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Dr. Tim’s Neurotic Rules of Ficly Life

[Disclaimer: This is not intended to be binding nor in any way an expectation of general members of Ficly, league members, family members or wearers of Member’s Only jackets]

1. Comment to Story posting ratio must exceed 5:1. Goal is 10:1. In other words, I write a story then find five others (at least) upon which to comment before writing another.

2. For every solo shot or sequel of my own material, I must write a sequel or prequel to the work of another author. If I’m going easy on myself, participating in a challenge also fulfills this requirement.

3. If someone comments on one of my stories, I go find one of theirs upon which to comment. It only seems fair, and I like to think it encourages commenting.

4. Awesomeness is the goal, always. Call me on it when I fail, please.

5. Clearly mark mature content and err on the side of caution.

6. Golden Rule remains in effect for all sequels, prequels, and comments.


  1. A Quiet Life

    “Hey, Denton, you okay?” “Is he dead?” “Nah, look. His eye is twitching.” “Anybody see what happened to Denton? Anybody? Hello? Anyone awake in here?” “No point asking the cubicle crew—bunch o...

  2. Noir: Every Drop of Attention

    If I hadn’t hated my life up to this point, I would have by then. I’d nursed the absynthe as long as I could. The buzz was pleasant but threatened far worse if I followed it. The bartender kept giving me the eye. I kidded myself it was some...

  3. A Cold Sin Too Far

    “She’s prime for the taking, boy,” spat Eustice, his milky eyes leering with a lust of a much younger man. “Yer a sick old man, uncle.” “Boy,” the elder shot, grabbing a lapel with a gnarled hand and pronouncin...

  4. Dreaming Lately

    I’m late. I know I’m late. The gravel crunches under my boots as I turn another corner. If this place weren’t so monotonous I might have a clue where I was. Every path is dusty gravel or shoddily made sidewalks. Every building is plyw...

  5. Noir: Delay Tactics and Odd Choices

    I had a small budget and time to kill, so I took ample time in their restroom. It was a lovely restroom, quite fancy. After that, and a turtle paced circuit of the joint I plopped myself at the bar, making sure my jacket was in place. The bartender, qu...

  6. Turning of Attention

    Ella bristled, if only for a moment before slinking to the table. The cup of offered tea was in her hands before Clemens could make sense of the whole scene. The gypsy smiled a crooked grin. Horace remained peacefully blank. Clemens rolled his eyes and...

  7. Noir: Well Pleaded Spot

    Wear something nice. Wear something nice. Demmit, you don’t pay me enough to wear something nice. I stuffed my indignation while I stuffed my only white shirt back into my faded slacks. Getting into the Topaz was going to be enough of a struggle ...

  8. Land of Thorns

    At the end of every stem of thorns should rest a lovely flower, A crown of beauty atop the suffering, The reward for the endurement of pain, The tempation towards what ails and ills. Below every stem of thorns should grow assorted roots, The heart of t...

  9. Boredom in the Margins

    I glanced at the clock; it was 5:35. Working for a private detective was supposed to be exciting. It was supposed to be my entrance into a world of intrigue, action, and damsels in distress. Mostly, it was a way to escape, exist a little bit more towar...

  10. Review and Recollection in Dim Light

    The study was, as studies should be, utterly quiet. Dim light filtered in through a dusty window, competing weakly with the array of candles and oil lamps. As always a faint and undefinable odor clung to the air. Jathos perched on a stool in the corner...

  11. Timeless as the Elements

    “Martin, how’d you get so…weird?” Martin gave her a playful look and wiped the mud from his cheek with his shirtsleeve, “I’m sure I have no idea what you mean.” “Pffft,” she scoffed, “Come on....

  12. What We Are

    Our human capacity for violence is, sadly, limitless. It requires neither access to a particular modality nor seasonal fluctuation. It favors no race, culture, or creed. The rage of untold years of evolutions simmers within each of us, a trait perhaps ...

  13. Simple Differences

    A bulk of fur and flesh heaved slowly with labored breathing on table. Above slowly swung a light fixture, bumped rudely during the depositing of the body. Miriam and Roy stood back, each gasping a little for breath themselves, admiring the latter̵...

  14. Some Pretty Things

    Jenna lined up her beauties on the window sill, these fractions of heaven distilled for her pleasure. Her humming was infectious, helped along by the bouncing sway of her youthful hips. Newspaper spread before him and pipe clenched firmly Erlich looked...

