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“If you don’t work nothing will.”

Maya Angelou


  1. You Are The Intricacies of Time (because you recognize time)

    do you practice this these practices of an actor or pen actress twisting worlds in acrobatics of ink even tingling inklings of eden trickling evenings in cups to drink? nothing is what it seems it hatches leaving foot prints back to dreams nothing itse...

  2. Engulfed

    “What’s the worst way to die?” Jacob asked me. He was sitting indian style on my bed with his elbows hunkered over crossed legs— leaning over me with sick wonder stretched in his smile. “Probably being burned alive.”...

  3. Sun God

    Senses come Dispersed in life - – - – - Like a prism Immersed in light.

  4. Sunken Stones

    The transparent surface Reflects flesh eclipsing My skeleton’s silence Like bones of Sunken stones In the river Smoothed still As water fills The role of life-giver.

  5. Pixy Stick Simile (Americanized) (Mature)

  6. Wolf

    There’s a seven foot tall wolf With dog-like legs Stepping upright Beneath the moonlight In the backyards Of shadows By stars Suppressing growls With a click Of human teeth grown into its jowls It’s sick And knows it Stoically standing Wit...

  7. Idle Threats From An English Muffin (Food Fight)

    The english muffin awakes with a yawn Flicking off the french toast From accross the table they’re on “I’ve been buttered the most,” Muffin boasts in the light of dawn “Hey triangle! Yeah you. You’re bo-jangled at an...

  8. A Fun Read (guaranteed)

    Julie stared at her hand— An arctic starfish of frozen extremities. June felt her hair— Hanging straight in the loom of antiquated clips. May rolled to the bakery— Her complexion is ruddy like a rose— bobbing over the open top o...

  9. A Pretentious Alien's Poetic Perspective

    when what you can’t control outweighs what you can like time and the fact that you had no say in existence to begin with; would you consider fate to still be bitter or is it sweet mint and cinnamon and rain like glitter? Because it surely encompa...

  10. Held Out Hands And Humor

    Pretty lit houses; window sills; councils; how’s the city fit to itty-bitty secret keys from me!?— He who is needy, seedy and greedy— easy; nit-witty; greasy and measly; it is mine, rightly because I’m just as small and unsightl...

  11. Like That of Lover's Lips

    Ficly’s like a flask found by the fire on the grounds of a playground we all huddle and snuggle around passing its everlasting well of sips; some kiss; some tell; some sit back and describe its impact like that of lover’s lips

  12. Eye Sight

    It’s any lit
 litany of
 infinity; him;
 her; symmetry;
 wedded by water; wetted by the dry blue of a few splotches of sky my eye rides to to lie upon those two grass and dew— a clear, tear drop weighted— blur of residue chee...

  13. Sinking Below (Mature)

  14. A Lovely Scene Seen For You Through Me

    Palm frond tips dip in the still pond dawn spills light upon.

  15. Extemporaneous Instance of Skin; Enlightened Love

    The transparent surface reflects flesh eclipsing our skeleton’s silence on the water’s akimbo window a solid flow of indigo limbs where all we know bends like elbows; it blends where waving movements never end and I’m a part of ti...

  16. You'll Be Protected

    sunsets comb moments growing teeth; pine needle shadows; A dispersed wreath beneath the hearse; nature’s quiet peace

  17. Not About You! (just fo' fun)

    Your mazes of flowery phrases take ages to blossom on pages; not so awesome; your garden amazes no one by then; when winter has hardened The flow you pretend To’ve tended a harvest; It’s been frozen, my friend

  18. Recovery

    Breaths of alabaster frost Billow up like willow flowers loft. A barren tree’s embossed Unto the scenery when Snow flakes make Its tendrils pillow soft again.

  19. Dreamt Wonders (Mature)

  20. I Run There (2)

    (Cont.) I sit there; Dead center; Inconspicuous; Sleeping as frantic cars Attempt to save my life At the last second Only to die themselves.

  21. I Run There (1)

    You never have to follow me into the middle of the street. I run there In the road Intentionally Swerving Into Oncoming cars And back again to the coming cars Honking, yelling, polluting. I hike up hilly highways Dead center And find a strange awe insp...

  22. The Only Stranger

    Were you created to control Every earthly soul? Mankind’s mind made you In order to be sold? The truth is greater than the fiction That the traitors have written; They’ve traded your nature For the power of fear and the wealth of paper. I ...

  23. The Proof Is In The Pants

    What if, Perchance, The plaintiff, Sir Pants, Caught the defendants, Sir Pull, Mrs. Miserable, and Maestro Throw All hurling his purple girdle in a photo That’s dated The day he waited Bare brass button naked For the bus? Thus the catalyst For...

  24. promises, promises

    removed content due to pending publication _____________________________________

  25. Independent Thought!

    There are chances to enhance And re-create your mental stance Before it’s too late to care if you bleed Or sweat until one bead Trickles upon the grass like dew. You didn’t try did you? Freeze, thaw, and renew Because the laws Are written b...

  26. Deleted Poem (For A Lady I Know)

    My last sentiment Meant merely cents To her high dollar flight And chauffuer caller that night. I feel without when I’m with her She’s in doubt sniffing drugs as her thoughts wither.

  27. Loose Leaf Sheets

    One side’s wide And dull The other side slides Invisible Both are pale And plainly painful Plentiful; Palpable Paper cutting blades; Bleach-blank (title) tidal (waves) page Lost; froze Embossed; flows Why solidify what you think In dry graphics...

  28. Body Language

    Instinct is Ancient and alive; Our hands trace the faces We give our traits to: to survive. You, love, and I; la ménage à trois Shape shifting laws; Housed like clouds in the sky.

  29. untitled

    Wet Harlot; Scarlet hem; Silhouette warm; She’ll let him in her Shell of a human form

  30. River Conscience

    Nose crinkled Smiles give Simple complexity; You live responsive Can’t still The constant movements No matter how little The trickle will rinse Inevitable Invisible Wet with sixth sense Lifeblood Floods the glens For instance Like a river consci...