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Bickering Battle Axes

If Contradictions Can Tell A Truth

“If you don’t work nothing will.”

Maya Angelou


  1. Mrs. Peacock Gets Rocked/It Was Plum (pt. 2 of 2)

    The sunlight had long since vanished by the time Mrs. Peacock awoke to find herself struggling to remember where she was. The room she had grown accustom to had since been cast in alien moonlight. Outlines of a dull and unfamiliar paleness render the u...

  2. Once There Was A Poem That Resembled Snoopy

    New info Is so simple. Some cripple Drinking Ripple Couldn’t Forest Stump The undisputed sorest chump Who sings the longest layer Of a song. He twangs A rusty saw About to cut Down Snoopy.

  3. Worthy Of Trust ((y)our generation's monuments)

    “Worthy Of Trust” Will be embossed beneath A frost crossed leaf— Frozen to the golden bust Of a chosen, olden, one of us

  4. The Color of Ink

    Will Winslow Ever slow I don’t know I also want to impart That I’m not trying to be smart When I show some heart And pull this skill apart On a lark or with purpose I start To spill So much ink intending to smother and kill The concept of b...

  5. If M.B. Evans Could Write Poetry... This Is What He'd Say...

    If I had a limping horse, I would strap TNT to the side of it, Cover it in napalm, Shove plastic explosive into the cracks of its hooves, And throw it into a gaping, Smoldering volcano.

  6. Cathartic Medic

    I need a neurotic antibiotic And a narcissistic antiseptic Where is my cathartic medic? I’m too exotic to settle For the toxic pills they peddle. I’m caustic metal But soft— like mercury. Can’t you see How your flirting Is only...

  7. Mrs. Peacock Gets Rocked (pt. 1 of 2)

    Mrs. Peacock sits in her white wicker chair complacently basking in a bright beam of warm October sunlight. She snoozes in and out of a luxurious dream— something indescribably lovely and peaceful— like heaven. The teapot awakens her with a...

  8. Time?

    Habitable thoughts Time is gradual— But not when it stops.

  9. Nepotism (2) (Mature)

  10. The Owner of Swampscott

    “Hey! Hey you!” A maga-phone stationed atop a modified hover-round scooter rattled with great trembling vibrations as it magnified the shouted words. The vehicle whirred into view complete with a roll cage, thick tread tires, and an old blu...

  11. Daffodillydallying

    Basil petals Drift where the Indigo wind settles Over crimson calderas. Slopes of dandelions freckle The flowered faces of our being Embodying j us t daffodillydallying

  12. Harbinger's of the Heartbeat

    He injures And He bandages fingers And He feeds the pestilent winter’s And He pleads before death’s harbinger’s To, “Spare some Lively air come Summer. I swear To take good care And never slumber Or lower my stare At ano...

  13. Blurring Liqueur Language

    What have you decreed Before you d® ied (—) Leave (s) ? What Have you seen When you’ve tried? Please, Tell me why Tiger eyed, black iris, Moving as they slide wide Proving what soothes inside I’d Like Steel teeth To clench throa...

  14. Muddled Explanations Marooned In Poetry's Gloom

    Gentle emotion Spawns diligent devotion See a mountain of hopeless, Ropeless rhymes rise, Climbing up to open skies And I’m the sun— the twinkle in your eyes You done? The mumbling crowd replies They concur you’re pretty good, Mr. I&#...

  15. Realities

    The trigger clown, In the bitter glow Of a painted frown, Feels the undertow Pull him down Where bodies freeze Underground. Confined, although, There’s no Boundaries, His mind Travels with the souls he sees— Unwinding the restraints of real...

  16. As I Say Yes

    “Liv?” Melina asks. Her line of sight pivots from the table to rest on my breasts for an instant. Then they travel to the taught flesh covering my collar bone before finally rising to meet my own eyes. I sigh and turn away. I start thinking...

  17. ()()^()()1()()^()()

    Stay alert, dark emerald castaway, don’t let your heart get hurt Let ambition transplant wishing Truth of self is missing assembly through recognition Pick up your pen— suspicious And then—get twisted Like a tongue on delicious Hit ...

  18. Heaven

    Must mercury Taste peculiarly Metallic and slippery Oops— I died too quickly To finish this poe

  19. Between Water And Air

    Glass dull shark eyes. Silence settles In the still of her stare. Beach pebbles Ripple between the water and air— She sways beneath Breaching the surface with sea anemone hair.

  20. Help!

    Son of a biscuit eating Business meeting My ink is fleeting I’m pleading My threaded ends are needing Some needling I Need Unleaded Uninhibited Breaded feeding Please replenish my head On a pillowed bed Of creative cotton seeding Please help me ...

  21. Just Like You (Poem)

    Lie on night’s lawn Swallow oblivion By the gallon Get high but… “Ut-tut-tut! Come down Come dawn Come on COME ON! I know It’s not your fault I know I know I don’t care I just want you there Alive and there It’s no ...

  22. A Poem About The Craft

    A tasteless word Twists like a vapor The pen and paper escapist heard Blurred in the mist that he conjured Assured like, “My poetry isn’t that absurd!”

  23. Unseen Like A Clear Under Water Dream

    He takes his upset Sentiment And cups it Drips pour on descent To the lamp lit Wet cement Blending drops hit Transparent Mixing with grit— If you can’t tell me where it went I don’t want to hear it You should’ve saved the word w...

  24. Doubt...

    Palpable Breath lets Of alcohol… Desperate… Losing all control… Seizing no outlet His potential is plentiful But he doubts it He’s hollowing within Apparently the transparent bottle’s Been swallowing him

  25. Jail Cell Suicide (Mature)

  26. Advice For A Role Model (Mature)

  27. Corruption

    See ya later, Incarcerator, Nagasaki annihilator, Treason infiltrator, Hidden bomb, Cyanide, Vietnam, Iraq, the shell shocked are back and the road’s been long. See ya later Homicidal investor. See ya Wretched wealthy jester, Humanitarian impost...

  28. State of Being

    I wait For hate To separate Before it’ll break Into the flames I eradicate With the flow of the Thames It only takes one leader to concentrate All people into a peaceful state Of being I am believing In a wise far seeing human being Seeking to...

  29. Splendid and Sublime

    How could time elapse After we inevitably collapse Into nothing? I ask To get a grasp on the questions I bring And so forth we spring Like a sapling From nothing Feeling Love when it’s touching The skyline above Adapt to blend Cause pretendin&...

  30. From Knee To Foot

    Polite, Lips tight Time Slips by Drop by Drop Let it Drip dry STOP! I think that Kind defines divine Right where the mind’s at.