crack by the sidewalk. Sweet nature’s finest. :)

  9. (Insert title of choice here)

    No, he isn’t behind me. Silly girl with a wild imagination. But his laughter is still there. What made me think of his laughter. This is crazy. My peace of mind is already gone. Because of the freakin’ beautiful laughter. This has got to st...

  10. Getaway

    This is getting too annoying. They keep on pairing me romantically with him. They don’t know how much they’re playing with my feelings. They won’t let me get him off my mind. I have to get away from them. Even just for a little while....

  11. Laughter.

    I made my way to the spot where I usually do things alone. It was under the shade of a large tree, away from the busy and noisy people. I find peace there. And I started doing my stuff. Then I heard laughter. The laughter was not the type that will cre...

  12. The Unnamed Robot

    My creator envisioned me to be one of his greatest. He wanted me to be of great help to other people. He had a lot of good intentions, reasons why he created me. But he was one foolish person. He gave me a brain, without even knowing its source. Now, I...

  13. 5-year old phone

    “Hey Eric!” “What?” “Where’s your 5-year old phone?” I showed them my phone. And they laugh, as if I just cracked the funniest joke of the century. But I needn’t do that, for I am the joke. Everyone else ...

  14. earphones

    First day of high school. Just like any other normal first day. Sunny, not too hot. I would have wanted it to rain hard. Oh well. After finishing my school morning rituals, Father took me to school. There were a lot of people. “Oh well,” I ...

  15. Until i entered high school

    I was once a little girl, who wanted nothing but live a life until I get tired, and start living again the next day. I never cared about anything that doesn’t have to do anything with me. I even became satisfied with being a loner. I was foolish....

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