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“If you don’t work nothing will.”

Maya Angelou


  1. Quiet Cloud; Slightly Sodden

    That quiet cloud became a bird Yeah it did, busted out of its shell all spread eagle as hell Remember? Stormy weather; purpled feathers I haven’t forgotten It came with rain in late autumn, we didn’t care, no problem, we’d worn san...

  2. Three Glazed Donuts Ago

    A box of them, Donuts, Oh no O I fell into their v o r t e x specks of paint chips, the solipsist sits and says that he and only he exists, the rest of us a re not hing [Blech, excuse me, but selfishness makes me more sick and pissed than that ti...

  3. Rampaging Raspberry Eyed Elephants

    You scare me [Dare me] Fresh Air, Ah, There, Carry me Where we Must be [Therapy] See, It’s all For not If it’s not For thought, Living on a Fleeting Dot [Nah, We’ve got A lot of time Before we leave, A spot for sunshine, And air...

  4. Thinking About Death Again

    Death, my death, anyone’s death, is always sudden, soon, it’s immediate, how much more will I bleed, ? can it already be contained in a silo some where, ? maybe in another universe with that perfect person I was always meant to be with...

  5. Honesty In Poetry

    I need you more It’s not easy to admit But When you get right down to it The universe is unbalanced I need you more Than ever before When my thoughts are rinsed Revealing essence That’s all that’s left to say I need you more Than ev...

  6. Score One For Murine

    Which of which would win in a fight, a full grown mouse, or a kitten? Um, What? The kitten. What! Ever been bitten by a full grown mouse? I have. It hurts. Ne’er been bitten by no god’m kitten and thought— Oh the horridly gory plen...

  7. Loveliest

    A kiss given fever, Amiss inside a tryst, Ease further in her ether, Entwine, touch her pulsing wrist; The warmth’s divine It’s Why You And I exist

  8. It Was A Good Day

    Wake up Toss on some tunes Groove through the rooms Brush teeth Rub off sleep Shower with just shampoo ;Froth drops; Run a wet razor over your face Eyes closed Still trying to doze Dry off, grab clothes :Cut glove: hat: shell toes: Barrel out the doo...

  9. I'm Sitting On A Rock (Hold On To Your Hat)

    I’m sitting on a rock a thousand times larger than I am watching the waves roll to froth. Two seagulls are resting near, one to my left, and one to my right, calling to each other with adorable clucks. They check the shallow pools fo...

  10. Steam, Murder, Scream

    Docile Live lobsters Packed in a wax box Grab them by their smooth body Where there are no spikes Their eyes are black tubes They feel the pressure of your fingers Grasp Those eyes move independently Bugging around Their arms splay Trying to shred your...

  11. Continuance; Intuit Influence (Finished Draft)

    Doesn’t matter As a matter of fact— Add her, sadder Or gladder, To the packed Memories, Endlessly, As entries, As seas sloshing So plentifully, Washing As centuries, As ash, As eventually, At last, As the curvature Of the atlas, Circular...

  12. Untitled 28

    On my way home Dead cell No pay phone i’malone And my patience Was lost so long ago It’s with the ancient’s Paddling to and fro Saddling the weight of displacement Swirling in the river’s undertow, wait, Watch the waves wash a...

  13. Continuance; Intuit Influence (Finished Draft))

    Doesn’t matter As a matter of fact— Add her, sadder Or gladder, To the packed Memories, Endlessly, As entries, As seas sloshing So plentifully, Washing As centuries, As ash, As eventually, At last, As the curvature Of the atlas, Circular...

  14. As We All Do

    How you Pursue How you Persist Through Resistance Defines yur Future And yur Existence. Make sense, Make truth, Accrue sentiments, Love Takes precedence. Press In footprints— Cement Some evidence Of what ya truly meant For heaven’s Sa...

  15. For Jocelyn

    I know there’s no beam of sun,  No natural illumination,    Deep in the prison.    Keep this vision      Of fresh water        Glazing over        The face of   ...

  16. Pinpoint Perception

    Abundant life On a pinpoint Pooling uneven Like the universe That made it Lopsided like Probability And it’s funny Our identity Our individuality All of the ways We feel separate When we’re here Huddled by fire Earth Admiring the intense Bu...

  17. Weakened; Defeated And Frightened

    You’re coming home Soon. Thinking of You fills me, thrills me, kills me too. I took out the trash Did the dishes, Vacuumed, The moon Loomed Late as It grew Later And At 1nce A thought grew greater— I knew, I knew With immediacy, ...

  18. How To Safely Swivel And Snake On Snowy Roads

    Here is good advice for driving on snowy roads: go faster uphill. Go slower downhill. If your back end swivels out turn toward the trunk! Your car will straighten its snake into guitar strings, steady and unplucked.

  19. The Silent Deviant (Mature)

  20. Surviving

    Fear of technology is a gawping dear stopping cars on the road, Clop hopping past the treeline, venturing toward the wolf’s incisor. Its hooves sink in the snow like sharp enamel in the throat. It’s not productive to collect snowflakes in ...

  21. Made In The Image of God: Flawed (Mature)

  22. Appledore Island

    I’ve stopped looking at things and seeing them, really, irresolute detailing; minute sand of rock; planet of granite, I can’t un- d e r s t a n d it; I w- ant a person to hide m- y secrets, to share their re- grets with, who ‘ll let me pu...

  23. Unsung Unsound (Mature)

  24. You Can't Cure Crazy

    You Can’t Cure Crazy So before you go and declare a war on crazy, or a war on anger, or a war on violence, or a war on heartbreak, or a war on sadness and loss and unimaginable grief. Before you go and declare a war on war itself, how about you ...

  25. Pure Abandon (Danish-Korean-Hindi-Norwegian- back to English)

    I am cow nipples. Thirsty Cowboy, So my English deformation, stop! Wow, languish in fear Sir meow ears, you foreign Mashes “snow” Receiving “This key twice” just take my breath away unnoticed You really, my eggnog gold Lure you ...

  26. Pure Abandon

    I am not a cow’s teat, you thirsty cowboy, so stop twisting my English, Language! Woof, I shall languish in anguish here Meow, be a dear, before your foreign ear takes “fetch some ice” and mashes it into “wrench it twice” ...

  27. Winter; Rainstick

    With his back to the wind He watches the snow rise, Fall, swirl, accumulate at His feet firmly cushioned To the beach, sternly sunk By the boatyard brambles. Hood up, Stars clouded, He sparks a fire, Its flames rise higher/ Ash sloughs off like moth...

  28. It Isn't What It Is Because What It Is Isn't, So It Goes

    If contradictions can tell a truth Then Time is Timeless And I’m a faculty of my mind— likely whole because I have a psyche/ soul in my brain, Like achromatic, white, blinding sunlight does contain all of the colors, all of the vision, all...

  29. Always You

    Write ‘NOTHING’ Just ‘NOTHING’ And there There Is -something- Letters, a word, Then you see the ink, The pen, the page, and the person working behind the curtain is A lw ays you

  30. The Little Bird Says, "Tweet, Tweet."

    The scientist says, “The universe is endless.” The philosopher responds, “Then so is life.”

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