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Hi. My name is Nick. I am 15 years old, a sophomore in high school, and the biggest band geek you will ever meet. I play percussion in the school jazz band and concert band. In marching band, I play snare drum. I am bisexual, for your knowledge, and I am in love with a boy named Kevin. Yes, I am in love. I know that’s hard to believe at 15, but I am. I’ve said I’ve loved other guys before, and a few girls, but I never really meant it. I really am in love with him. Only, here’s the problem, he’s straight. But I’m determined that if we were meant to be, then all I need to do is be patient. If not, then there’s no use in trying to make it happen sooner. <3
(Oh, and so you know, my buddy icon says “When I see your smile the tears fall down my face.”
Current series’:
Gay for You – Kevin and Nick romance
The Runaways – An adventure fic inspired by Mr. Gabriel


  1. The Runaways - Mind Games

    I just killed a kid that was in my class… James though, his mind blowing through a million different thoughts at once. Travis Ortega was in James class. They weren’t particularly friends, but they knew each other. Why had he crashed through...

  2. The Runaways - Identity Revealed

    How have mom and dad not heard this? James thought to himself while dodging strikes of the stranger. Even if they didn’t hear the window crash, they must have heard me jumping around up here and screaming. The stranger brought his sword down on J...

  3. The Runaways - The Stranger

    The window cracked and shattered into a million tiny pieces as someone dressed in all black landed on James’ bedroom floor. He wore a mask that his his face completely. He had a long, silver sword in his hand. The hilt of the sword was as black a...

  4. The Runaways - Boredom

    “Why does it have to be so boring here?” exclaimed James Cartwright as he extended his arms and leaned back in his chair, yawning the biggest yawn in all his fifteen years. He looked out his window at the darkness of the night. It was a war...

  5. I Do Love You

    It didn’t make sense. I was a guy, he was straight. We weren’t supposed to go out. And yet we were. I climbed into bed with him the day after and he cradled me in his arms. “Why are you doing this?” I asked. “I want you to...

  6. Kelsey

    I stroked her long, beautiful blond hair as she lay next to me on the loveseat. What powerful irony that word is. Loveseat. Here I am, playing with my girlfriend’s hair on a couch called a loveseat, and I’m falling in love with her. She jum...

  7. Gay for You

    He’s in my bed, in his pajamas, playing some dumb hand-held video game. I can hear the sounds of the shooting and the screaming of the zombies from the bathroom, as I was my teeth and brush my face. I can’t think. I can’t believe this...

  8. Cold

    Fog surrounded my mouth as I breathed out, rubbing my hands together. I blew on them, shivering ferociously and hugging my knees. I looked over at Kevin. He had a crooked smile on as we sat on my porch. Why he suggested we go outside in the middle of w...

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