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“For creative Fantasy is founded upon the hard recognition that things are so in the world as it appears in under the sun; on a recognition of fact, but not a slavery to it” ~J. R. R. Tolkien


Flower in Stone
Metal Flesh and Brittle Bone
Wandering Poet missing home.
Amused on a short fuse and never myself alone
This is just me trying to stay in the zone:
A writing side rarely shown
Me – RoseTone


  1. Southern Monument

    Of all your cruelties, the worst was how you broke my love of dreaming.

  2. Oblique Step

    There were a few doorways left, frail on scorched hinges and creaking, but I remember what used to wait behind them.

  3. Bevington

    I am dark without you, darling Cross the still and quiet lake As I sail from your fond farewell Into a colder place It is quiet here beside me Where I used to find your hand Warm in mine through storm and tide Gone, gone with sight of land In the dark ...

  4. Touch Off

    “Foarder, where are you?” Her plaintive inquiry was like the meowing of a lost kitten, emerging from the smoldering ruin that wreathed her words in smoke. Our house had been reduced to a charred wreckage glowing red in the darkness of night...

  5. Must Not Like Sunlight...

    Pain rips me from the floor and stabs me, like a knife, back into reality. In between convulsive sobs, I manage to wrap my shredded hands in… well, it used to be sheets. Broken glass is everywhere and from the state of my feet I’m either a ...

  6. Sentimentimortality

    More lovely eyes I’ve never seen Than hers that fade pale blue to green Those gentle eyes that glimmer deep And harbor such a tender strength Nor a sweeter countenance found Than the face that from which sounds A voice my heart glad quickens to h...

  7. Until Your Darkness Combusts

    Alas my heart for a weak willed former friend Tell me now how many times I will need to say That until you bring your frail courses to an end This gap you cast between us must remain Yet you have the audacity to ask me for grace So shockingly misnamed ...

  8. Vision

    Aloft in hues of sickly grey Like poison smoke, it billows Round the air above it stays Draping o’er me like a willow I close my eyes against the sight But still they circle overhead Teach me fear of lonely night Drown the screams upon my bed Yet no...

  9. Epitaph

    It wasn’t a cruel coldness killed me ’twas her indifference caused my heart to burst When ice between her lips had filled My ears full with lies, from the very first It wasn’t hatred fierce that burned me ’twas her disregard lef...

  10. A Call to Arms

    It remains to be seen what effect this continuous cycle upon our generation will be. Authors and critics alike have made increasingly radical claims as to the path these events have set us on, and have prognosticated bleak portents for the future of ou...

  11. Breviloquence

    Upon this benighted precipice We hang a scarlet thread And bind it fast upon the head Of those we know no more For surety we take a pledge Of gaudy stones cast low Arrayed in ranks before the sow That turned to rend them all We scribe a word constructe...

  12. Dead Air

    I could not write I could not dream And yet In retrospect It seemed To me The strangest part Of all these things Was that of all That I would miss The most I counted Of all I lost Was that I could not sing. I took a breath I forced it out I tried to s...

  13. Foe Paw

    Direct from cause and effect I find that on the whole Your abject insensitivity (with respect to the affected attitude of emotional abnormality) Coinciding with a wild ride Of undecided trite and flighty Homilies delivered Would send the bravest soul ...

  14. Relic

    Upon a promontory dim With face set firm and grim “Once I might have chosen Had I once been him.” Turned from valley view Turned from village glow “Once I might have dreamed Had I never met you.” Stood before the road along Still and silent lon...

  15. Abscond

    Her taciturn glances had begun to snowball into a relentless flurry of darting eyes. A ripple of motion across the discrete edges of the ballroom marked the wake of her passage. Deft hands tapped the latch, allowing the briefest moment of night to ente...

  16. An acceptable diversion

    At length, I found poor Wilkers. The handbag of his dreams was sadly not in attendance, and subsequently neither was Wilkers normally genial expression. I gradually goaded him into the subject of politics and factories, which had the unexpected result ...

  17. No Pearwood allowed.

    Wilkers split off right away to find that Sandra he’d spoken of for the past week – and with the rest of my party content to park in the main entryway (lest anyone should fail to observe them in attendance) I let myself be carried away with...

  18. Disillusioned EnLIEightenment

    I like what I learned. Hands, you do not have a clue. If this is true, loyalty is inevitable. I’m still struggling to stand. As I said, the real Reliable and reasonable. I do not trust. This is what I learned.

  19. Disillusioned Seventh

    J’aime ce que j’ai appris. Mains, vous n’avez pas la moindre idée. Si cela est vrai, la loyauté est inévitable. Je suis toujours mal à tenir debout. Comme je l’ai dit, le réel Fiable et raisonnable. Je n’ai pas confia...

  20. Disillusioned Sixth

    Mi piace quello che ho imparato. Mani, non avete la più pallida idea. Se questo è vero, è la lealtà inevitabile. Sto ancora lottando per stare in piedi. Come ho detto, il vero Affidabile e ragionevole. Io non mi fido. Questo è quello che ho impara...

  21. Disillusioned Fifth

    Rakastan mitä olen oppinut. Käsien, sinulla ei ole aavistustakaan. Jos tämä on totta, se on väistämätöntä uskollisuus. Olen edelleen kamppailee seisomaan. Kuten sanoin, todellinen Luotettava ja järkevä. En luota itseeni. Tämä on mitä olen...

  22. Disillusioned Fourth

    ที่รักของฉันคือสิ่งที่ฉันได้เรียนรู้ สำหรับมือของคุณไม่มีความคิด ถ้าเป็นความจริงก็คือ

  23. Disillusioned Third

    Това, скъпа моя, е това, което научих За твоите необмислени ръце Ако това е вярно преданост е избягвал И аз все още се бореше да устои Докат

  24. Disillusioned Second

    Das, meine Liebe, ist das, was ich gelernt Zu Ihrer gedankenlose Händen Wenn wahre Hingabe worden verschmäht Und ich kämpfte immer noch zu stehen Während ich spreche nur Worte wahr Und geben Ihnen unverdiente vertrauen Ich werde mir selbst nicht ve...

  25. Disillusioned

    This, my dear, is what I learned At your thoughtless hands When true devotion had been spurned And I struggled still to stand While I will only speak words true And give you trust unearned I will not trust myself to you This is what I have learned

  26. Not a bit guilty.

    Maybe it was the fact that I was already late for the meeting – not that I was particularly interested in listening to Raleigh circumlocute on the virtues of his latest mountain of numbers – and headed for the inevitable lecture-into-life-s...

  27. The Things I Do...

    Tuesday 6:08- Alarm clock wins the fight. 6:16- A too-short shower, just cold enough to rinse off the clinging tendrils of sleep. 6:23- Bundled up against the dark morning. 6:25- Car won’t start. #%*@^&! 6:29- Waste 2 minutes searching for gl...

  28. Sophia

    I confess with red eyes hidden behind despair clenched fists, it is my fault she’s gone. Life with her at my side was so easy, so pleasantly bearable. She sat with soft, pale brown eyes fixed on me as I would inscribe my emotions upon her heart. ...

  29. Don't Touch My Coffee

    thack Her head jerks back swiftly, mouth open in shock. In a tangle of flailing limbs and scattering pages, she falls off of the bench. thack-thack Shrieking, she tries to curl up into a ball – reducing herself, as a target, as much as possible. ...

  30. Of final concerns

    Confounded uncomfortable rain. The balcony was unattended and, in light of the disadvantageous climate of the season, was unlikely to experience any traffic for the next day or so. In hazy hindsight, I suppose it was specifically chosen under this guid...

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