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  1. New Tortuga

    In the midst of the Great War, the island of Tortuga was ravaged and almost completely destroyed.It had actually been an accident. The bombs were meant to entice America into the war, but their compasses were wrong and they bombed the wrong place. It w...

  2. The Power of Kings

    The halls were lined with gold. For generations these halls had been kept pristine. Each King before had added his own touches. Sigils of silver, paintings of the finest places from around the world. But the current King had nothing. “Come, Darie...

  3. A Hero No More

    He kicked the old man in the face, sending him sprawling across the floor. He hit against the 67th storey window, whimpering as it cracked against his weight. He was skinny and malnourished, a shadow of his former glory. A greying beard clutched itself...

  4. Second Coming

    “I can still feel the agony. The hatred burning in my heart.” Waves of flames washed over the first row of victims before him. They burned silently, instantly. The second row screamed, yet no sound was made. “Your pathetic little race...

  5. The Blacksmith's Auto-Biography Part III

    Legacy Soon after his “death,” John Barrowman and the other two who are too pathetic to mention by name held a memorial service, to which six people turned up and they were all the same person just from different Universes. 2903 He stated i...

  6. The Blacksmith's Auto-Biography Part II

    In 3214 when Megazorbtakelei XII declared war on Croyden, F.A.R.T was sent to eradicate the problem. Unfortunately they got the wrong address and only ended up at the local Pizza Hut and ordered a Pinnaple and Ham pizza. Pinnaples had been extinct for ...

  7. The Blacksmith's Auto-Biography Part I

    Steven Ross Smith (3rd Sept 1989 – 19th July 5049) was an actor turned time-traveller/hockey player. He lost his twelth eye during the Great Boobagilon War of 3073, but gained a thirteenth when he was respawned from the null-void of existence whe...

  8. Republic: A Captain's View (Mature)

  9. Republic: One Mans Fate

    Daryn lay on the alcove, his rifle pointed down towards the crowd. It was possibly the most powerful of its kind in the whole Republic, and just touching it gave him shivers. But what got him most, this cold and windy day, was his mission. It was simpl...

  10. What Hallowed Eyes Doth See (Mature)

  11. For the King!

    The Orcish city of Morg’zRal sat atop a high cliff. The Warchief, Roshgar, was at his war table outside in the warm summer air. Mark’rah jasz Nig’ghra. We shall come from above. His lieutenants nodded their praises and thundered off t...

  12. Time Is No Place For Artificial Intelligence (Mature)

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