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“If you don’t work nothing will.”

Maya Angelou


  1. Rich Enemy of my Poor Penny Pedigree

    My last sentiment Meant mere cents To her top dollar flight And chauffeur caller That night. I feel without When I’m with her. She’s in doubt Sniffing drugs As her thoughts wither.

  2. If The Night's Eyesight Could Only Be Ours

    Is that your self indulgent Plunge into the pungent Muck of a plummeting Stomach/When all else Melts like snow at the Summit of summers A river arrives where The mountain thrives Like vines or veins/I can Hear how close to alive we came That simple ti...

  3. Cold Water

    Concise lights, Round like coins, Peel sea urchins From the seaweed Like kiwi skins Such Primitive Existences live In the dim distances Under the surf’s surface Where waves collect images Reflecting our resembling selves Trembling in sensitive de...

  4. Say What No One Mentions (Mature)

  5. As One

    He promised
 More than the minuscule minute Infinite is what 
 Is in his gut
 On the silence of his lips
 His tongue Has sung Of her hunger His lung’ll pull and plumb And become her pleasure Under summer weather But finger tips thrum And s...

  6. Poker Poetry

    So I raise everything you know To call Would take all Of the names for snow Every pronunciation of love Linked with every lyrical vocal Language and math And a by hand biograph Written in sanskrit With a paw of a kitten To raise Would take a hedge m...

  7. Coffee Cup

    The wood floor feels warm through my shoes. There’s no impact in my feet as I walk up to the coffee bar. It’s late. The barista is wearing weariness in his eyes and the brown splotches of a long day on his apron. He’s about to count t...

  8. Celestial

    Do you have any idea How depressed You’ve made me feel? I cannot rest I cannot heal I pull Celestial Eyefuls From the sky But my smiles Aren’t real

  9. The Grass of The Grave

    You fled Right about Where you bled out Dead with doubt You said a line of lies I didn’t Remember There was the glint Of a red ember Fire in your eyes Now I realize They were Unsure Blinking blank Like fireflies As the sinking feeling sank In t...

  10. One Scosche Of A Dose Will Leave You Comatose

    Perhaps I’ve Had a lively lapse All I craft nowadays Are drafts While I smile and laugh And salivate Unable to create Bitter like an ingrate Sucking vinegar at dinner But at least I’m not a quitter I’m one god damn endearing Buccaneer...

  11. Mr. Chen (cont.)

    Mr. Chen seems to lean into me when he starts to speak but it is I who is drawing closer, trying to catch every word from his aged mouth that opens like raw dough— slow and sticky with spittle. “I remember running from father, only six year...

  12. Mr. Chen

    His bushy white eyebrows catch some wind and battle with his eyelashes. He dresses simple, now seventy-eight years old, Mr. Chen wears only comfort clothing. Always reading but never saying much Mr. Chen likes to hide in thoughtful games. We meet at th...

  13. Night and Day

    When the heart persists You don’t feel the planet’s Tremendous twists Until it lifts Away And you no longer exist In its Night and day

  14. Leaving A Body of Warmth

    I still can’t tell If there’s supposed to be yolk inside the shell Or oyster, or chocolate, or a moistened esophagus Expelling voices and mist As the soul enters the cold Shedding its bodily interest

  15. Dear God

    Dear God, I’m tired of listening to man-kind make up sorry ass excuses for the vast lack of proof of your existence. Why can’t you give me something concrete? The game Telephone taught me not to trust everything I heard when I was growing up. So yo...

  16. Continuous Light

    Why’m I A part of time? Life’s like the day— Increasing, Peaking, Easing Naturally away Even when I’m weakening I ask for it to stay The heart is Dying in a darkness Like the evening Taken to awaken In a lengthening ray Of...

  17. Letting Go

    I fall slow, Hollow, Like a felled tree. There’s no careful Way to say I wish you’d held me.

  18. Unnatural Distortion

    Morning fell from the night— forcing the wind to fence itself with long shadows of grass blades. The sun welded them into form— creating small, dark, sharp, crisscrossing opposites of its immense, dense, rightly round, brightly bound storm....

  19. The Moon Is Yours

    Dawn has Drawn An orange Flare Upon the fringe Of her hair Her stare Is the only sound In these silences; Its song surrounds Her like her irises Belong in green and white— Seen in my dream By a pond of moonlight Where summer Tendrils Becom...

  20. Pledge of Allegiance

    I pledge allegiance to the spinning Of the United States of America And to the republic for which it’s winning One nation under fraud With greed and murder For oil

  21. The Kind Kindle of Candle Hearts

    The wax of kindness Melts warm drips Purely The finest For famined lips First kissed By its Clean water sips I’m simply blessed to persist Each time I see my miss I’m completely in bliss— You’re the only one I’ve ever trul...

  22. Vulturous

    Limbs lie on lands soured Pestilence, well past death’s hour On shuffles the vulture coward Under the sun he’s begun to devour

  23. Punctuational Indecision

    Think about Out In the solar system,:—; In Even the immediate Trillion mile Radius Of your smile,:—; There’s only us On Earth’s crust. Maybe life is special after all.

  24. For You

    You are a Warm juniper Storm on Jupiter; A daughter of the sun; A tungsten star of water— Lighting where the rivers run.

  25. Inanimate Enormousness

    We can’t be proven To exist only those who exist recognize existence as the world twists its inanimate enormousness Nothing is so unusual Yet set up so suitable as the thought that all you knew will ultimately be mutable you’ll be known by...

  26. Yes

    Yes If you ask To trespass Let’s laugh Until it hurts Until our weight Fades inert Like shadow shapes of fate And chocolate— Sharing a plate Of its innate dessert You turn in sleep Like Saturn Beautiful to keep; To earn Thick breaths are deep And ...

  27. Daily Horoscope (Mature)

  28. Cruel Cocoon

    a cruel residual jewel like clear crystal dew reflects she who’ll kill you— puncture and pool her venomous emptiness— an intraveneus seamstress in the mirror— sexual temptress stepping naked coming nearer; you can’t hear h...

  29. Cruel Cocoon

    cruel residual jewel of venomous emptiness— in the dual mirror— a visual temptress stepping naked coming nearer; you can’t hear her spreading palm down on your chest with pink painted fingernails impaling, pulling off flesh dressed b...

  30. Solid Coys

    Walking watching my feet hit the street I pass a dip of frozen coy fish puddled in the concrete.