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“If you don’t work nothing will.”

Maya Angelou


  1. A Mess Sludge

    a massage w/o a massage a mirage w/o a mirage a cause w/o a cause we was when we was n’t, sent to invent before we went empty, tempt me, with the resemblance of intense systems | in a sentence | it listens

  2. Forgotten Login Free (Draft)

    Almost forgot my login let the fingers retrace mistakes, aches, misplaced, wait, create, this place oh god this place of pixels quick, slow, sick, it hardly exists, you know? it tricks what satiates, but… say she weights… Just say say something, an...

  3. ABCDraft

    A million fill Whaler’s B ay. The wind’ll weigh thin, they say, it’ll dwindle down 2 C lothespins in the hay of our hot vacation D ay.

  4. Bye Ficly Freestyle Rant (draft) (Mature)

  5. Yer Lessons (draft) + More

    yer transgressions were aggressions, yer hands, yer lessons, and the pain of being scared, cornered and bared, quivering sore shivering for so long unable to breathe thinking this is wrong I can grieve this song will not leave it belongs I can breathe ...

  6. The Big Pig Pen Revision

    Your words should be refined thought, let me remind you, family, like friends, aren’t chosen, they are all we have, I’ll say it again from the pig pen I’m in, from where I am the dog house looks like a mansion, but from where I am, fa...

  7. Write Calm And Give Thanks (500th Ficly)

    Inspiration has taken a vacation. Awaken from misshapen anger and tell me what’s wrong. Try to write calm. Why would it matter? Pretend a baby depends upon your ability to be calm, “even though I’d rather slather on some raw emotion...

  8. NarRowly (Mature)

  9. Cue The Chorus (Mature)

  10. Christina Ricci

    Behave, but its better to never obey, Detour, delay, Christina Ricci, my 8 yr. old self wanted Wednesday Way back in the day, hey, I had Peachy facial hair and a short Buzz cut, I would watch the Addams Family for a glimpse Of her black lips, plump n&#...

  11. Rappin' Repost

    a wavier while ago down the road a mile or so drunk and in denial + bile + throw, I stagger style up the walkway, heave ho, cleave those lobster claws, flip casino dough, sip pinot- on the scene, gangsta lean, yo, clean em out n’ keep the green— na...

  12. Been A Baby

    red peppers, julienne them, then walk webbed, the peddlers are fresh out of thyme n’ evolution, television is pollution but it’s relevant, tell me it isn’t, again, maybe, lately, I’ve been a baby elephant

  13. Submerging In The Street

    violet wrists sun burnt piglet rain hit the Ave. slick glazy wavy black shiny Orca back skims the surface, swims, submerges, enormous jaws, forces that could hear rain tap the window frame, snap sticks as you follow the scent of woodsmoke by the train...

  14. gANGSTa Rappin' (freewrite)

    a wavier while ago down the road a mile or so drunk and in denial + bile + throw, I stagger style up the walkway, heave ho, cleave those lobster claws, flip casino dough, sip pinot- on the scene, gangsta lean, yo, clean em out n’ keep the green— na...

  15. Human Hands

    Feet run until the day they abandon life n’ become cold, our well will not still, tell me again n’ again—I’ll listen— time is repetition, it’s in this system, our hearts add rhythm, a lighthouse glistens, pulses penetrat...

  16. Message For Maya

    Fingers n’ toes Exposed eyes Closed those Old eyes tied To the mind Movements Are made of, An everlasting Piece of history, May she rest In peace Maya, my Hero, my May’s will Never be the Same as the Days you Were here, Your message Will be kep...

  17. New Hawaiian Hampshire

    Rainbows came thrown like the path of a touchdown pass, Grown like a patch sown like cotton seeds lead to cash, Folded and flown like paper aircraft, Alone, like I laughed n’ everyone groaned, Stoned like detached magma gets scratched smooth in the g...

  18. Ants! And Lazy Decisions

    Ants accumulated by my back door. What was I supposed to do? Throw them a picnic? I sprayed them with glass cleaner. The way they scurried, soaked in burning poison, filled me with REAL REGRET. I’m flawed. It was rash in retrospect. A giant foot co...

  19. A Lil' More Than 1024 (free-write)

    then the seething, uneven breathing, empty room puddled in pleading rocking knuckles knocking on the locked door wonderin softly what you’re cryin for lyin on the floor receiving silence and receding deeper since this isolated island sleeper invents ...

  20. Seemingly Still September

    The room is charming, seemingly still, and disarming. Quizzes fill his limits. All he can do is listen, blue. She’s got a gift. Nothin is a given. Precision takes vision, and its hittin close to home cuz I know you will be somethin when you’...

  21. Semantics + Weirdness

    God is like water to a police officer and I don’t have to tell you why. Plenty or empty? Depending on which half you have you have to have an avenue to path through. Remember how to laugh too. Show love. It’s vital. One glove like Micheal. S...

  22. Syringe Shaped Shadow

    A screen of digital text reflects manufactured trees bleached and pressed, without the mess, typed and sent in an instant ^ (sunlight made the night undress.) Each time we leave we leave an imprint. ^ (Dawn broke like an envelope this orange morning’...

  23. Having Illusions

    Were you privileged growing up, or a wrong side of the tracks kind of kid? Did you slip through the cracks, asleep under city eyelids, running heavy mileage, too paranoid to relax? There is a lit candle for every sorrow shining from every part of the...

  24. An Explanation (& Free Recipe)

    Mushroom cloud, BOOM, loud, shh— Don’t think that way. Brush it off like banana breath in the morning. Here’s a hint, um, sometimes I write quick & rickety, like, pretty random, rambling on as long as the rhythm stays strong. Have the recip...

  25. Entree The Giant

    “Pile my plate with anything edible that is also tasty according to popular belief. It’ll be fine. Call it Entree The Giant. Then you can put it on the menu if it’s any good.” Robot voice, “End of message.” Write ev...

  26. Cafe Cause A Scene

    A metal spoon crusted with icing is stuck to the floor. People walk by for hours. No one dares glance in the mess’s direction, for, once acknowledged, the problem becomes a responsibility, a burden really, and manual labor is not what people g...

  27. Shirley Temple

    Shirley Temple kicked the can Of beans. She made it to 20fourteen. Remarkable when someone with sparkle Flickers, like televisions with their visage on it, As the plug loosens and the tv disconnects to black, Reflecting your face on its powerless scre...

  28. F.F.E. / Paper Hearts

    Weed and Air Wick (Erica)— We’d land feet first, She’d plan out our strategy, Seed to plant From Free Earth FFE naturally, but catastrophe struck when Rabbit came back in a gasp, stab wounds, a gash, then two snaps later we were trapped i...

  29. #numbers

    Time numbers Date numbers Social Security Credit card pin numbers numbers, numbers never have I ever been number, life is numbered, cornered in, like a coffin and I suppose you’ve been strong While I’ve been poor poor porcelain all alon...

  30. God, Girls

    I didn’t drink rum. I did have a glass of Jack with Erik, although responsibly. I should have introduced him at the bar. I was struck by their beauty and the comfortable dusty smell of wood. God, girls kill me. I’m obsessed with what I can’t unde...

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