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    Sam Ervin

    Joined June 2009.

    88 stories, 11 challenges, 390 comments, and 219 friends

    The pen is mightier than the sword. How outdated. In the 1900’s, it would have been, “The typewriter is mightier than the machine gun.” But in modern times? “The word processor is mightier than the particle-beam weapon.”

    I play video games, build things with Legos, and try to kid myself into thinking that I’m mature. I love dorking around with computers and I have a strange obsession with hats – nice ones, that is, no baseball caps. My dream is to either become a Masterbuilder or a drummer, and neither seem very close. Such is life.

    Since joining Ficly, I’ve come to realize that I love playing off of other people’s work, reshaping their ideas to form some coherent things. Half my stories come either from challenges or from hitting the “Random Story” button and writing a sequel (I highly recommend this, the things that you’ll find are amazing!).

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    Mighty-Joe Young (A.K.A Strong Coffee)(LoA)

    Joined June 2009 and calls cowboy or ninja home.

    145 stories, 3 challenges, 2580 comments, and 433 friends

    We were two against the world. Now the odds are slightly against me.

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    Joined November 2010.

    30 stories, 2 challenges, 59 comments, and 8 friends

    My age used to be here, but it keeps changing. I occasionally write short stories but I never tell anyone about them. I am a mess.

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    Tina Murphy

    Joined February 2011.

    10 stories, 0 challenges, 246 comments, and 32 friends

    I’m open to any critiques, no need to whitewash it. I want to improve my writing and enjoy the flow of creative juices even if they go splat.

    I joined Ficly to challange myself and break out of the writing box I’ve constructed over years of just “thinking about it” instead of expressing it through written word.

    I live in Minnesota and love everything oriental including sushi and goldfish but not at the same time.

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    Joined December 2010 and calls vignettes home.

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    an implosion of thought

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    Joined September 2009.

    58 stories, 3 challenges, 1231 comments, and 278 friends

    “The road to hell is paved with adverbs.” ~Stephen King

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    32 ^2

    Joined June 2011 and calls home.

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    Old Profile 32 Squared

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    Elizabeth Greene

    Joined August 2011 and calls Life And Times Of A Modern Bookworm home.

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    A fiction novelist of no published piece of literature except the typical school required pieces of which are boring and oh so factual.

    “When writing a novel, a writer should create living people; people, not characters. A character is a caricature.”
    -Ernest Hemingway

    “If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don’t write, because our culture has no use for it.”
    -Anais Nin

    “The good parts of a book may be only something a writer is lucky enough to overhear or it may be the wreck of his whole damn life and one is as good as the other.”
    -Ernest Hemingway

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    Wes Schumaker

    Joined December 2011 and calls Bread & Butter & Breathing home.

    7 stories, 0 challenges, 13 comments, and 12 friends

    A minimalist chef with a fondness for cyberpunk. All my stories share the same world.

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    Brebelles {LoA}

    Joined May 2009 and calls The Book That Has My Face :O home.

    88 stories, 5 challenges, 342 comments, and 47 friends

    AIM: brebelles

    Other Website I’m on:
    (Please look there for my previous stories. :) )

    Announcement: _If you read my entries, please put a comment. I cannot say how many times I have been disappointed by not having comments.. I see the times it’s been read, yet there are not as many comments to show for it. Very sad. :’( _

    I am one of the Original Ficletters whose beloved website got ripped from their hands. :‘( But it’s better now since we have the offspring website, which is this… FICLY!!! Since we had to wait so long for this glorious website, I also have my writings on So check me out there. :)
    Yay! I was just approved for entry into the LoA aka League of Awesomeness! :) Saint Smiley. <3

    I like feed-back, so PLEASE tell me honestly what you think. Because, how can I improve, if you don’t help me??
    I love to write. I write songs and poems.
    I’ve been meaning to post stories, but that is not my love. I try and try, but I seem not to succeed. My friends are all creative. I love them and my family.

    One of my close friends passed away in a terrible car crash. It saddened my family. My best friend Blossom, who is on here as Blossom Ruoqen, was her sister. I LOVE YOU BLAH!! ♥

    I’ve been trying to write how I feel.. but I just don’t know how to put it into words. I don’t know the right words to put down. I wish I did, because as much as I know a certain person knows how I feel about them, I’d love to be able to put into words for them.

    An Additional Note: Ficly is a second home to those who’s multiple personalities require more room to cultivate their quirkiness. A family of strangers with so much in common, where we hide behind fake names and stories but reveal more of ourselves that way than we ever could.

    Favorite author Patrick Carmen Favorite book uh, thats hard….I like Narnia, The Land of Elyon, His Dark Materials

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    Joined December 2011 and calls The Adventures of Amnesiac Steve home.

    20 stories, 2 challenges, 18 comments, and 4 friends

    If you read any of my submissions, and find yourself loathing it for reasons you can’t seem to articulate, please send a note. I KNOW THAT FEEL.

    Love Tv Tropes, has a Goodreads and MAL account (and a number of other accounts I use to lurk and not contribute positively to). Now has a Tumblr to connect all these together. Still not getting a Facebook.

    Icon is from Plants vs. Zombies. Pen name’s for Op.6-1 in F# Minor, listened to it while signing up. I’m F/15/WA. for anyone who cares. Go rain!

    I suppose I’m using semi-colons more than before. On my tumblr is a bunch of links and an Interactive Fiction Text Adventure! Was going to make a game, but I really don’t know what bits to use and cut off.

    Some would say that a lot of my entries are missing a point/plot. I would agree, but I’m trying to move away from the gimmicky feel of my longer projects.

    I lied about not lurking around. I’d miss out on the interesting challenges, after all.
    That’s about it, folks.

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    The Ghost in the Machine LoA

    Joined March 2010.

    82 stories, 0 challenges, 147 comments, and 15 friends

    A student in the craft.
    Well traveled and not well off.
    Seen a little to add to tales.
    Still on the journey
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    Joined August 2012 and calls Tumblr home.

    74 stories, 2 challenges, 83 comments, and 19 friends

    a 16-year-old hikikomori punk boy who likes cats, plants, poetry, and coffee.

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    Vince Farquharson

    Joined June 2009 and calls Shallow Studios home.

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    Joined October 2010.

    241 stories, 24 challenges, 331 comments, and 34 friends

    itty bitty writer from humble beginnings.

    find me:


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    Joined May 2012.

    155 stories, 3 challenges, 117 comments, and 15 friends

    When I discover a description of myself that rings true, I’ll let you know.

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    Joined February 2014.

    11 stories, 0 challenges, 26 comments, and 4 friends

    Musician and songwriter, dabbling in fiction writing