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A fan of pen-and-paper writing, I fall into the category of the humble- the tub full of handwritten pages sitting in my closet can attest to the amount of practice I’ve placed into this craft, but other than that I have little else to show for what talent I know I possess.

But I feel the mental razor has dulled over the years and this might whet my appetite for creative fiction- though the ideas have never stopped coming the very pleasure of the act I feel needs to be regained.


  1. My life is a Candle

    When I was first lit I burned brightly protected from drafts within my home Every little flicker was exciting as the wax ran, my flame grew higher my strong light begged to illuminate the darkness outside venturing out, I was unaware of how strong the ...

  2. How to Survive an Explosive Decompression

    In her entire life she’s never had a bathroom break that sucked this bad. Seeing the cardboard on the paper roll is one thing, plungers another, but this was a universe of other problems. The docking procedures at the station for the new crew set...

  3. Bumper To Bumper On A Logging Road During A Storm

    Rain falls on pine trees, gathering among the needles becoming fat drops that fall with a thunk, thunk, thunk on my roof Between the swishing blades of my windshield wipers I see a blurry form walking up to my driver’s side window. I crack it ope...

  4. The End Of A Crime

    Cling. Cling. Pa-tink-tink. Pa-tink-tink. The hammer bounces on the red glowing steel, slowly stamping the edges around the sizeable chip that notched the otherwise smooth edge. The blacksmith, a craftsman of many years, regarded this with a wary eye w...

  5. Talking Practice Over Dinner

    Glasses and dinnerware clink, laugher mixes with murmurs within the edible background noise. We are waiting for our plates to arrive. “I’m really trying to work on my dialogue.” I gave a half hearted smile. “I want to make it mo...

  6. When I Let My Hands Talk

    A writer will always write to an audience who might never see the words, so in essence then a writer is always talking to themselves. * * * Mmm, yes, the power of a writer. The ability to take someone’s focus and turn it whichever way, so long...

  7. A Fan Story to My Avatar

    Never in the history of aerial combat has there been an Ace like you. You began as a rookie, still in flight school, when your field was placed under sudden attack. Taking to the skies in your trainer aircraft, you aggressively dominated, turning six b...

  8. Supernatural Superstition

    He doesn’t believe in ghosts, but he does believe in haunted places. Some towns, he can’t even visit, because it seems every street corner is inhabited. Apartment buildings, parks, even bus lines seem to call to his sensitivity, his stronge...

  9. Stood Up

    I was standing there, under the tree that you told me was going to be the meeting spot. I looked for you. You said you were going to wear a red dress, and in this lunch crowd of thirtysomething business men, I’d have thought I could spot you from...

  10. Spatters

    It drips from my eyes, down my cheeks, collecting across the lines of my jaw to drip off and onto my chest, to join the rivers that flow there from around what’s been still been buried. When you placed it there you were not yourself- screaming an...

  11. I can't believe the news today

    There was something that resonated with her. Something in her eyes as she stared back at the camera, seeing it there but looking past it in the way that only someone having an epiphany could. Then the blood ran from her nose. I can’t close my eye...

  12. Event Zero

    Screams from the rear duet as they lock, laying down molten rubber. The straps hug my chest. I am a black belt, exhibiting my moves. Clutch pedal in E-brake down heel to brake pedal 3rd to neutral toe to gas steering to right 110 degrees Tinkling noise...

  13. Engine Driver

    I opened the door and closed another he ran out and you followed I never saw you again if I had, I would have told you that it was a test the lesson this time was if you really love someone you let them go just to see if you taught them well enough to ...

  14. Finger Paint

    Mr. and Mrs Olivare had learned long ago that their son’s creativity could not be stopped- he had what those with odd humor would sarcastically call “natural talent.” When he was born it was obvious right away there was something wron...

  15. Based on True Events

    “Has anybody ever told you the story-” I’m yelling even though he’s in the passenger seat next to me. We have the windows down, the sunroof open- I’d be fighting against the ipod but I had turned that down in anticipation ...

  16. She is but a blind mute, and I a ghost

    The thrum of the diesel engines mixes with the hiss of hydraulics as the rolling carapace allows passengers into its warmth. She steps in on the third stop since my own boarding. She doesn’t return the smile from the operator as she pays her dues...

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