  15. Holy Flight

    Sunset is a lovely time, Jathos thought to himself pleasantly enough, The clouds make such a merry tableau as prelude to night’s solemnity. His reverential mood was all but ruined by the coarse cry of, “Oy, what you doin’ up theres?&#...

  16. Presence Contained

    “Stop. I sense a presence.” The old gypsie leered about the room, eyeing the gaps between the three adventurers. The air in the colorful tent was heavy and musty, full of a dark energy. “Ignore that,” Clemens said calmly, adjust...

  17. Wood Wanderer

    I wander the woods. In whatever season may come with its precipitations or bolts of sunshine, the miriad voices of nature, flora and fauna and the land sculpted by the master’s hands, speak in hushed tones, a language unspoken by the blunt and cr...

  18. Stomach a Joyful Noise

    Rudely interrupting a delightful cup of Oolong tea Miriam’s cell phone whirred to life. She refused to ever have the ringer on, considering it a sacriligious interruption upon a peaceful life. The ‘vibrate only’ function was bad enoug...

  19. The Song of the Sea

    The silence got to me first. The darkness was nothing new. Space was dark, only punctate illuminations at an infinite distance. I rather liked that. The nagging of the ship’s body was only a trifle. The AI had predicted retaining hull integrity w...

  20. All Too Telling Failure of the Pre-Interview Interaction

    “Mr. Isaacs will see you now,” the receptionist chirped in her cutest business voice. Rising and wiping sweaty palms down his pant legs, Roger attempted, “Th-that’s grantastic…er, great. It’s great. Thanks you.”...

  21. Flowers in Bloom

    Eyes lazily drifting in and out of focus danced over the honeysuckle blossoms that climbed the battered trellis. They teased him with the allure of their sweet nectar. He’d picked it clean one afternoon last Summer; Dicey hadn’t talked to h...

  22. The Big Adventure

    “Hey dork, it’s 2 in the afternoon. Why are you in a sleeping bag?” “Nuh-uh, it’s a submarine. I call it The Big Adventure.” “Big adventure, huh, in the middle of the basement floor, Darryl?” “Nope,...

  23. The Departure

    I move to sit on the sofa. I collapse into its worn embrace, my arrival and landing celebrated with a burst of festive dust. No cough comes; my lungs are too tired to make the effort. She doesn’t look tired, resting there. It’s where she wa...

  24. Fairy Bag

    A metro train rumbled by temporarily drowning out the squeaking sax’s appeals for loose change. Gerrick tugged his coat a little tighter and looked this way and that. The message had said 4:35 PM. His watch said 4:36 PM, and he knew it was correc...

  25. Smells Like Tuesday

    The pair finished their watch, got an hour or two of sleep, then staggered on deck at the summons of drums and whistles. The assembled and grungy band faced the quarterdeck in anticipation. There in fresh sea air stood the captain in his largely purloi...

  26. Contemplations of a Tortured Existence

    “That’s no way to talk about your mother,” Winston chided gently, “She loves you, you know.” Earnest sulked in the yellow glow of his desk lamp, “Oh, I know that. She reminds me. It’s why she suffered the trava...

  27. Like the Moon Says No

    The hum of wind in the rigging set Jacoby to singing, softly at first, “She’s a dandy lass, a dandy lass, I’ll kiss ’er cheek and smack her…” Across their makeshift table Sykes rolled his eyes, “Who’s rat...

  28. When Fate Is In Your Hands

    The guards hovered nearby, there partly for the ceremony of it all and partly to ensure no disgruntled initiate lashed out at The Wall. Who would do such a thing? The Wall is sacred. What could be done? The Wall stands thirty feet tall and twice as wid...

  29. Bad Decisions and Visions

    Rain came down. Rain came left, and rain came right. Some rain defied all logic and came upwards from the heaving deck. Miguel swayed, a turbulent green attempting to show on his darkened face. He had been at sea forty-seven days, more than he’d ...

  30. Dark Ponderings

    Hendricks, Logan. Age 23 years and 4 months. Religious preference: Wiccan. Single, no dependents. He liked folding paper and the color orange. Sarge just sent him to his death, him and that kid from New Alabama that none of us could understand. Part of...

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