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I am not a writer. But since these stories are short I decided to give it a go. If you would like to write a prequel or a sequel to any of my stories, feel free. Also, if you have any words of wisdom to help me with my writing, it would be appreciated.


  1. Gladiator's End

    I never thought it would end like this. In a back alley in this noisy city. Horns and sirens taking the place of screaming and clapping spectators. We can’t all be the master of our fates. It’s probably my fault for leading them into this alley. Fo...

  2. Unautherized Access

    Alarms blared as a monitor lit up and the tech sitting next to it snapped out of a comatose-like state he had adopted. His fingers danced over the keys as the text on the screen read “UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS DETECTED”. Dozens of others were already on ...

  3. Weapon's Check

    The large man looked over his scavenged loot that he had brought into the home. “Shotgun, check. Thirty boxes of shells. Check. Cleaver? Check. Right… bring on the horde.” From the second story he heard another voice, oriental in origin. “Sword...

  4. Nightwatch

    My city screams like a dame who is getting her purse snatched. I grab at the rope stitching holding my arm to the stub and pull, tightening the fit. “I’ll be right with you, dollface.” I say. My voice is low and gravely, but she’s used to i...

  5. An Evil Dinner Party

    Count Down daintily wiped at a spot of caviar on his graying mustache. “… and how did that particle decombobulator work against Terrific-Boy?” “Excellent well,” Cape Fear replied, setting down his knife and fork. “Or you could say it worked...

  6. No Superhero

    I am no superhero. Just a common man. I came all the way over here not for you… not for me. They told me to. I didn’t exactly volunteer. They told me I could go to two different places. Jail or here. I chose here. More sunlight here. A lot more. I ...

  7. The Terror

    On the wall there hung a man. What was left of a man. His arms were almost encased in the wall itself, his head hung down onto his chest, eyes, if they could still see, watching the filth run about the floor just below his dangling legs. He wasn’t al...

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