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Married middle age suburban steampunk medieval pop culture gaming geek.

I came here when I considered posting to a NYT article asking for a 150-word noir intro, and it reminded me of a ficlet I wrote awhile ago that I never got around to posting until it was too late. It didn’t feel right for that, so I decided to post it here instead as my first story. I like the format here, and i’m looking forward to popping in from time to time. Thanks!


  1. Discovering Elvis

    I remember her glasses and foot-loose dance, And hope that a romance might just unfold. But her taste in despair was all that she left me, A bit of warm solace in cheerful cold. Cure for my discontent, Waits for experiment. And hopes that I’ll di...

  2. Broken Slumber

    Please dab a sponge of water on my heart, that I may know the full force of your tears. For there was a dream of light rain, and then I awoke, and lo! There you were, moving away, cheeks still wet. I was a fool for not knowing the full force of your pa...

  3. Tubes are better

    At first it looked like an plain small wooden chest placed on top of a cabinet, and he’d stopped going through jewelry boxes long ago. What was the point? But then he noticed the dials and Zenith logo, and realized what he’d found. Excitedl...

  4. Nothing’s Alibi

    Taking in the scene, Detective Del Harold imagined the body before it reached the floor. His old theater coach yelling “Reverse!” in his head, he moved backwards from the victim, stopping just short of an upturned table in the middle of sca...

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