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“If you don’t work nothing will.”

Maya Angelou


  1. Unite Bright Minds With Kind Hearts (Rhyming Rant) (Mature)

  2. It'll Walk

    It’ll be like something in a movie It’ll walk on wooden doors And stomp them Until they open It’ll be a painting of a picture, taken 25 years ago when you first awakened, incarcerated Sister It’ll sting like the claw of the pet you...

  3. Were One

    A bug died on the ceiling it fell on my shirt I didn’t notice until I did and then I lifted my shirt to push it off it fell onto the floor and I wished it was not me that died I really really feel like I did some where else like one time I thought ma...

  4. Bickering Battleaxes

    Yeah, I ate a whole pizza, TO MY FACE, I knew you were counting slices! You’re priceless. Oh, no, go ahead, you said, I’m on a highfalutin gluten free diet, why, I couldn’t possibly eat bread. Join me on my pedestal of piety. Become a member of ...

  5. Bouquet

    Compare your dead bone to mine. Our soul’s are brined in blood, warm star. Cast your shadow, and simultaneously mirror space, and simultaneously dim to sleep the skull.

  6. Silent Signature

    You are a living Human being Reading Seeing letters Form words Pronouncing them With no sound Hearing these emblems Blend between The silence of your mind And the computer screen Permanent signatures inside are signed The tattoo’s of language are thu...

  7. Too Tired To Title

    Not breathing well, Eyes even with The stairwell, Not a genius Or smart some, Between us, I don’t Know where to Start from, Problem After Pro ble m , So I Work until I Hurt I Exert effort I Make it better I Miss I Rest I Return relentless I ...

  8. Doesn't Matter pt. 2 of 2


  9. Doesn't Matter pt. 1 of 2

    Can’t camouflage your flaws and expect to be loved I’M NOT GOOD AT THIS STUFF all I’ve got is a lot of love and love isn’t enough when push comes to shove and shit’s getting rough it’s like ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and my p...

  10. I Am (erican) You (U.) (,)(o) (K.)(?)

    Grilled taquitos filled us plus we quenched the mosquitoe’s blood lust. Watermelon chunks, (replenished) no thirst— radio— say it ain’t so— spoken word rehearsed/ again and again And England is pinned on the calendar (in the kitchen where...

  11. originally published at 11:11AM on Wednesday, November 07, 2007

    DISCLAIMER: this is the roughest of rough drafts. I’m not lazy but it’s late and I’m letting my guard down, staying true to the challenge and all. It’s terrible, I know. Mice In The Leaves (http://ficlets.ficly.com/stories/13147...

  12. Know Globe

    Steel knife Seemingly still (real life) The world screams fast as that last moment passed (ripples on a pond) everlasting as if it’s already gone bit by water droplet on and on— perhaps the past laps like flags at half mast for the disheart...

  13. freewrite (dreary day turnt night) (Mature)

  14. 1Write This Down 2Leave It For Someone Special 3Take All Credit

    Roses are Red Violets are Blue And love is Free And in case you Forgot You mean A lot To me

  15. Drafty Castle Dream Lasso

    Clean slate Create Take weight Disperse its Streams evenly Earth, Moon, Sun— Trinity plus Time seams us As one. I’m leaving This evening Seething with Stars Breathing beams— Light years gleam Like needles That Enter the sky Splat Center of my E...

  16. (15) Hey, Half Way There Ain't So Bad (Naficwrimo)

    You don’t care Why do I I’m walking away from the empty seat next to me Thinking I can’t leave You might come back I might miss you When you do And then it’d be my fault This cut has stung with salt For so long now How you’...

  17. (14) Pour Pennies On The Poor (NAFICWRIMO)

    This has nothing to do with poor people or pennies. Randomness strikes again, muhuhuhuhahaha A HA HAH HAH HAAAAH *choke *gasp *wheeze… eh haah ha ahem. hand him prison, listen, demand we don’t abandon the vision that sees human destruction...

  18. (13) Sketchy Poems :) From The Notebook Vault

    Bone marrow Pours like glass/ Pedal heavy Headcase In a Chevy Headed west/ About to crash it is simply meat that pumps softly yet loudly enough to remind you that it has your soul and that you will have to kill it to escape Pip has the strangest angu...

  19. (12) Run! (Mature)

  20. (11) yoU. K.?

    Grilled taquitos Filled us Plus We Quenched the mosquitoes Blood lust Watermelon chunks replenished our thirst— Radio—say it ain’t so—spoken word rehearsed/ Heathrow shows On the calendar Time to salute my roots Return to sen...

  21. (6) All I Meant Is Thank You (Freewrite Thread) (10)

    A path of thought? heh, yea, NOT! besides expressing myself, fleshing out, taste testing I laugh in 3rd person because HE does NOT have a thing to think about, he’s about to bring out what’s floating in his head, noting, led 2 what’s ...

  22. (9) End; Hidden (Notebook)

    It’s hard to explain. Opposites reside inside our brain. [Stop it, it’s as wide as our eyes can scan it’s skies. Captive by night— held out of sight simply by a lack of light— of which we live dependent.] Remember ...

  23. (8) Three Notebook Poems

    STONE BEACH Soft stones smoothed oval by the ocean great I could really use a paperweight wait I’m so confused, Today came late and ate my breakfast and swiped my necklace then bounced all unannounced, wild, it crept in real quiet style, ya feel...

  24. (4) So True (Freewrite Thread) (7, naficwrimo)

    Sweet I swear I wrote four individual poems after work today at the beach that were maybe ok I remember an inkling of inspiration inking the stationary I brought along with a Dylan Thomas book of poetry— which honestly bummed me out— dude...

  25. (6) Confined Sunshine

    Who goes in the shadows? You there. Are you there? where black hole’s freeze the rolling waves and warm breeze of time’s coastline? Tied-tight-n-outta-sight in no time. That’s why I’m unconfined—— so is your mind. We’re not bein...

  26. (5) Quench Time

    matchsticks and wicker baskets he’s a bat shit addict at it again in Madison, Wisconsin drinkin mad gin, son a few more ad-libs and I’m wrung, done dollar got work in the morning hollah can’t freestyle like a juvenile all apropos goe...

  27. (4) Muse Musical: Until Death Peers Over The Window Sill

    The smell of her sternum, gotta earn ’em, ain’t livin for what’s a given, same goes for women (sweet sugar and cinnamon) who turn in an instant, flash daggers in a grin, the dim pissants/ Driven by the anchor in the sky— gravita...

  28. (3) Naficwrimo

    My feelings won’t pass like cloud shaped shadows on the grass

  29. (2) The Interrupting Cow (Freewrite Thread) (Mature)

  30. (1)But Once You Start You Can't Stop ('til done, of course)

    Who has the time? rhyme after rhyme Ever freewrite for fun? (british accent) Well, go on, try one! Make it a story, do it for the glory, write a muffin fritter allegory! It’s naficwrimo, come on, just try an bore me mumble mumbo jumbo— (can...

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