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Bickering Battle Axes

Step within my psychoanalysis
Callouses upon my mind make me strain for my lines
Out I ripped it, squeezed the brain: it made some liquid
Drained it in a cup and then I sipped it


If Contradictions Can Tell A Truth


  1. ()()^()()1()()^()()

    Stay alert, dark emerald castaway, don’t let your heart get hurt Let ambition transplant wishing Truth of self is missing assembly through recognition Pick up your pen— suspicious And then—get twisted Like a tongue on delicious Hit ...

  2. Heaven

    Must mercury Taste peculiarly Metallic and slippery Oops— I died too quickly To finish this poe

  3. Between Water And Air

    Glass dull shark eyes. Silence settles In the still of her stare. Beach pebbles Ripple between the water and air— She sways beneath Breaching the surface with sea anemone hair.

  4. Help!

    Son of a biscuit eating Business meeting My ink is fleeting I’m pleading My threaded ends are needing Some needling I Need Unleaded Uninhibited Breaded feeding Please replenish my head On a pillowed bed Of creative cotton seeding Please help me ...

  5. Just Like You (Poem)

    Lie on night’s lawn Swallow oblivion By the gallon Get high but… “Ut-tut-tut! Come down Come dawn Come on COME ON! I know It’s not your fault I know I know I don’t care I just want you there Alive and there It’s no ...

  6. A Poem About The Craft

    A tasteless word Twists like a vapor The pen and paper escapist heard Blurred in the mist that he conjured Assured like, “My poetry isn’t that absurd!”

  7. Unseen Like A Clear Under Water Dream

    He takes his upset Sentiment And cups it Drips pour on descent To the lamp lit Wet cement Blending drops hit Transparent Mixing with grit— If you can’t tell me where it went I don’t want to hear it You should’ve saved the word w...

  8. Doubt...

    Palpable Breath lets Of alcohol… Desperate… Losing all control… Seizing no outlet His potential is plentiful But he doubts it He’s hollowing within Apparently the transparent bottle’s Been swallowing him

  9. Jail Cell Suicide (Mature)

  10. Advice For A Role Model (Mature)

  11. Corruption

    See ya later, Incarcerator, Nagasaki annihilator, Treason infiltrator, Hidden bomb, Cyanide, Vietnam, Iraq, the shell shocked are back and the road’s been long. See ya later Homicidal investor. See ya Wretched wealthy jester, Humanitarian impost...

  12. State of Being

    I wait For hate To separate Before it’ll break Into the flames I eradicate With the flow of the Thames It only takes one leader to concentrate All people into a peaceful state Of being I am believing In a wise far seeing human being Seeking to...

  13. Splendid and Sublime

    How could time elapse After we inevitably collapse Into nothing? I ask To get a grasp on the questions I bring And so forth we spring Like a sapling From nothing Feeling Love when it’s touching The skyline above Adapt to blend Cause pretendin&...

  14. From Knee To Foot

    Polite, Lips tight Time Slips by Drop by Drop Let it Drip dry STOP! I think that Kind defines divine Right where the mind’s at.

  15. By Passionsocks

    My friend, I fear you have been trapped by the page, All these colors you’ve used — a war did you wage, Its past time to unwind, to surrender your ink. And transform the paper with a nod and a wink. A fold and a crease, a tuck and a bend And soon y...

  16. Lucky

    T’was an old man Whose life had rolled Counterclockwise— Leaving him young With all of his wisdom In place of having to face demise.

  17. Never Meant To Be Sent

    You are the freshest Most precious Incandescent One hundred percent Expressive setter of precedence I wrote you a letter That was never meant To be sent… I should’ve known better

  18. Mental Synergy

    At a whimsical pinnacle You’ll find he who is Winslow, He who is just as fictional, Just as cynical, Just as invisibly incremental As plentiful as the synergy in the mental— Indenturing energy For the real life embodied venturing Of limbs ...

  19. Controlling Peace

    Millions of minions march At our microphone’s command Billions of witnesses watch As we unite all of the land

  20. Title

    You’re a crazen skattle. 
 __Once kitten, now cat, but never cattle! 
 __Though you remind me of a fuzzy cow.
 ___You’re a fat sack of fluffy kung pow! __________In the belly 
______ You stink so feline smelly. 
______Though clawed paw...

  21. All Meetings Have Been Erased (Mature)

  22. Drug Problem *Smash (Mature)

  23. Grapelyum (Mature)

  24. Dreamt Moonlight

    Green lush Leaves lean Splayed— just All mussed Up by a gust They flicker, Blossoming bright insight— Where heart rate’s align right, Combine, and climb quicker Alit by a dreamt moonlight My soul grows thicker As I slumber and reme...

  25. 4001

    In the year 4001 we discover that every living thing sprinkled throughout the universe on each habitable planetary womb is but one molecular part of God’s everlasting body. Pixels reside at our most basic level. The same pixels you’ll find ...

  26. By: Tires

    Outlines Of power lines Shadow the concrete Like looping swerves Left written in the street By the tires of artistic driver’s “Yeah, you’re right it does! And the clouds! The clouds Look like featherless doves full of fuzz!”

  27. Don't Touch Me

    Punch. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Rainy Morning

    I’m writing this from my kitchen The time is ten thirty am, The lighting is dim in the den I guess I’ll scrape the dirty dish landscape Once I eat some cereal with skim No clean spoons I envision But I’m alone so I’ll slurp fr...

  29. Penny

    You had to walk with hushed steps. Be gentle, kind, and careful in her presence. And if you could muster up enough consideration to match one small slice of her thoughtful heart, she would curl into a ball of warm happiness on your lap. You couldn’t ...

  30. Ficlyteers (World Of Awesome Writers)

    W e make uniforms O ut of unicorns A nd crown our heads W ith their horns