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I like to rhyme things. All the time… things.


  1. Game Over

    I’d like to thank everybody for coming. My father was always my hero, but it’s gratifying to see that he was a hero to so many others as well. We’re all here to honour his memory and to remember the great things he did for the world. ...

  2. The Find Of The Century

    “Now what we have here is an example of the most popular musical instrument of the 21st century. This particular specimen is over 500 years old and the museum is proud to have such a rare and well preserved item in its collection.” The stud...

  3. Syntax Error

    99%… 100%. Compilation complete. Sam sat at the computer, his finger hovering over F10. “Aren’t you going to start it up, Doc?” Sam winced; Danni was a skillful assistant, but she had no sense of the importance of this moment. H...

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