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    Joined August 2010 and calls Twitter? home.

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    “The world is full of ugly things that you can’t change. Pretend it’s not that way. That’s my idea of faith.”

    College-bound dork in Indiana. It’s a fun time.

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    Mostly Harmless

    Joined August 2009.

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    I haven’t been here for ages. I remember it fondly.

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    Joined December 2010 and calls http://akheloios.livejournal.com/ home.

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    Hi, I’m Paul.

    Winner of the 2009 All England Pro-Am Hikikomori Championship via Unanimous Disqualification for not getting out of bed and turning up. Currently studying for a Degree in Classics with a bit of Archaeology and Creative Writing thrown in for fun. Collector of bad films, reader of trashy vampire romance, writer of, so far, short stories and bad poetry.

    Defeated the Spider-Queen of Mars in hand to hand combat for the Sceptre of D’Hash, but doesn’t like to talk about it.

    Once loved a sparkly chested vampire so much the body glitter wore off.

    Enjoying Ficly far more than is good for my assignment schedule.

    Usually found hanging out round the northern end of Manchester, UK.

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    Joined March 2010.

    252 stories, 4 challenges, 614 comments, and 29 friends

    I am a solitary writer
    Living in a house of poetry
    In a wilderness of words

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    Amaris Wolfe

    Joined September 2010.

    65 stories, 2 challenges, 167 comments, and 12 friends

    I’m just walking in circles to find my way home.

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    Joined January 2011 and calls My Music Compositions home.

    50 stories, 1 challenge, 225 comments, and 15 friends

    The patron saint of lost causes.

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    Joined January 2011 and calls slash fiction home.

    30 stories, 1 challenge, 103 comments, and 6 friends

    A graphic designer by trade and study, I currently freelance for the big bucks. Also, I’m not even pretending that I know what goes on in the world of writing…I just like trying new things.

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    Joined January 2011.

    14 stories, 0 challenges, 39 comments, and 9 friends

    I am a college student, firstly; a lover of both the conventional and the unorthodox. Dichotomies in fiction particularly fascinate me – with the concept of opposites attracting and whatnot.

    Otherwise, art remains to be my secondary passion – I sketch, and paint with watercolors and acrylics mainly, and hope to collaborate with my current English professor in the creation of a children’s book; the illustrations therein would be my works. So yeah – I’ve got my fingers crossed for its completion and publication!

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    Better off this Way

    Joined February 2011.

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    A thousand characters, that’s all I get?
    To introduce myself, a new Ficlet?
    But what if I want to talk about the time I…
    And the time I did that?
    Well, might as well use positive thinking here.
    This is me!
    Pen Name: Skylar
    Sex: Male
    Age: 15
    Social Security #: ************
    Not really sure what I’m supposed to type here :P
    But, I will say this: I just got into writing,
    so I’m not the best. I’m here to get better!
    And that’s where you, yes you, come into play!
    So, my friend, judge me! Critique me! Hate me! Troll on me!
    Make me into the image, of a God! ….
    Or, something a bit less than that, that’s fine too.

    “One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: that word is love.”

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    Tina Murphy

    Joined February 2011.

    10 stories, 0 challenges, 246 comments, and 32 friends

    I’m open to any critiques, no need to whitewash it. I want to improve my writing and enjoy the flow of creative juices even if they go splat.

    I joined Ficly to challange myself and break out of the writing box I’ve constructed over years of just “thinking about it” instead of expressing it through written word.

    I live in Minnesota and love everything oriental including sushi and goldfish but not at the same time.

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    Joined May 2009 and calls Misbehave home.

    35 stories, 0 challenges, 29 comments, and 31 friends

    I’m wytherwings, also known as Camille.

    I’m so excited! I’ve missed ficlets and our whole family so much… it’s great to be back =]

    I’m a proud member of the LoA, and with my buddy George, we are the Awesome Twins.

    I like eating cold pizza for breakfast. And sleeping with wet hair. the sound of rain, and the smell of books. I like minty gum and red vines and candy canes. I like playing cards and dancing around to bands like Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head. I like singing to David Bowie and doodling on my jeans. I like to surprise people. Hi =]

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    Sir Bic

    Joined March 2011 and calls Sir Bic of Ficly home.

    55 stories, 2 challenges, 527 comments, and 55 friends

    As a self-proclaimed Knight of Ficly:

    I, Sir Bic, do solemnly swear -

    To befriend those who befriend me

    To follow those who critique me

    To make my giving (my stories) but a tenth part of my gifts (my comments)

    “Long live the land of Ficly!” – []o)

    I strive for a 10:1, comment-to-story ratio, cause the math is easier.

    I hope to have as many Ficleteer friends as I have Ficlet stories.

    “Give me Ficly or give me death!” – []o)

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    Joined March 2011.

