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  1. Sex Ed (Mature)

  2. In A Single Human Gasp

    I keep the windows slit, close my eyes, and weigh down the gas pedal— welcoming errant shifts of wind in to wash out the street sounds in a deafening rush of white noise. I tilt my head into a beam of sunlight and watch the backs of my eyelids g...

  3. Though We May Fall

    It isn’t easy, I know, but it’s best to let go when you’re stressed, when you’re angriest, lest you forget there’s a fleeting, beating heart in your chest. Use it to laugh, and let love path your quest.

  4. This Rant Concludes In The Comment Section (Mature)

  5. Nocturnal Nirvana (Mature)

  6. Will You Ever Write Your True Love A Letter?

    Are you a fascist? A pacifist? An actor? Or an actress? Do you seek laughter after disaster? Does life really matter? Do you get madder and madder or sadder and sadder? Is it one or the other? Will you one day be a mother? Can we become someone without...

  7. Panic Attack

    I’m already Unsteady, Caught In petty Thought, Anxiety Has got me, And I can’t see, I can’t be seen, I seem stuck In between, Blind and Out of time, Out of hand, Out of my mind, It’s like an unplanned Silent scream, A blaring si...

  8. He Doesn't Get It (Mature)

  9. A Promise For You

    We’ll meet, I don’t know when, My heartbeat Will thump times ten Even then I’m a friend first And a friend in the end I promise To resist Even the Calmest Risk to This virtue You’ll have to hurt me Because I’ll never hu...

  10. Sunset

    He is a blue man who has never fallen in love. Tell no one. Bury him next to his mother, in a hillside sloping west, below a bench for two. He is just her son. Just her son will do.

  11. Removed Content

    removed content ____________ __________________________ __________ ___

  12. originally published at 4:19AM on Monday, April 21, 2008

    Kermitgorf—Hands down the coolest storyteller on ficlets. He is unassuming and humble. He’ll stick up for you and at the same time be honest. He speaks out against smug know-it-alls and his comments always brighten me up. The originality, skill, an...

  13. Back In Formation

    He doesn’t see them as human, he just puts a bullet in them, wipes the dust off his boot with the shirt of a fallen soldier, and moves behind a cement plastered wall— shielding himself from return fire and the tormenting desert sun— reloa...

  14. The Past Is Dependent On The Present

    I gently clutched Your wrist Our noses touched Before we kissed… Proceed with caution! A tryst reminisced About too often Consists of -remnant cysts- Assembling remembrance Stemming from a tendency Pretending to take precedence Though its premis...

  15. What Is?

    Scissors, cut and paste these fissures shut Paper flower the rivers lily Will he wonder what? What is really?

  16. How Dare You? And Other Phrases (Mature)

  17. Orbital

    An infertile Nocturnal eye Hurtles above Earth’s thermal sky— Catching the light of day Cast away By Dubai (Desert to desert) This is about her
 The sun-drenched 
 Pale powder, Imprecise spotlight,
 As a Coin Towering ov...

  18. Thanks, Ficly. Au Revoir Until Next Year, FicWriMo. (19)

    I’m in awe of all who attempted, met, and/or exceeded the requirements of FicWriMo. The creative output put forth this month was nothing short of prolific, and to everyone who participated, you deserve a round of applause. Woo-hoo! Ficly is a pla...

  19. Boatman (18)

    I couldn’t adapt, Should’ve kept The concept trapped— Backed in its corner From latter to former; Coroner to mourner… Hey, Grey matter Heartbeat pitter patterer— Cookie battered ice-cream bowl Of ifs and ands and SoulR...

  20. Ride The Burgeoning, Ranting Slope (17) (Mature)

  21. A Love Letter (15)

    Sophie! You splendiferous nymph! Your petite footfalls continue to patter my early morning floor. I follow the delicate creaking through sleep. Then disorientation sets in from your sudden desertion. My disbelieving hand leaps like a fish out of water ...

  22. William Wellington (6/16)

    William Wellington wore white wherever he went. William was albino and only accepted an achromatic world. He had crazy conceptions, often offending people in public, perplexing them, threatening to take their colored clothes, babbling about burning blu...

  23. If He Had Not Saved Me (12)

    Your honor, I was a goner—a casualty of a suicide bomber…

  24. This Rant Ran Out of Ficly (6/14)

    Can’t smoke cigarettes so you turn up the music instead. Funny how people smoke fully aware it will kill them. The funny part isn’t that. That’s the best thing smoking could do. The punchline is reserved For those who choose To quit a...

  25. A Hill of Words (6/13)

    He stole The concepts Those kleptos kept, Worded them into steps, Inverted their verbiage depth To service purpose over worthless Superficial surfaces no one submerges In: it was awful dense; all full of nonsense; His fish’ll swivel with the sha...

  26. Make Up For Missing Day 2 of FicWriMo

    Cherry wood cheeks— A parquet of shifting slats— Whittle little thoughts Beneath the toothed fedora. Buttermilk silk Skin within The flora. Bloom And Be- -come my Midnight Moonlight; My pale petaled aura.

  27. Friends In Autumn And Psyche (6/10)

    Even the best of people can build their own abandonment. Friends are those who turn your chin away from the window And lead you through the door before the bulldozers come. Smelling yellow leaves in late October is meaningless Without someone by your s...

  28. Free Write (6/9)

    When you write a Ficly You push one off the recent list Why don’t you comment on that one ficly Just do it It doesn’t matter if you liked it hated it equated it to being overstated Underrated outdated It was created for a reason Like everyo...

  29. Going Flaccid At 30,000 Feet (6/8)

    The smell of disinfectant. Thin carpet laid on concrete. Minimalistic spaces. People sit in mass arrangements of imitation leather chairs that have no arm rests—they are mostly despondent and withdrawn from each other. Coffee. Magazines. Booze. N...

  30. Just Ridiculous, I Don't Even Know (6/7)

    I’m flawed I’m not a perfect person God Is worth searchin’ for And here I am Refusing iamb Earthen bound Making this assertion sound Like I’m so damn certain Like it takes no exertion Like I’m not so confusing— Th...