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I screw up a lot. In love with me BFF! And waiting for school to be over. I am 12 13 in a little more than a month. Blond blue eyes tall. I attract drama. I love to type. I hate to be made fun of so I don’t share my stories with my friends! Some nick names or me are:
Tam Tam
Tomato (when I laugh)
Love some music (mostly old
I like (bands)
Electric Light Orchestra
They Might Be Giants
Taylor Swift
Sugar Ray
And 1 song by
Cage The Elephant!


  1. The interview

    “Hello it is Bethany Hanker, I am interviewing Janie Everture.” “Now Janie. thank you for coming today. " “Yes, the pleasure is all mine.” “Now, there will be random questions thrown left and right. Are you read...

  2. Bored Bored So Very Very Bored!2

    “Are you really calling me fat Jeniffer!? You are a perfect sphere! You can’t sing, you are ugly (inside and out), and I am scared when you walk down the hall way! Cause if you fall you will roll down and knock me over like a bowling pin!&#...

  3. Bored Bored So Very Very Bored!

    “Bored Bored SOOOOO very very bored! Please text me!” I sent that text to everyone. Everyone were busy at home doing their science fair project. Except Jenny (Jennifer) " Don’t be so pushy Janie! Gosh you are so mean their is a r...

  4. The Gifts....2

    I heard a loud crackly bad voice from my big sisters room. She has the best gift but she could never use it. She could memorize any songs lyrics! She doesn’t realize how lucky she is! All I have is levitation. What could you possibly use levitati...

  5. The Gifts....

    I live on planet Newton. It is in the future we use to live on Earth. Well their is a gas on planet Newton that gives you a power or as people call it a “gift”. My little sister got floating. My big brother got laser fission (he cooks dinne...

  6. Friends 2

    I pushed Gary back. “I thought you pushed me because you didn’t want me to like you.” “I never said that I just said I got mad that you liked me because the girl is suppose to like the guy after and I didn’t like you till ...

  7. Friends!

    We were just sitting in my room. 2 of my best friends. Listening to our favorite band our inspiration They might be giants. They might Be Giants was the inspiration for our band Florida’s Nerd Academy. We were talking about the future. When I fin...

  8. This is How!

    This is how I know I am ugly! I am friends with the prettiest person in my school! Well in comparison I am hideous. You are 1st OK with the fact you see your best friend getting asked out by a different guy everyday. Then you have your other friends. T...

  9. Sometimes!

    Sometimes I love how dogs do it! I mean humans you have to go through a long complication of secrets! When you like someone it has to be a secret! You can only tell your friends! The boy has to ask her out and it has to be a secret that she likes him! ...

  10. Confusion!

    What do most girls do when they are in love? They sit and wait! Why do they do this? It all started when we were cavemen. Or Monkeys. The women would stay at home and take care of the children while the dad would go out and find food. Then we become mo...

  11. Why do I Screw Up all The Time?

    When you are as smart as me you wouldn’t think you would screw up all the time. But you do. Hey I am Janie Everture I have skipped 1 grade. I screw up all the time. I am in the 8th grade. And there is a boy in all my classes. Did you know that sm...

  12. OnCe

    I would know. Once you fall in a secret love for someone everyone but the person your in love with knows. Random people come up to you they ask do you like him. And you know he will find out soon. You just have to wait. It is so hard. your friends that...

  13. People Need To SHut Up sometimes!

    Their is a couple types of people in the world! 1. The people that don’t know when to talk 2. The people that don’t know when to stop talking 3. and the stupid people that talk just the right amount and get in trouble for it! 1. The people ...


    Alice took advantage of Gary not remembering anything.She convinced Gary she was his girlfriend. That meant war to Janie! Gary had just promised Janie that is they were still dating at age 21 he would marry her. He had just told her he loved her! It wa...

  15. Janie contiued

    7th grade Janie HAD a best friend named Marry Newton. Mary. Has not a lot but a few friends. Marry was always talking to Janie about her birthday party. But Janie grew sad when she heard her friends getting invites and she did not. 8th grade Janie̵...

  16. Janie

    Janie is 15 years old! She will be 16 in a month. You could say Janie has always been a green person, she will clean up outside whenever possible but she does not go crazy. She goes to a small school named Wikiwah Science High school in Florida. Janie ...

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