    3 stories, 1 challenge, 4 comments, and 9 friends

    I believe in purple. I believe that laughter is the best way to cure a heartache. I believe that you should only surrond yourself with people who are going to take you higher. I believe in love like any silly teenager. I believe that your siblings can be your best friends. I believe that music is the best way to cure a heartache. That the best way to get revenge is to smile and act like nothing is wrong. I believe that it is okay to act immature because we don’t always need to be grow up. I believe in myself.

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    Joined March 2011.

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    That’s pretty much a summary.

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    The Third Robot

    Joined February 2010.

    66 stories, 4 challenges, 447 comments, and 37 friends

    Hey guys. I’m around here every now and again.

    I write my stories at 3 AM.
    Ficly is nifty, you’re all cool cats.
    Bring on the comments, I eat them for breakfast.
    I always try to challenge myself. I often bite off more than I can chew.
    I’m a multi-dimensional being so sometimes my tenses will be kerfuffed.
    I don’t rate anymore because I have concluded that I don’t know what I’m talking about.

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    32 Squared

    Joined December 2010.

    51 stories, 4 challenges, 113 comments, and 29 friends

    “Difference is a blessing, not a challenge. We define ourselves by knowing other people. We know our world by learning about difference. What is the word we often use? Tolerance. Is that a positive notion? Not really. ‘For the time being, I will tolerate you?’ I’m against that concept. It means difference is a threat. Difference is a blessing and you don’t tolerate a blessing. You embrace it.” — Mohammad Mahallati.

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    Joined May 2011.

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    Joined May 2009.

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    I am Home Again…

    Was a Ficleteer… Then a Protagonizt… Still a Protagonizt, but feeling very Ficly once again…

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    D.E DeWitt

    Joined September 2010.

    21 stories, 3 challenges, 109 comments, and 4 friends

    Writer and computer nerd by day… And still a writer and computer nerd by night. We can’t all be superheroes.

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    32 ^2

    Joined June 2011 and calls http://ficly.com/authors/lender-truth home.

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    Old Profile 32 Squared


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    Joined October 2011 and calls nicholas.chng home.

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    and the imperfect will inherit the words

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    Joined August 2011.

    50 stories, 4 challenges, 57 comments, and 11 friends

    “You’re only as tall as your heart will let you be,
    and you’re only as small as the world will make you seem.”

    “A girl with no spine and a sad little smile
    trying to play love around the rules.”

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    Joined January 2011.

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    Eternal I was made, and eternal I remain.

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    Joined February 2012.

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    Everything glitter and gold.

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    Joined June 2009.

    244 stories, 39 challenges, 156 comments, and 26 friends

    Always remember how lucky you are.

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    Emmalene Elizabeth

    Joined April 2011.

    19 stories, 0 challenges, 7 comments, and 2 friends

    I am a 12-year-old middle school girl. Writing is my life, it’s all I do. If you remember me from when I first came to this website, I was a naive little girl, lost in her imagination. Now, thanks to ficly, I have grown into a mature young writer. This website has been very helpful for me and I hope I can grow as a person and writer with the help of ficly.

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    Joined January 2012.

    39 stories, 0 challenges, 290 comments, and 29 friends

    Goals as a commenter:
    1. Comment/Ficlet ratio = 5:1
    2. Provide consistent feedback
    3. Provide feedback to lightly commented ficlets
    4. Comment on unfinished drafts.

    Goals as a writer:
    1. Fully convey an emotion or idea (don’t force the reader to read a prequel or sequel to enjoy the writing)
    2. Explore diverse formats (human interest, comedy, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, etc.)
    3. Original Work /(Sequel + Prequel + Challenge) ratio = 1:1
    4. Crowd-source writer’s block – publish unfinished drafts.

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    Joined January 2010 and calls SceneNothing home.

    53 stories, 2 challenges, 215 comments, and 17 friends

    Man, so everything I write here sounds weird. I wish more people would sequel and prequel, I wish I was brave enough to do so more myself and I wish I had more time to spend talking to people on here, as everyone seems cool.

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    Joined February 2012 and calls http://nielsenEE home.

    15 stories, 0 challenges, 27 comments, and 74 friends

    What defines a writer? Is it someone who can put a few words together to make a sentence, or is it someone who writes with professional English skills?

    I don’t know, I am only 13 and therefore don’t know much about writing techniques but I do know that every word I do write that is to do with stories, poems or plays – from Shakespeare essays to descriptive writing- I love. :)

    I hope you like my stories and if not have fun writing your own,


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    Jim Stitzel

    Joined February 2010 and calls jimstitzel.com home.

    142 stories, 3 challenges, 1208 comments, and 57 friends

    I dabble a little in a lot of things — writing, webcomics, gaming, photography, web design, music, and more. I’m a full-time code-wrangler and a part-time farmer with 40 acres, a lot of animals, and far, far too much to do.